Top 15 Best Footballs in 2021

It’s an integral piece to one of the most popular team sports and a staple found in most American homes. We are Top 15 Best Footballs in 2018talking, of course, about the football. This oblong piece of sports equipment can be enjoyed by athletes, children and parents alike, but regardless of whether you’re gearing up to bring home a championship on the gridiron or packing the car to head off to your next tailgate, not all footballs are created equal. Read our latest guide about the best football cleats.


There’s such a huge choice of footballs out there that it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed. You might look at the seemingly-endless options and ask yourself – what’s the difference? It’s just a ball! Choosing the wrong type of football or size of football can cost your team’s playing potential. So, which football is right for you? We’ve prepared this short guide to help you choose the right size football suitable for your team.

Your first step toward playing football is finding the right ball to match your level and style of play. So, before you purchase just any football, here are a few key qualities to consider. Read our complete guide about the best indoor soccer shoes.


Starting with the outermost layer, what your football is made of can significantly affect its worth and durability. The Top 15 Best Footballs in 2019main material options for most footballs are foam, rubber (synthetic leather) and genuine leather. Each has specific characteristics that fulfill different needs, allowing anyone to enjoy memorable moments tossing the old pigskin around.


Foam footballs are low-cost and very lightweight. The soft material makes them great for young children who are just learning to throw and catch or for more confined spaces, such as in a small yard near windows or between vehicles at a tailgate. A higher quality foam can be used for recreational games as well.

Foam footballs are not as durable as their rubber and leather counterparts, but remain a favorite among fans due to their affordability and ease of replacement.

Rubber or synthetic leather

For players looking for a durable, effective football without breaking the bank, rubber and synthetic leather options are a great choice. These materials are much more durable than foam and are more affordable than genuine leather. The exterior texture is formulated for enhanced grip, making these footballs an ideal choice for practice equipment. Rubber and synthetic leather are also more moisture-resistant than genuine leather, eliminating the chances of footballs swelling if left out in harsh conditions.

Genuine leather

Footballs made from genuine leather are considered to be of the highest quality. Because of the tanning process used in treating the leather, these footballs have an inherent tackiness to them, making them exceptionally easy to grip when dry. Genuine leather footballs are also the most durable option available, but with that durability comes a higher price point. Most leather footballs should be saved for game play or exclusive practice play.

While your football’s casing should be your main concern when it comes to materials, you should also take into consideration the lining and bladder. Foam footballs will not have these options available, but if you think you would enjoy the benefits of a rubber or synthetic leather or genuine leather football, look for models featuring a multi-layered lining and butyl bladder. These features will help the football retain its shape and structure better over time.


When it comes to choosing the right size of football, there are a few options available. While you should take the Top 15 Best Footballs in 2019thrower’s hand size into consideration, the easiest way to determine which size football is best is by determining the average age of the player. The size of the football will determine both player enjoyment and, if you’re training, player development. The age of your players will determine the size of the ball you need.

Most footballs are classified for use among four main age groups that leagues are normally divided into:

  • Pee Wee Footballs: Best for players ages 6-9
  • Junior Footballs: Best for players ages 9-12
  • Youth Footballs: Best for players ages 12-14
  • Official Footballs: Best for players 14 and older
  • Official footballs are approved at the collegiate and pro levels as well.

If you’re working with children younger than six, there are two additional football sizes – Size 1 and Size 2 – which might also be referred to as Mini footballs and Midi footballs. These sizes can also be used by older players to develop skills and coordination.


Footballs were previously made out of leather, though they’re now available in a range of materials. Each material is designed to suit a different set of needs:

Match Footballs – These will commonly be constructed using a PU material. PU, though expensive, provides the highest level of playability and match day performance.

Training Footballs – These are built for consistency, durability and low maintenance. For this reason you will typically find the use of TPU and PVC footballs. TPU is often backed with soft foam, giving excellent soft touch properties, assisting player control. Whereas PVC is harder to touch, but gives higher levels of durability making it a better option for the poorer quality pitches (particularly sand based astroturf).

Vulcanised Rubber Footballs – They’re designed for football training or matches on concrete or extremely tough surfaces due to their excellent wear properties. The increase in durability within this football does however bring about a decrease in playability.


Believe it or not, there’s more than one way to stitch a football and how it is stitched effects its playability and hence your performance.

Machine Stitched Footballs – Most footballs are machine-stitched. This is the quickest and most economical approach, so it’s often found on training balls and other budget options. The stitch is strong and consistent yet exposed. It’s also pretty shallow and as such, offers very little in terms of performance benefit.

Hand Stitched Footballs – The most traditional method used is to hand stitch the ball. The big advantage of hand stitching is that the seams are much deeper giving greater aerodynamic stability and the stitches are protected from wear. Further these stitches put the balls surface under greater tension than a machine stitch, giving greater power.  This is however a costly method of manufacture and as such balls will typically be a higher price.

Joining of Footballs – However, as technologies have moved forward, a third method of ‘stitching’ has developed, which involves the joining of each football panel. This is quickly becoming a preferred option for stitching footballs. The new technology allows the panels to be both stitched and then welded together, helping to create a stable and playable football.


It may be argued that a football is only as good as its bladder. After all, it’s the bladder that determines the quality of Top 15 Best Footballs in 2019its bounce. Generally, most footballs typically will contain either a latex bladder or a synthetic / rubber bladder. Although for match balls and training balls, the bladder differs slightly:

Match balls – These often use latex bladders as they give best performance and rebound properties. On the downside, latex bladders are porous and will gradually lose air, which means they require more regular inflation.

Training balls – They will typically contain a reinforced synthetic or rubber bladder. The two main advantages of this are; firstly, the air retention of the ball is greater, meaning less frequent inflation. Secondly the reinforced layer provides more consistent ball shape and size. This is essential for a good quality, machine stitched, training ball to withstand the test of time.

Following these guidelines can help you choose a football that feels right in your hands and fits your playing needs. Once you’ve picked out a quality ball, your journey toward that championship can begin.

Top 15 Best Footballs in 2021





1. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football
3-ply VPU bladder$$4.8
2. Spalding Alpha Leather Football
Thick 2-ply TPU bladder$$4.8
3. Wilson GST NCAA Leather Game Football

Patented sewn-on stripes

$$ 4.7
4. Wilson TDS Leather Football – Official Size
5. Under Armour NFHS Approved 695XT Football, Official Size2-ply Water-resistant liner$$4.6
6. Wilson X Connected Football
200,000 throws Battery$$4.5
7. Wilson X Connected Football
Composite Leather$$ 4.5
8. Wilson GST 1004 Pro Pattern Official Football
NCAA and NFHS approved$$4.5
9. NIKE Boy’s Vapor 24/7 Peewee (Size 6) Football
Tacky synthetic leather$$4.4
10. Under Armour Ua495 Junior Size Football (FB497)
UA GRIPSKIN Technology$$4.3
11. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football
Double tuck synthetic laces$4.2
12. Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump & Tee
Soft composite leather$$ 4.1
13. Under Armour 395 Football
1-ply Foam Backing$$4.0
14. Wilson TDY Composite Football – Youth

ACL lacing system

15. Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football
Long lasting air retention bladder$$3.9

1. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game FootballWilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football

Throughout American sports history, no other brand has been partnered with a league longer than Wilson has been with the NFL. Rooted in a legacy of progress, The Duke, the NFL and fans of the game are bound for big things. Since 1941 it’s been the only NFL ball used to score during regular and postseason play. Each ball is handmade in Ada, Ohio by a veteran team of skilled craftsmen and women.

Prominent features

The construction of the ball is flawless. Seams are tight and straight and the feel of the materials is top notch. The 1003 GST is unique in that the white stripes on the ball are sewed on to create another level of grip and texture. This additional attention to detail makes for a great feel and better ball control, especially if you don’t have the big hands of an NFL or NCAA quarterback.

More than just a piece of memorabilia, The Duke is designed with the serious competitor in mind, with genuine hand-sewn, Tanned in Tack leather for superior playability and grip, and 3-ply VPU bladder for maximum durability and air retention. Other features include double lacing, the official NFL seal in gold, and Commissioner Roger Goodell signature stamp.


With a resume of over one hundred years of game-changing innovations, Wilson Football gets ready to launch the world’s first and only comprehensive connected football system. Wilson’s DNA has been embedded into the sport throughout decades of game play. The leather is stamped with authenticity, ready for battle on any given field. Feel years of innovation and quality at your fingertips with Wilson.

Grab onto a piece of history with Wilson’s official NFL game ball–The Duke–which is dedicated to football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara. The composite leather laces have a slight rubberized texture to them as well adding to grip control. The ball is light in weight, and although not ideal for the leather, will keep its tackiness in wet conditions.


  • Made in USA
  • Official game ball of the National Football League
  • Deep pebbles and firm texture and enhanced gripability
  • Features NFL Commissioner’s Roger Goodell signature stamp
  • Leather cover, 3-ply VPU bladder, and double lacing for reinforcement
  • Dedicated to football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara
  • Wilson exclusive WE Leather cover material and composite Double Laces


  • Some users find that it begins losing air after the first time it is re-inflated

2. Spalding Alpha Leather FootballSpalding Alpha Leather Football

The Spalding Alpha Leather Football is ideal for wet locations and practice balls. Performance outdoor rubber cover offers perfect feel and grip to the ball in all weather conditions. The Spalding full size football features TRP composite lacing system, this Spalding Alpha Leather Football offers great durability grip. Play longer, perform better, and enjoy the game more with the Spalding Alpha Leather Football.

Prominent features

Wrap your fingers around the curve, grip along the lace, squeeze ever so slightly – now the game is your hands, your control, while holding the Spalding Alpha Leather Football. Be part of the game. Here is how to care for your leather football: if it’s a new football out of the box, inflate football to 13 psi, take a damp terry cloth and wipe the entire surface of the football, once the alpha has been sufficiently wiped down, brush the surface of the ball to bring out the waxes and oils, take wax bar and apply small amount to the tips of the brush bristles and brush again.


If it’s a wet football – after use in wet conditions the football must be dried using a cloth towel, brush after drying to remove any residual dirt. For long term football care – do not leave outside in the elements, when play is finished, always prepare the footballs using the described care instructions per the conditions, periodically brush the footballs surface to remove dirt and wax as needed, it is normal for the football to start turning a dark chocolate color over time.


  • Exclusive Horween “S” track leather cover for improved grip
  • Raised diamond lace for improved grip control with tacky feel
  • Thick 2-ply TPU bladder for consistent air retention
  • Boxed sewn stripe for easy point of reference spin tech stitch
  • Industry leading Hartco liner for the best shape retention


  • The laces wear down rather quickly

3. Wilson GST NCAA Leather Game FootballWilson GST NCAA Leather Game Football

GST is the softest leather football on the market, with a unique feel and distinct light brown color. The ball is also easier to control thanks to a high level of tack. Patented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint, and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws.

Prominent features

Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions. The same skilled hands that sew every NFL leather football also make every leather GST. This exceptional craftsmanship results in unmatched quality control.

It is handmade in the USA by craftsmen and women in Ada, OH, and it is approved for play by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The Wilson GST is unofficially the official ball of Friday night. Wilson’s Game Saving Technology (GST) is used by over 70% of high school & college teams in the U.S.


Battle-tested by decades of champions on the field, the GST is the original playmaker equipping players everywhere with the confidence to go farther than the down before. The GST, which stands for Game Saving Technology, was built for the ultimate grip. The ACL Laces and Sewn on Stripes make that trademark GST feel as unforgettable as the victory.

Experience enhanced accuracy; sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint, and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws. It also comes with superior grip Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, providing 174% more grip in all conditions.


  • Accurate Control Lacing
  • Game Saving Technology
  • Pebbled instead of smooth
  • Sewn-on stripes
  • 174% more grip


  • The ball does not hold air even after inflating

4. Wilson TDS Leather Football – Official SizeWilson TDS Leather Football - Official Size

The Traditional Leather ball provides Sunday quality on your Saturdays. The exclusive leather has deeper pebbles and with added ACL Laces, you get improved grip for passing, catching and TD celebrations. No need to celebrate, though, when you are meeting your expectations.

Prominent features

The Wilson F1205 TDS is designed with a host of features to provide you with the best all-purpose football for high school competitive play. The new, improved 899 WE leather with tanned-in tack and deep pebble design combined with the 1005 small pattern and deep channels provide great gripability. Add in the Accurate Control Lacing System (ACL) and the Composite Stripes for the ultimate in gripability and visibility.

Wilson’s advanced Accurate Control Lacing System (ACL) replaces traditional laces with thick, pebbled composite leather laces, providing a softer, more gripable feel which translates to better control. The composite grip stripes ensure that no matter where you grip the ball–even if it’s on the stripes–you’ll always have control. It meets National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) specifications.


For a more affordable alternative to the traditional Wilson game football, choose the Wilson TDJ Composite Official Football. It features a premium composite leather cover, multi-layered lining and a butyl rubber bladder for maximum durability and air retention. The ACL laces are made of pebbled composite to offer a better grip than traditional laces.

The Wilson TDS should be on every parent’s list at some point, because it’s crucial to select the right equipment for young players. This happens to be the exact same one your son or daughter will use once they reach high school.


  • Official size ball
  • Official – collegiate
  • Leather cover construction
  • Wilson exclusive grip stripes
  • NFHS-approved in all 50 states
  • Perfect for adolescent quarterbacks
  • Ideal for learning the game


  • Some users complain it starts with slow leaks and eventually won’t hold air

5. Under Armour NFHS Approved 695XT Football, Official SizeUnder Armour NFHS Approved 695XT Football, Official Size

695XT Full Grain leather football features exceptionally tacky grip, a high profile PU lace for extra control and patent-pending stitching around the stripes to create Traxxion Zones for optimal grip up to the point of release. It comes with the smallest legal girth, and is NFHS approved.

Prominent features

Under Armour Official 695XT Leather Game Football UA GRIPSKIN technology ensures the ultimate tack and grip Xtra tacky leather has 20% more tanned-in tack than our original 695 version Exclusive Horween Leather, a premium quality sport leather. The mellow temper pebble texture delivers an exceptionally soft hand feel. High profile PU lace improves ball control. It is approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).


Xtra tacky leather has 20% more tanned-in tack than the original 695 version. It is made with exclusive Horween leather, a premium quality sport leather. UA GRIPSKIN technology ensures the ultimate tack and grip. It retains its grip characteristics whether dry or wet. Two-ply water-resistant liner prevents saturation to keep it lighter and drier. Rubberized stitching creates Traxxion Zone around stripes for increased grip and ball security. It meets all NCAA high school and college specifications.


  • Xtra Tacky leather: 20% more tanned-in-tack than previous version
  • Patent-pending rubberized stitching creates Traxxion Zone around stripes
  • High profile lace for better control
  • Smallest legal girth
  • 2-ply water-resistant liner prevents excessive water weight gain
  • For optimal performance, additional inflation may be required
  • NFHS approved


  • Ball pump not included
  • Some users complain that the bladder loses its shape after some time

6. Wilson X Connected FootballWilson X Connected Football

Blur the line between virtual and reality with the Wilson X Connected Football, the First Connected Football of the NFL. Create your own avatar and suit up like you’re starting on Sunday. When paired with any smart device, the Wilson X Connected Football and app track each throw with a breakdown of the velocity, spin rate, spiral efficiency, distance and Wx Rating – a comprehensive per throw rating calculated using all of your throwing stats.

Prominent features

Paired with the Wilson X app on any smart device, the Wilson X Football transforms how you play the game. The ball and app track completed passes in addition to velocity, spin, distance, spiral efficiency, and distance. The ball’s embedded, smart sensor is Bluetooth enabled with a non-rechargeable battery good for 200,000 throws.

Command the huddle, move the chains and dismantle the defense. It’s game time. In the Game Time Mode, play as or against any NFL team. As QB, you’re in control. Offensive and defensive capabilities are based on team’s ratings. Lead the drive and take it to the house.

Wilson X keeps track of your stats so you can brag in real time about your achievements. Throw the length of the Golden Gate bridge or build out your Friends list. The clock is ticking. Your opponents are plotting. Your fans are watching. After the snap, the action begins. With 5 exciting game modes, real-time stats and a comprehensive rating system, the Wilson X Connected Football lets you play in HD.


Take on rivals or go toe-to-toe with real NFL teams in five immersive game modes. Get started with QB Warm Up, test your skills with Elimination mode, and throw your best ball in Precision Mode. Can you make the big play when the pressure’s on? Find out with Game Time and Final Drive Mode.

In Final Drive Mode, this is the last drive of the game. Your team is counting on you to move the chains and find the end zone. Score a touchdown, and victory is yours. Turn the ball over or run out of time, and you lose. The goal is to outlast your competition. Each player will be tested against an assigned target level in your chosen skill parameter. Beat the target and you move on to the next round. Fail, and you are eliminated.


  • Works on any Android (5.0 or higher) or Apple device
  • The first connected football of the NFL
  • Share Your stats
  • Link your social media accounts
  • needs charging and lasts for 200,000 throws


  • Some users complain that the ball doesn’t hold air and gets deflated easily

7. Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite FootballWilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football

Pump up this popular ball once and you’re pretty much set for life. It can handle constant use on pretty much any surface and in any weather, such is its durability, and it retains air like an absolute champ. The outer is built to last, and so isn’t as silky on the foot as a premium match ball. However, there’s a soft foam lining inside which helps cushion the impact of the ball and increase its playability.

Prominent features

If you’re happy to spend a little more you can get the Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football. This football boasts of excellent durability but the outer surfaces tend to improve as you go up the line, with the Max offering a nicely-textured PU outer for increased control.

A brilliant everyday football, the Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football has a textured, machine-stitched outer surface that treads the line perfectly between feeling great on the foot and durability. That outer resilience is backed up by a butyl bladder, which will retain its shape and stay inflated for long periods, even if you’re using the ball every day.


The Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football comes in a huge variety of designs, including balls linked to European leagues and top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, but all of the Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football features bold graphics designed to help you track the ball as it pings around the pitch. If you want a ball that plays almost as well as a match ball and is robust enough to last you many months of kickabouts, the Wilson NFL Team Logo Composite Football is your best bet.


  • NFL Game Logo Ball-Official Phoenix Cardinals
  • Composite Leather NFL Logo Football
  • Composite Leather
  • great performing durable cover provides better grip and feel for the serious competitor
  • Color team logo on 3rd panel


  • Cannot be used on pavement/asphalt because it will scuff easily and last less

8. Wilson GST 1004 Pro Pattern Official FootballWilson GST 1004 Pro Pattern Official Football

The Wilson GST football is the preferred ball of over 180 NCAA programs and 26 high school football state associations. The GST is the only football to offer patented sewn on stripes and ACL composite leather laces. Combined with exclusive Wilson GST leather, the GST offers one of a kind game saving technology. Wilson is the #1 name in football and offers the best selling game footballs in the country, the Wilson GST.

Prominent features

As the Official game ball for the NFL, NCAA, and more high school and youth leagues than any other company, Wilson is proud to be the home of the world’s only dedicated football factory. The Wilson football factory’s dedication and commitment to the highest quality construction extends more than six decades and stands as a true testament to American craftsmanship. The construction of the ball is flawless. Seams are tight and straight and the feel of the materials is top notch.


The 1003 GST is unique in that the white stripes on the ball are sewed on to create another level of grip and texture. This additional attention to detail makes for a great feel and better ball control, especially if you don’t have the big hands of an NFL or NCAA quarterback. The composite leather laces have a slight rubberized texture to them as well adding to grip control. The ball is light in weight, and although not ideal for the leather, will keep its tackiness in wet conditions.


  • Pro pattern
  • GST leather
  • Laid in stripes
  • NCAA and NFHS approved
  • Official size


  • Some users have reported that the threads are off-center

9. NIKE Boy’s Vapor 24/7 Peewee (Size 6) FootballNIKE Boy's Vapor 247 Peewee (Size 6) Football

With tacky synthetic leather, the Boys’ Nike Vapor 24/7 Peewee Football has great grip and reliable performance, making it your go-to ball for pick-up games and recreational play. Enjoy a game of catch or work on your technique with the Nike Vapor 24/7 Football.

Prominent features

This football comes with many features and benefits. The durable cover material offers lasting use. The lacing at the top helps provide a great grip. It also comes with cool graphics for a sporty look. What’s more, when you buy this football, you also get a manufacturer warranty for two years. It is constructed with a durable cover to deliver lasting use. This football offers lacing at the top that helps to provide a great grip. It is designed with cool graphics for a sporty look.


Look at how this football features curved fins for perfect spirals every time. It is great for young kids learning to throw a football. This football is made of squeezable foam which is soft but tough. The compact 6-inch (15cm) size fits all hands. The eye-catching two-tone neon colors look great in flight. Make sure that they throw with the right hand. It is recommended for ages three and up.


  • Tacky synthetic leather for great grip
  • Quarterback-preferred shape is designed for better spirals
  • Traditional TPU bladder for consistent shape retention
  • 80% rubber, 17% synthetic leather non woven, 3% polyester


  • Some users have a problem with durability

10. Under Armour Ua495 Junior Size Football (FB497)Under Armour Ua495 Junior Size Football (FB497)

Get into the game with the Under Armour 495 Composite Junior Football. Premium tackified composite leather and GRIPSKIN technology provide the ultimate grip and feel for maximum control. A durable butyl bladder provides excellent air retention. The Junior size is appropriate for players aged nine through twelve.

Prominent features

This football features Under Armour`s exclusive GRIPSKIN Technology for ultimate grip and feel. Premium tackified composite leather cover provides exceptional grip for maximum control. Mulit-Layer foam backed construction provides ultimate softness for a better handle. Proprietary GRABTACK Lace with micro-abrasion is more graspable than traditional lace. It also comes with a durable butyl bladder for excellent air retention.


The composite cover provides optimal grip. The proprietary GRABTACK lace with Micro-Abrasion has 107% more grip than standard lace; it also retains grip characteristics whether dry or wet. There is two-ply foam backing for soft, pliable feel. This is the official POP Warner game ball. For optimal performance, additional inflation may be required. However, the ball pump is not included.


  • Grip and feel of the 495 is really good and will feel at home in your hands
  • The composite leather has a good leather feel
  • The channel design size is wide and shallow for great grip
  • The Under Armour 493 rates well for grip and feel
  • The 495 gives an good bang for your buck due to its medium price point


  • Some users complain that the football gets deformed with use

11. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior FootballFranklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football

The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football is perfect for the Pop Warner set. GRIP-RITE refers to the football’s tacky touch, deep pebble surface, and precision-stitched construction, offering a professional look and feel. The double-tucked synthetic laces make it easy for small hands to grip and pass the football properly. GRIP-RITE also includes an extra long air retention bladder so the ball is ready to go when you need it.

Prominent features

The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football has rubber molded construction, suitable for all conditions of play. Also, it features a Grip-Rite cover and pro lacing. This football is great for the backyard, playground, or your favorite tailgating events. It has a tacky touch and deep pebble surface, and a precision stitched construction. It also has double tuck synthetic laces and extra long air retention.

If your kid is an aspiring NFL player, then one of these junior footballs is just what he or she needs. Sized specifically for smaller hands, they are great for practice sessions in the park or for just tossing around for fun in the yard. They’re also an excellent choice for adults who find the regulation size pigskin difficult to handle. The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football is a great way to encourage your children to have fun tossing the pigskin around without putting any pressure on them or confusing play with practice. These are simply bright, fun toys for a casual game.


The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football is an excellent tool for aspiring young QBs and wide receivers to hone their craft. Designed to be thrown against a hard surface and then bounce back to the thrower for hours of efficient training, it also helps strengthen throwing muscles. Your youngster will love having their favorite team’s logo emblazoned on this rubber option. The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football is available in the colors of every franchise, making this an excellent gift for both adolescent fans and the adult tailgaters among us.

The Franklin Sports Grip-Rite features bright neon yellow highlights that, contrasted with its black background, make this one easy to see even during nighttime. It also sports double tuck synthetic laces, for an enhanced grip.


  • Junior football featuring a tacky touch, deep pebble surface
  • Precision stitched construction
  • Double tuck synthetic laces
  • Extra long air retention bladder
  • Recommended for ages: 9-11


  • Some users find it a bit slippery

12. Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump & TeeWilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump & Tee

The Wilson NCAA Supreme Football is suitable for casual games between kids in the back yard or for practice on the field. It comes with a pump and tee to keep it inflated. It is made of soft composite leather so it is both durable and easy to hold and throw. This football with pump and tee is recommended for players aged 9 years and older.

Prominent features

Feel more comfortable in the pocket with the NCAA Supreme. This affordable package offers a ball constructed from durable and soft PVC for supreme touch and plastic kicking tee for any special teams play. The Wilson NCAA Supreme With Pump and Tee Junior Size Football is made of soft composite leather, and has a cushioned cover that provides a comfortable feel for the recreational player.

The Wilson Football WTF1624 set includes a football, pump and tee for recreational use. This football has exclusive Wilson leather with raised pebble and firmer texture, which makes it easier to throw and catch. Also, the composite leather cover provides a comfortable feel for the recreational player. This football is a junior size recommended for ages 9 and up.


The Wilson Football is easy to keep clean by using mild soap and water. Keeping it properly inflated and avoiding prolong exposure to bad weather can extend its life. VMInnovations offers a 1 year warranty! The NCAA Supreme football is a more affordable alternative to Wilson’s famous TD series of game footballs. Wilson is the industry innovator in composite footballs.


  • Junior Size
  • made of soft composite leather
  • Recommended for players 9 years and older
  • Includes football, pump, and tee


  • Some users feel the pump could be of better quality

13. Under Armour 395 FootballUnder Armour 395 Football

The Under Armour 395 is the right choice for the young athlete with serious potential and dedication to the sport. It is a high-quality model that will meet the demands of intense practice and play. Stylish black laces and trim add to the refined look.

Prominent features

A tackified composite cover provides optimal grip to this football. It also has a soft foam backing for exceptional feel. Black stripe and matching black lace creates rugged appearance. Junior size appropriate for players ages 9-12.

The Under Armour 395 comes with a pump, so you can add air easily if it deflates. Produced by one of the sport’s most prestigious manufacturers, it is ideal for an aspiring young kicker, or for a family who just wants to toss a ball around.


The Under Armour 395 boasts an all-weather design, a cushioned cover, and a butyl bladder, so it’s both comfortable to handle and will stand up to years of use in whatever situation it is deployed. Receivers will especially enjoy how easy it is to catch. The advanced composite leather cover delivers enhanced performance and durability. It also has a foam-backed construction for exceptional hand feel and solid grip.


  • UA GRIPSKIN technology ensures ultimate tack and grip
  • Composite cover provides optimal grip
  • Black lace and black stripe for
  • 1-ply foam backing for soft feel


  • The ball is a bit slippery and can be hard for little kids to catch

14. Wilson TDY Composite Football – YouthWilson TDY Composite Football - Youth

From the pre-season to the final whistle, teams can confidently carve up defenses with this Wilson TD Composite Series football. Under center or in the shotgun, quarterbacks can fire precise strikes to streaking receivers, toss to tight ends on an out route or dump it off to speedy running backs, as the composite leather cover with high-definition pebbling offers an excellent grip on the ball.

Prominent features

Through hard tackles, punts and long-distance field goals, the ball retains its shape thanks to the multi-layered lining. The Wilson TDY Composite Football is designed to do just that — give you maximum hold and control. Whether you’re throwing or receiving, the odds of you making the big play are increased with the Super Grip ball, which will certainly boost the confidence of any player.

The synthetic cover contains a tackified PVC material for enhanced grip during all weather conditions. Underneath the cover, a multi-layered lining will keep the shape of the ball for prolonged durability. It comes in a junior size, so it’s most suitable for players over 9 years old.


The Wilson TDY Composite Football isn’t your typical toss-and-catch type of ball. It’s actually a training football endorsed by Saints star quarterback Drew Brees. It’s got a tackified cover for superior grip to ensure you have control on every pass and a handle on every reception. A very cool feature is that it has the “route tree” — the basic 9 pass routes run by the receivers — designed onto the ball itself.

This will teach both quarterbacks and receivers to understand pass patterns more efficiently and effectively. The Wilson TDY Composite Football comes in youth size, so it’s ideal for younger players.


  • Size: Youth, 12-14
  • Premium composite leather construction with high definition pebble
  • ACL lacing system for better grip and control
  • Multi-layered lining
  • Consistent shape stands up to the rigors of the action


  • The ball deflates after a few uses

15. Franklin Sports Night Lightning FootballFranklin Sports Night Lightning Football

The Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football has high visibility neon green panels that glow in the dark. The cover combines glow in the dark PVC with a high tack cage mesh for extra grip. It also has a long lasting air retention bladder. Great fun night and day!

Prominent features

If you’re looking for a good beginner football for a bargain price, the Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football is just that. The Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football features a waterproof rubber surface making it ideal for all-weather play. The Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football cover and pro lacing ensure you’ll be able to throw every pass and make each catch with confidence no matter what the weather conditions.


The Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football is perfect for the younger college football fan. Available in a junior size, the ball is available in dozens of major college teams. The ball itself is perfect for the tailgate, for a game in the backyard, and even to toss around at the beach. It’s made of molded rubber and comes decorated in team colors with the school name and logo. It is available in junior size, so it’s probably best suitable for those aged 9 and over.


  • High visibility neon green panels glow in the dark and enhance in-flight visuals
  • Cover combines glow in the dark PVC with high tack cage mesh for extra grip
  • Vibrant Night Lightning panels enhance play
  • Long lasting air retention bladder
  • Junior size


  • The ball is a bit slippery for little players unless they have gloves

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