Top 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2022

Ping pong is a great recreational game that you can play at your home or workspace. It helps to loosen up andTop 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2022 strengthen your bond with family members, friends, and coworkers.

A solid table tennis table can be the source of hours of fun but you have to purchase the right kind of table. Whether you want one to sharpen your reflexive skills, be competitive in a backyard party, or flaunt your skills at an office function. The right ping pong table can entertain for years to come.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Tables – The Differences

Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables? Yes, there is! Indoor tables are the first choice in any competition. Also, they are the first choice when you need a table for playing ping pong at home.

You can take the indoor table outdoors for a short period of time or in the environment that the materials used in the table can tolerate.

The outdoor tables are naturally built stronger because they have to survive the weather elements. They could Top 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2019possibly be made of concrete or have galvanized steel framework. It gives them substantial weight to prevent toppling against the wind.

Direct sunlight can warp the indoor tables even if the exposure is just for a short period of time. The outdoor units have a thin coating of aluminum or other suitable materials to resist warping and moisture.

The indoor units could be weatherproof or not but all outdoor types have to be resistant to water damage and sunlight. You should also keep them at room temperature because extreme heat or cold can warp the top surface. The table surface is generally metallic, waterproof coated wood, pr synthetic laminate. The legs and supports are also made of waterproof and rustproof materials or have some coatings to prevent the damage from these elements.

The outdoor tables are normally more expensive than the indoor models because of the coatings and the use of heavier, stronger materials. But, there are budget-friendly models too made with a thinner surface that is resilient to elements.

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What Type of Indoor Ping Pong Tables Should You Purchase?

If you want to categorize, ping pong tables fall into three classes – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, it does not mean that the rookie players should always stick to the beginner-level table. Learn the definitions to have a clear idea about their functions and overall durability.

  • Beginner

These ping pong tables are for fun, not for performance. If you want a table in the basement or game room for occasional use or light recreation, this is the one. Most of these models have a playback feature, allowing one half of the table to flip to be a backboard. It is useful for solo players or practicing for those who are just starting out.

If you want something more than playing a leisurely game, an intermediate table will be a better choice.Top 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2019

  • Intermediate

If you like to play ping pong with a group of friends or you have several family members who love to spend a good deal of time playing, go for an intermediate table.

These models fold up and have wheels for easy moving and storage. They are also more durable than beginner-level tables to withstand more wear and tear.

  • Advanced

These tables are built according to the spec standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation. They have a thicker table top (not less than 3/4-inch) than other types to ensure invariable bounce across the entire surface.

The advanced-level tables are used in professional tournaments. You can purchase one for home if anyone needs to practice for a competition.

Depending on the design and the folding style, the indoor tables can be divided into three different categories.

  • Convertible Top

Featuring a playback style, these units fall into the categories of beginner and intermediate tables. You can raise one half of the table to create a wall for the other half – something like a blackboard. Players who don’t have any prior experience of playing can practice on these tables.

  • Rollaway

While convertible top models are good for novice players, the rollaway style is perfect when storage space is at a premium. These tables have chassis on wheels, allowing the two halves to fold at the same time.

  • Stationary

When you have a designated space for setting up a ping pong table, choose the stationary type. Most outdoor units are stationary but it is not rare to find a few indoor models too. They are strongly built, have a substantial weight, and are not easily movable.

Characteristics of Best Quality Indoor Ping Pong TablesTop 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2019

Purchasing indoor ping pong tables needs some considerations. It is possible to score the best one for your needs if you know what features to look into.

Materials & Build

The measurement and thickness of the playing surface are important. A thick top ensures better spin and bounce. The top of the advanced-level tables has at least 25mm of thickness. The beginner-level units are likely to have 12mm of thickness while it will be between 18 and 22mm for intermediate-level models.

On the other hand, the dimensions of a ping pong table should be at least 9 x 5 x 21.5 feet (length x width x height). The net is likely to protrude another 6 inches on both sides and above the table.

Most indoor ping pong tables are made of laminated plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, or similar materials. There could be wooden tables too but they are expensive. A fine surface will always produce consistent bounce and spin. The legs could be stainless steel or other metal components and some of them have wheels attached to them. The combination of square legs and heavy gauge wheels is the most durable. Sometimes, there are crossbars with the legs to give them extra stability.

Another feature to look forward to is leg levelers on the bottom of the legs. You can screw in and out the levelers and to elevate the table a few inches above the floor. They are effective for the floor that is not even and smooth.

The net posts are stationary in most units while some models allow detaching them after the play. The rail/apron could be made of various materials but a heavy-duty stainless steel is the best.

Assembly is also an important part of the design and structure. An indoor table should be easy to assemble because no one would want to spend hours on figuring out which part to attach where.

Performance & Other Features

On the surface of a good-quality table, a ping pong ball bounces more than nine inches when dropped from a foot. You can consider it as the standard when looking for an indoor ping pong table.Top 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables in 2019

The materials and tabletop thickness mostly determine the performance. A wooden surface is the best but an artificial tabletop can also produce wonderful performance given that the finish is flat and durable. Low-quality materials can lead to a warped tabletop that will create inconsistent bounce.

The thickness is another aspect to measure the quality of a ping pong table. Most mid-range tables have a thickness ranging from 12mm to 25mm, which is fine for playing at home.

A 12mm table is thin, which won’t produce proper and consistent bounces. The surface can also show cracks or even break if you frequently play on it. A 16 to 19mm thickness is fine for amateur players. But, if you want a highly durable table that produces even and consistent bounce, go for the ones that have something between 22mm and 25mm thickness.

The ping pong tables these days are equipped with some protective features including smooth corners with guards, easy folding options, wheel locking system to prevent sudden motion, and more.






1. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table
Unvarying bounce and spin$$$$4.8
2. JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table Tennis Table
separate 4-wheel trolley systems$$$4.8
3. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

10-minute QuickPlay design

$$$ 4.7
4. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Wheels with a locking system$$$4.6
5. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table
legs with only 8 bolts$$$4.6
6. STIGA Synergy Indoor Table Tennis Table
2″ Steel Apron with Corner Protectors$$$4.5
7. Harvil I Indoor Table Tennis Table
net with 2 metal posts$$$ 4.5
8. DUNLOP Official Size Table Tennis Table
Oversized 4 inch, lockable casters$$$4.5
9. Lancaster Official Size Folding Table Tennis Table
1.25-inch, lockable wheels $$$4.4
10. MD Sports Official Size Table Tennis Table
Full-size table$$$4.3
11. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table
measuring only 71” L x 40.5” W x 30” $$$4.2
12. EastPoint Sports Fold ‘N Store Table Tennis Table
Easy carry handles and built-in wheels$$$ 4.1
13. MD Sports Table Tennis Set
8 PIECE SET$$$4.0
14. JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

100% pre-assembled

15. Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table

2 wooden paddles


1. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Centrefold 25 is a professional-quality ping pong table that is suitable for tournaments and heavy-Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Tableduty use at home. Butterfly is the maker of the tables used in 2012, 2014, and 2016 World Table Tennis Championships. There is no scope to doubt the quality of Butterfly products. The Centrefold 25 is the right choice if you are looking for a table for serious training.

Materials & Build

The Centerfold 25 is quite expensive. Both blue and green versions are just a few hundred dollars shy of $2,000. but, the table is worth every penny since the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved it for a couple of prestigious ping pong tournaments.

The 1-inch (25mm) top is made of quality wood. The surface is scratch proof so it can prevent warp and damage from regular wear and tear. The railing and legs of the table are 2.75-inch and 2-inch stainless steel, respectively.

The legs are slightly adjustable as they have rubber contact points, There are four 5-inch wheels (two of them have brakes for keeping the table steady when not in motion) that rotate the table when it is folded.

The Centerfold 25 is delivered pre-assembled. You just have to unfold it and hook up the net after taking out of the package. You can also fold easily by releasing the red safety lever on both halves of the table.

Performance & Other Features

The Centrefold 25 is capable of providing an authentic table tennis experience. Apart from the excellent performance, the special folding design and the wheels save storage space and make maneuvering around easier. It suits your needs if you want a top-quality table.

The 25mm Perfect Grip top has the proper thickness to produce consistent bounces. The unwavering nature of the ball during the topspin and backspin shots is also delightful. In fact, the professional-grade quality and thickness help the players to get the perfect bounce, spin, and speed of the ball.

The net (along with clamps and adjustments) comes with the table. Another good news is the measurements of the table are in compliance with the Paralympic requirements. The distance between the table edge and the first leg and bar is almost 16 inches, allowing enough space for a wheelchair.

Butterfly backs this product up with a 5-year of warranty.


  • Top-quality, professional-grade table
  • Unvarying bounce and spin
  • Wheelchair compatible
  • No assembly required
  • Folds nicely for compact storage
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive

2. JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table Tennis Table

When you are not a professional player but want a table tennis table for frequent practice and playing, the JOOLA JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table Tennis TableRally TL could be the right choice. The price is just shy of $500, which seems reasonable for an intermediate ping pong table but you can rely on it for the quality.

Materials & Build

The Rally TL has a 15mm charcoal-painted medium density fiberboard (MDF) top and 30 x 30 mm powder-coated undercarriage. There four sets of locking casters for easy transportation. The dimensions are 9 x 5 feet, which meets the competition requirements for a regular-size table.

The steel legs have rubber plastic levelers so that you can slightly change the height in case the floor is not even. There is no way the table will scratch the floor during play or transportation due to the wheels and rubber levelers.

The table comes almost 95% pre-assembled. All you have to do is secure the legs with eight bolts and attach the net with clamps. Folding is also simple and each half stands on a four-wheel trolley system for better transportation.

The Rally TL is a good choice by all means. The robust design and reasonable price are hard to beat. It has been the official table of several world events.

Performance & Other Features

The 15mm thick tabletop seems perfect for playing at home although the bounce and speed will be lower than a thicker table like the Butterfly Centrefold 25. the surface is coated with a PU paint that resists scratches and marks caused by the constant hitting of the ball.

There is a playback option that allows keeping one half of the table stand upright. It helps if you want to practice solo. The automatic anti-tilting locks ensure safety during transportation.

The net (with clamps) is supplied with the table. It also has a ball holder in every corner, big enough to hold three 40mm balls. You will also get two magnetic ABACUS score-keepers. You have to treat them gently though as they are a bit flimsy.

The JOOLA Rally TL is the perfect choice if your are looking for a fun, recreational table tennis table.


  • Professional grade table
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Locking wheels
  • Leg levelers for uneven floor
  • Ships 95% pre-assembled
  • Double anti-tilting mechanism


  • Bulky

3. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

The STIGA Advantage is a recreational table tennis table that is durable, ready to take the beating, and easily STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tablefoldable. The less than $500 price seems reasonable for an intermediate-level ping pong table. It’s a good value product that highly entertains those who want to recreate tournament-style play at home.

Materials & Build

The STIGA Advantage ping pong table has a 16mm (5/6 inches) playing surface and meets competition requirements with 9 x 5 feet dimensions. It measures 5 x 2.3 x 5.3 feet (w x l x h) when folded down.

The MDF table top has a paint coated surface that will not fade or crack. The table feels sturdy and the steel undercarriage and legs add more to the strength. The feet have rubber levelers to adjust the height and protect the floor from scratches. The bottom has four caster sets with locking system for easy mobility and firm stability. The wheels are 3 inches so they are big enough to wheel the table around.

The two halves are independent of each other. So, you can put one up against the other half to create a playback option or use them separately as freestanding multifunctional tables.

The table is delivered almost assembled and it won’t take more than 10 minutes to set it up after taking out of the box due to the QuickPlay design.

Performance & Other Features

The ball performs a little slower and produces less bounce on this table than it would on a thicker surface. However, it still produces a good performance when you are playing at home and using frequently for training. The screen-printed tabletop is a big plus as it withstands the hardest of shots without being scratched or chipped.

The Advantage comes with a heavy-duty clamp net and post set. STIGA offers professional-grade accessories without trying to save money. The chassis puts the two parts of the table together but it is the clasp on the net line that holds them together.

The safety latch system makes sure that the table does not open up suddenly from the folded position. It locks the table into an upright position for compact storage.

The STIGA Advantage is a nice table to have around when you are a ping pong enthusiast and love to play on vacation or whenever get a chance.


  • Tournament-ready
  • Scratch-proof table surface
  • Locking wheels for stop wobbling
  • Safety latch system
  • QuickPlay design for quick assembly
  • Table halves are separate


  • Expensive

4. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA NOVA is almost like the STIGA Advantage in terms of design. But, it costs more and the weatherproof JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Tablesurface makes it compatible for outdoor use too. Producing a pretty impressive bounce and spin, the NOVA ping pong table can entertain the whole family.

Materials & Build

Made by a renowned brand and approved by the USATT (USA Table Tennis), JOOLA NOVA is a regular-size table that has 6mm thick top. The surface has a coating of an aluminum-plastic composite material to provide protection from weather elements.

The tabletop and the net set are weatherproof so you can place it in the backyard or playground. The 144 pounds of weight and the powder-coated steel apron and feet seem to be enough to keep the table glued to the ground.

However, the weight is not enough to make the table stand tall against windy blows or storms. Don’t worry, though! The two halves are standing on four sets of wheels so you can cart it away whenever necessary. The legs are 30mm steel tube with adjustable levelers on the bottom. They come handy to adjust the height when you are playing on an uneven floor.

Assembly does not take more than 10 minutes because the product is delivered almost fully assembled. You have to attach the legs with bolts and secure the net with the clamps. That’s all!

Performance & Other Features

The tabletop is very thin, only 6mm, which is quite disappointing. However, the use of a plastic-aluminum composite material still manages to produce a somewhat uniform bounce. Although, there is no guarantee about the lifespan of the surface. Also, the thin plane creates a bizarre ‘pinging’ sound every time the ball hits the surface.

Due to the use of plastic, the table can withstand light rain and can resist warping and chipping. Nevertheless, you still should not leave it for a permanent outdoor setup.

The heavy-duty caster wheels glide easily on all types of grounds and floors. All of them have a locking system to prevent wobbling of the table when playing. Also, there are double anti-title locking devices for each half keep the table safely folded for transport and storage.

There is a minor design flaw, though. The net clamps keep the two halves of the table together. But, even a slight bump into the table can cause the clamps to come loose. It is definitely no fun readjusting the net in every few minutes.


  • The tabletop is weatherproof
  • Wheels with a locking system
  • Steel tube legs with levelers
  • Double anti-title locking devices
  • Quick setup


  • Tabletop is only 6mm thick
  • Net clamps can loose with bumps

5. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA Inside is a competition-ready ping pong table that can serve players from all skill levels. Considering JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Tablethe price and construction, you can compare it with the STIGA Advantage. It could be the perfect purchase for your home, workplace, or the local community center.

Materials & Build

The 15mm thick MDF tabletop has a painted surface for providing nice bounce and spin. The powder-coated steel legs with rubber levelers make sure that the players have a level playing surface.

The large casters ensure that a single person can move the table around if needed. The locking system is great for anchoring the wheels when you need the table to be steady.

It is delivered almost pre-assembled. So, assembly does not take more than 20 minutes. There is nothing more to do than joining the legs with some bolts.

Performance & Other Features

The 15mm playing surface is enough for amateur players playing at home or clubs. The MDF surface coated with multiple layers of paint produces reliable bounce and spin. The thick steel rails and legs with levelers make sure that you have a flat playing surface; thereby further helping with the even bounce. But, the performance is not on par with tables having 22 to 25mm of thickness.

The table offers a playback feature so that solo players can play and practice without a partner. Simply unfold one half and position it upright against the other half that is in a vertical position.

The legs have levelers at the bottom. So, even if the floor is a bit bumpy or slightly uneven, you can still have a completely level table surface. There is a safety latch system for each half that keeps that part upright and prevents unexpected opening out.

The JOOLA Inside comes with a net and posts. You have to use clamps and tension adjustments (included) to secure it to the table. You should buy a better net if you intend to play regularly.


  • Smooth surface
  • Quick assembly
  • Steel apron and legs
  • Large casters
  • Leg levelers


  • Net quality could be better

6. STIGA Synergy Indoor Table Tennis Table

If you are in the market searching for a mid-range, durable, and easy to store ping pong table, the STIGA Synergy STIGA Synergy Indoor Table Tennis Tablecould be a good choice. Available at less than $450, the table can help to hone your skills whether you are an amateur or professional player.

Materials & Build

The 16mm MDF board is reinforced by a 2-inch steel apron and heavy-gauge steel legs. The sturdy frame offers a solid structure and base for the table.

The feet have plastic caps that protect the floor from scratches. There is no leg leveler for adjusting the height in case the floor is not quite even. There are also 3-inch Mag wheels for the convenience of moving around the 145-pound table and storage. The wheels have locks too so that you can keep the to halves glued to the ground during a match.

The Synergy is delivered mostly pre-assembled. Coupled with the QuickPlay chassis design, it does not take more than 20 minutes to set it up – from taking out of the box to hit the ball.

Performance & Other Features

The Synergy tabletop is 16mm thick and has a silk screen veneer instead of the paint coating that most tables at this price range have. The combination of the thickness and the polish offer unchanging and predictable bounce across the table surface. The MDF top hardly has any ‘dead spot’ – imperfection of the exterior that produces abrupt bounce and spin.

The Synergy table shows attention to detail, which is expected from a STIGA product. The unlocked legs unfold automatically, making assembly and setting up for the game more convenient. There are plastic guards covering the sharp corners to prevent injuries from accidental bumps.

The Synergy could be a great addition to your game room because of its quality materials, decent surface, and simple setup process.


  • Even bounce across the surface
  • Shipped almost pre-assembled
  • QuickPlay chassis for faster assembly
  • Steel apron and legs
  • 3-inch Mag lockable wheels


  • No leg leveler

7. Harvil I Indoor Table Tennis Table

Good-quality components and well-thought-out design – this is how you should describe the Harvil I indoor ping Harvil I Indoor Table Tennis Tablepong table. It is an affordable package that will keep a small group or a family entertained. It will last for years if you take good care and maintain properly.

Materials & Build

The Harvil I can be a great budget-friendly choice. It has a quality 16mm MDF surface coupled with powder-coated steel apron and legs. The easy setup and folding mechanism work nicely when you want a quick round of ping pong game.

There are eight locking wheels – four on each side. They boost the portability of the table and make transportation easier despite the 148 pounds of weight. Storing is a breeze, thanks to the quick folding option.

There are obviously better quality ping pong tables than Harvil I. But, at less than $400, this unit offers a mix of quality and value. Plus, the company is a family business and all of their products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Performance & Other Features

The 16mm thick MDF tabletop offers a consistent bounce while the steel frame, legs, and lockable casters give more stability to the structure. You will get a consistent and less surprising bounce and spin from the ball.

The table comes with a black net and two metal posts with clamps for securing them to the board. But, if you want to use the table for more than just weekends, spend some money on a better net with clamp and tension system.

The Harvil I is a family-focused ping pong table. It is designed to enjoy a game night with family and friends. But, the playback mode also allows you to use it for solo playing and training.

The company offers replacement and refund for defected or damaged product or components. There is also a one-year warranty for the free replacement or repair of defective parts.


  • Flat, smooth surface
  • Powder-coated steel structure
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 1-year warranty and money back guarantee


  • The net and posts are not good quality

8. DUNLOP Official Size Table Tennis Table

Available at less than $400, the Dunlop full-size table tennis table is a solid unit that seems to last a good long DUNLOP Official Size Table Tennis Tabletime. Made with quality materials and pretty much flawless design, the table can be the perfect excuse for staying indoors and enjoy time with friends or family.

Materials & Build

The table features a two-piece design and meets the official measurement requirements. The surface feels thick and solid with an impressive 19mm thickness. The legs, apron, and crossbars are made of solid metal and they help to make the table stay anchored to the ground.

It weighs 171.6 pounds but the 4-inch lockable casters make moving and storage a cinch. Also, the locking feature keeps it securely grounded when you are playing.

The table folds up easily. However, the assembly takes some time because you have to put and tighten dozens of screws. Dunlop gives an L key screwdriver for the assembly but using it will take it forever to finish the task. Use an electric screwdriver instead to speed up the process.

Performance & Other Features

Dunlop offers a nice table full-size table. It might not compete at the pro level but the quality is definitely above par. The 19mm thick surface is capable of offering a great game. It produces excellent spin and bounce, and the sturdy structure gives much more stability to your shots.

The legs have plastic caps to not to scratch the floor. Unfortunately, there is no leveler to adjust the table height. So, put the table on a tiled ground or somewhere flat.

The table offers a playback option for playing solo. It also comes with a net and post set so there is no need to buy it separately.

There are plastic guards for each corner that are supposed to provide safety against accidental bumps. But, they actually have a sharp pointed cutting edge, which can be dangerous for a kid. You can blunt them with a wood file but you should cover them with a soft but thick rubber material.


  • Impressive 19mm thickness
  • Lockable casters
  • Playback mode
  • Solid, sturdy structure


  • The corner guards are sharp
  • No feet leveler
  • Assembly takes time

9. Lancaster Official Size Folding Table Tennis Table

The full-size ping pong table from Lancaster offers a ‘value for money’ deal for amateur players. The less than $250 Lancaster Official Size Folding Table Tennis Tableprice seems just right for a low-tier unit. It is a great buy for displaying your newly gained table tennis skills.

Materials & Build

The ping pong table from Lancaster meets the official measurement requirements. The table top is 16mm thick and the 1.125-inch apron offers much support and stability to the structure.

The tubular legs have levelers at the bottom for adjusting the height. There are lockable casters too that help with hassle-free mobility. Also, the locking function keeps the table in place when the game is at full tilt.

The table folds up into two separate pieces, which is convenient for space-saving storage. It is a pretty sturdy board that is perfect for challenging someone to a casual ping pong game.

Performance & Other Features

The dimensions meet the standard official measurement and the 16mm thickness is perfect for enjoying an intense game. It offers an overall predictable bounce and moderate speed of the ball. However, the joint at the center of each half can make the ball do unpredictable things.

It has plastic corner guards for safety purpose. It will hurt less even if you bump into them. It also comes with the net and posts.

The table has a playback mode, allowing you to put one half upright against the other. It is perfect for playing solo and practicing.


  • 16mm thick surface
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Playback mode
  • Inexpensive


  • The center lines can produce an uneven bounce
  • The materials are not high quality

10. MD Sports Official Size Table Tennis Table

This particular table tennis table from MD Sports is the most inexpensive full-sized table that you can buy. The MD Sports Official Size Table Tennis Tablequality is not great because it falls into the low-tier category. Nonetheless, it offers value for money if you want it only for weekend entertainment.

Materials & Build

Measuring 9 x 5 feet, the dimensions meet the official requirements for full-size ping pong boards. It has a 4-piece construction, which means that the table halves are not one single piece. A seam at the center joins two parts of the board to make each half.

The table has apron and steel legs to put stability to the structure. The legs have levelers to adjust the height in case the floor is uneven. It has lockable casters for stability and easy transportation.

One huge drawback is the table does not come assembled and you have to put a huge effort and several hours to put everything together. You have to attach pretty much all the screws and bolts. What worse is the instruction manual does not contain any written instructions. You have to figure out the process from the images and the arrows.

Otherwise, it folds up nicely and unfolding from the storage also does not take much time.

Performance & Other Features

Due to the 4-piece design, the center of each half has a seam. It can cause uneven bounce has the ball hit on that spot. Otherwise, the bounce and spin on that MDF board are not bad although the overall quality of the table is below par. However, the subpar construction and materials seem just fine if you consider the low price.

Plus, another problem with the 4-piece design is that there is a higher chance of misalignment since you have to assemble all the parts by yourself. Each part can expand or contract at different rates, leaving the entire board very disproportional. As a result, it could be impossible to play on that table since every single portion can produce different types of bounces.

The table comes with the nest and posts. It also includes two paddles and two balls. However, the paddles and balls are very cheap quality. The company offers a 90-day warranty for the table.


  • Full-size table
  • 90-day limited warranty
  • Casters for mobility
  • Inexpensive


  • Assembly is tough
  • Cheap materials
  • Paddles and balls are poor quality
  • 4-piece design is bad for bounces

11. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

The Space Saver compact ping pong table from STIGA has the ideal size to fit any room. Enjoy the unlimited fun in STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Tableyour basement or office space at less than $200. It is so compact that you can just pull it out, play, and pop back without any hassle.

Materials & Build

The STIGA Space Saver is designed to deliver a competitive playing experience in a place that is not big enough to house a full-size table. It is almost 2/3rd of a full-size board and has the correct ratio between sides.

The measurement is 71L x 40.5W x 30H inches, which is slightly bigger than most other midsize tables. The MDF tabletop has a smooth finish and the steel legs create a solid base with levelers. The 1.25-inch thick steel apron and diagonal supporting cross-beams also support the board and prevent it from wobbling. All steel components have a powder-coated finish to prevent rust.

The table is well-designed in terms of the build quality and the materials. The 73 pounds of weight is not heavy enough that you can’t carry it to the storage and not also light enough to make the board wobble.

There is no assembly required, which is a huge relief. You just have to unfold the legs and attach the net to make it ready for a game.

Performance & Other Features

The 16mm MDF surface with a roller coat finish allows the ball to produce the correct amount of bounce. The veneer is actually better and lasts longer than painted graphics.

The two-piece design is great for maintaining good bounce and speed all over the table. Otherwise, the seam at the center of each half would produce unexpected bounces. The secret of mastering playing on this smaller surface is to have more control, which you will learn pretty quickly.

The apron and the sturdy legs along with the perfect weight add to the stability of the structure. You have to use clamps for securing the net to the table. The quality of the net is fine but the posts are thin that can flex or bend over time.

The two halves of the table are separate from each other and you can use them for other tasks than just playing ping pong. Use them for playing card and board games or as side tables for keeping snacks and books.


  • Construction is solid
  • The tabletop is thick and flat
  • Even bounce
  • Adjustable legs
  • No assembly
  • Inexpensive


  • No playback mode
  • Net and posts are poor quality

12. EastPoint Sports Fold ‘N Store Table Tennis Table

The Fold ‘N Store table tennis table from EastPoint Sports can be the perfect solution to keep the kids occupied in EastPoint Sports Fold ‘N Store Table Tennis Tablethe days when the weather is not nice. It could also be a nice addition to the game room and your family’s recreational hub during the weekends. Available at less than $250, it offers a good value at this price point.

Materials & Build

The measurements of the ping pong table adhere to the official regulation with dimensions of 9 x 5 feet. The height is 2.5 feet after the full assembly, which means it is suitable for players of all ages.

The Fold N’ Store has a 15mm thick tabletop, powder-coated steel frame, steel apron, and safety corner caps.

The table arrives mostly pre-assembled so there is no need to spend hours figuring out the assembly. It is a 4-piece ping pong table each half is divided into two parts. Each portion folds into half and they have carry handles and wheels for carting away or carry them by hands. The two halves fold separately and the table takes significantly less storage space than other regular-sized tables.

Performance & Other Features

The Fold N’ Store ping pong table offers a smooth playing surface with a 15mm thick top and laminated finish. The bounce is mostly even but be prepared for a few unexpected ones when the ball hits the middle seam.

The table does not have any playback feature. You have to put one half against a wall to play solo. Also, there is no way to adjust the height of the legs because there is leveler at the bottom.

The table does not come with any paddles or balls but there is a storage bag under the table for storing accessories.

A ping pong game is something that the entire family can enjoy. This table can be a great addition to the living room, basement, or game room.


  • 15mm thick table surface
  • Strong apron and frame
  • The folded table takes less storage space
  • Carry handles and wheels for easy moving


  • No playback option
  • No leg leveler
  • The middle seam can produce an uneven bounce

13. MD Sports Table Tennis Set

The MD Sports table tennis set is an affordable option for those who can’t afford a high-quality Butterfly or MD Sports Table Tennis SetJOOLA. It meets the standard for a competition play but it will last longer if you use it at home for weekend recreation.

Materials & Build

With a 15mm thickness and 9 x 5 feet dimensions, the MD Sports table is competition ready. It has steel leg construction and undercarriage, which make a strong frame.

The double lockable casters help with transport and providing stability during playtime. The 121 pounds weight also helps with mobility and storage. You can fold the table for storage and unfold for play within a few minutes. The wheels aid with rolling easily and allow you to cart it anywhere you want.

The assembly is the hardest part, though. Unlike most ping pong tables, this particular unit is delivered unassembled. You can take the help of BILT app, provided by the company, to do the task. However, despite having 3D constructions and voice-guided support, it will take more than an hour to put everything together.

Performance & Other Features

You will get nice and even spin and bounce from the 15mm tabletop. It also has PVC lamination to give protection from water damage. The 1 1/8-inch apron and steel legs provide the additional stability so that it stays steady when you are playing. There are corner caps to protect from unexpected bumps. The table has a playback feature so you can fold one half upright to play solo.

As it is a 4-piece table, each half has a seam down the white line at their center. For this reason, the surface is not perfectly smooth. The ball can produce unpredictable bounce if it hits the seam.

The table comes with a removable net, two ping pong balls, and two paddles. However, the quality of the paddles and balls are terrible.

MD Sports a 30-day money back guarantee for this product. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you will get 100% refund upon returning the table.


  • Inexpensive
  • Decent surface
  • Steel legs
  • Lockable casters
  • Playback option


  • Assembly takes hours
  • The middle seam can produce an unexpected bounce
  • The paddles and balls are poor quality

14. JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA Midsize is a compact ping pong table that could be the source of unlimited fun for a small family and JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Tablekids. It is small in size but training on it will make it a PRO while playing on a full-size table. The versatile design allows for using the table for plenty of purposes. Plus, you can beat the price – it’s less than $150!

Materials & Build

The 6 x 3 feet dimensions are perfect for any living room or game room where the space is limited. The 2.5 feet height is still standard so there won’t be any problem for the adults to play on it. The medium size coupled with 40 pounds of weight is perfect for storage. The two halves are separate and the legs fold out easily. You can fold it like a card table and stow into a corner.

There are no wheels but it is not difficult to move it around since it is not heavy. But, it would be better have the legs had a stronger and more solid locking mechanism so they stay in their place with more authority. Also, the two halves are secured together with the net clamps but a separate latching system for the attachment would be a better idea.

The table comes fully assembled. You can start playing right away just after unfolding the legs and attaching the net. The overall construction is solid and it is likely to last years upon careful maintenance.

Performance & Other Features

The JOOLA Midsize table is small but the surface does not lack quality. Playing on it still feels like playing on a bigger, professional-grade table. In fact, playing or practicing on it will hone your ball hitting accuracy and handling bigger tables will become much easier.

The table does not have any playback feature, though. There is no option to fold one half upright to play solo. However, you can put one half against a wall to play or practice alone.

As the two halves are separate and can stand on their own, you can use them for various purposes except for playing ping pong. They could be an alternative to the dining table for various puzzles and board games.


  • Comes completely pre-assembled
  • Separate halves are multifunctional
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Easy folding and compact storage


  • Smaller
  • No playback option
  • No wheels

15. Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table

The Milliard Mini-Pong is another smaller ping pong table in this list. Almost similar to JOOLA Midsize in terms Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Tableof design, dimensions, and price, it is slightly heavier and comes with a few extra accessories.

Materials & Build

The table is smaller than standard competition-ready ping pong tables. Its dimensions are 5.9 x 3.38 feet but the 2.5 feet height matches the regular measurements.

The tabletop is almost 16mm and the square legs are 1.25-inch thick. There is a powder-coated steel frame that functions as the chassis of the table. The legs have rubber grips on the bottom to protect the floor from scratching and prevent wobbling during the game.

Assembling the table is super convenient because there is nothing to do except for unfolding the legs, put the two halves together, and clamp the net. There are no wheels but moving and storing are easy because it weighs just 60 pounds.

Performance & Other Features

The Milliard Mini-Pong squeezes the excitement and speed of a regular table tennis match into a small periphery. Put it in the living room and watch your kids having fun for hours. The table top is 16mm thick so the ball’s bounce and spin will be similar to that of in a regular-size intermediate-level ping pong table.

The fiberboard surface is not the strongest but careful handling will give it years of longevity. You can separate the two halves and use them for various purposes like playing cards, board games, and other things.

The small table comes with the net (with its clamps and posts), 2 wooden paddles, and three ping pong balls.


  • 16mm thick tabletop
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Non-slip legs
  • Comes with net, posts, paddles, and balls


  • No wheels
  • Smaller than the regular size

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