Top 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2022

Getting into any new activity is exciting, opening up new horizons for a hungry, young soul to explore. For those with Top 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2022bundles of energy, the perfect avenue for expression is sports, in particular, those that require running, dodging, leaping, jumping, shooting hoops and sweating it out much like soccer. For many, this is mere passion, a hobby, a break from the humdrum of life – a way to relax. But for others, it becomes a way of life, a dream to breathe life into. And as with any dream, having the essential tools to pursue it is important.

For all basketball players, this starts with the perfect shoes. Choosing the perfect pair for a beginner is difficult as the market is inundated with a huge variety of them. This guide lists the top 15 pairs available on the market, but before diving into those it is essential to know your basics when it comes to basketball shoes. Read our complete guide about the best kids soccer cleats.

Selecting Your Basketball Shoes

The selection of basketball should take into consideration various factors such as the material used, durability, outsole, cushion level, the fit, the outsole, the skill level, the body type and size, the price and the position the player plays.

Durability One of the most important things to take into consideration is the durability of the shoe. Having the shoe fall apart in the middle of a game is not ideal and must be avoided at all costs. With the advent of the lightweight sneaker, finding the perfect durable sneaker is not easy. However, it can be done.

Materials The choice of material plays a huge role in exactly how durable the sneakers are. Plastic-based synthetic Top 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019uppers are much more likely to withstand damage while choosing sneakers with uppers made up of raw material despite having the nicest and most luxurious feel are prone to quick damage. Since the market is inundated with various options, there is something out there for everyone no matter what their choice.

Fit The materials used in the making of a shoe tie into a shoe’s potential durability the same way a shoe’s fit ties into its materials. Today, sneakers are constructed and shaped on a narrow last which is best suited for the narrow and normal footed individuals but it is extremely uncomfortable for those with wide feet. Shoes that feature durable plastic-based synthetics are notorious for being uncomfortable and painful. While going up ½  a size usually works, however, it is not advised to wear them as wearing the wrong pair throws off the place for certain attributes such as support. For people with wide feet, the best choice are shoes that have been made using raw materials, like leathers and suede, since these will break-in and stretch over time.

Outsole While choosing a sneaker with great traction has become easy lately, picking out one that is suitable for play on various different surfaces is still a difficult feat. The rubbers that are used in performance models have become ubiquitous and cater to specific courts whereas back in the ’90s and early 2000s, basketball shoes were usually able to perform on and catered to a variety of surfaces. It is important to take into consideration a rubber’s thickness, softness, and pattern when looking for a new pair. In terms of shoes available on the market, the Kobe 8 is a good example of a shoe suited for indoor use (the rubber is really soft) while shoes that use XDR (ExtTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019ra Durable Rubber) such as on various types of NIKEiD are suited for outdoor use.

Cushion Making sure that the shoe is comfortable to wear is hard with the various technological innovations that have taken place. Different cushion sources have different attributes and choosing one comes down to personal preferences. The main choices are foam cushions and air-based cushions. The main difference between the two is responsiveness.

Air-based cushions are typically more responsive than foam which essentially means that they return a bit of the energy that you put into them. While foam cushions are becoming increasingly more responsive with the technological innovation they aren’t as responsive as air-based cushions and don’t stay responsive long term.

The choice of cushioning also depends on how often a player switches their shoes up. If the player buys a new pair once a year, air cushioning is the way to go as it will last longer, however, if a new pair is bought every few months a foam cushion will suffice.

Skill Level While hype plays a key role in the selection of sneakers, it is essential a level head about all the factors to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Most shoes that are expensive and luxurious target the elite athlete that will get use out of them consistently. Players that put in work once a week do not need the latest innovative technology and should stick to the average sneaker.

Body Type and Size Body type and size are important factors to keep in the forefront of the mind when mulling over signature choices. Most signature models are built keeping in mTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019ind the specifics of the player they draw inspiration from. For example, LeBron has a big stature that needs support which translates into less mobility for smaller players. On the other hand, a signature inspired by Kobe is low to the ground and light, perfectly suited for smaller players. However, neutral signature shoes like the KD line are also available on the market and such lines target an all-around player. Another option is team models which are perfect for everyone as these are the most well-rounded options on the market.

Price It is important to live within your means. Before setting out to purchase a pair, set a budget and stick to it, simple as that.

It Isn’t the Sneakers While shoes are an important part of a player’s gear, they aren’t everything. Certain sneakers and brands can give players confidence and inflate egos, they can’t however, instill skill and talent. It is important to keep in mind that sneakers are a mere tool to help keep you comfortable on the court and supplement your game.

Style Ideally, style should be the least of worries when picking out a shoe but that is not the case. A stylish shoe does not mean that it will perform optimally, thus it is essential to keep a level head when making a purchase.

Positional Considerations and Playing Style

In addition to the above-mentioned considerations, it is important to pick a shoe that is skill and play style appropriate. While there are five positions on the court, there are only four types of players finesse (point or shooting guard), slasher (shooting guards and strong forwards), power (strong forward and power forward) and post (power forward and center).

Here’s what each type of player needs

  • Finesse These players handle the ball a lot and tend to bring the ball up court. While they might drive the ball but most of the time, they’re on the perimeter to hit a jumper or to hit the open man. Examples of finesse players are Steph Curry, Lonzo Ball, and Steve Nash. Finesse players require comfortable shoes lined with high quality cushioning since they will run across the floor. Alongside this, it is essential to have a tight secure fit as they make cuts constantly as well as high-quality traction to avoid any accidents and stopping quickly.Top 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019
  • Slasher Slashers are usually the best athletes on the basketball court and utilize their whole force on the floor. Famous slashers include Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant. Such players are exceptional and thus require a shoe that does everything well. Slashers need top of the line ankle protection, traction that allows gives lateral support and allows you to explode as slashers move in all directions.
  • Power Power players are the guys you hate stepping in front of to take a charge – they are fast and thick. The most well-known power players include Lebron James, Blake Griffin, and Draymon Green. Power players tend to go to the basket in a straight line and have the strength to push through obstacles on the court. This category also needs proper ankle protection and support. For example, Lebron weighs more than 250 pounds and needs shoes that can handle that. In light of such considerations, cushioning and traction is key too.
  • Post Post players are those who rarely leave they paint and, on the occasion, they do, they’re not a huge threat to shoot it. Post players are typically the tallest person on the court and rack up rebounds, blocks, and dunks. Famous post players include Tim Duncan, Shaq, and Dwight Howard. Post players engage in a ton of activity and need the most support possible. Moreover, since post players weigh more a product with top of the line protection is worth considering.

Main Elements of Basketball Shoes

For starters, it is extremely important to understand the various aspects of the basketball shoe. ThTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019e diverse shoe designs on market cater to different purposes and offer players varying performances under various conditions. Being well versed in each element of these shoes ensures that the decision is made according to the playing conditions players face most often.  Choosing the right shoes will also provide traction which will help in the prevention of injuries pertaining to the ankle and legs while also improving ball control. The average cleat has six main components upper, midsole and outsole.


The first decision to be made with regards to the upper is which height to go with. Basketball shoes are available in high, mid or low heights, with each appealing to a different style of player.

  • High In high-top basketball shoes, the upper wraps around your ankle to provide an extra layer of support and stability. This extra coverage comes with extra weight, thus high-top basketball shoes are popular amongst larger, more aggressive players like centers and forwards who lean towards the added support and coverage. High tops also prevent injuries. These shoes are more common amongst men who rely on strength rather than those who rely on speed.
  • Mid The mid-top basketball shoes are the perfect balance in terms of providing ankle support without adding on too much weight. In this design, the upper material sits right at the ankle to provide some coverage without an all-enclosing design. The midsole is great for increased flexibility and is great for all-around players have not yet found their niche in the game. The mid-top is perfect for the versatile player.
  • Low Low-top basketball shoes are built for speed and agility; thus these are the perfect fit for guards who have to race up and down the court and rely on athleticism and speed. However, they offer liTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019ttle ankle support due to their lower profile. They’re pretty common among point guards because they’re so lightweight but do not provide ankle support. though.

Materials Soft uppers consist of woven materials that have exceptional breathability, comfort, mobility speed, and flexibility. These go best with low tops. On the other hand, hard uppers are made from rubber or synthetic materials, these have the qualities of being durable and supportive but aren’t very flexible and don’t offer as much mobility. Hard materials are best for aggressive power players. Lastly, there is also a middle ground classification of materials which offer strong and balanced coverage. These materials are usually synthetic and are suited versatile players looking for all-around footwear.

In addition, uppers need to be secured by some mechanisms. There are a number of closureTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019 techniques available, however the most popular are laces as they are light, simple and secure.

Some basketball shoes are also equipped with zippers, straps and hook-and-loop closure materials for added support and protection. Such additions bring more support amplifying ankle protection, especially in high-top models. However, added coverage means added weight, however, so just be aware of that.

Midsole: The midsole consists of the footwear’s cushioning which makes this section one of the most essential parts to a shoe’s performance. Most midsoles are made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, compressed EVA foam, polyurethane or a combination of these materials. EVA foam and compressed EVA foam are the light options, while polyurethane midsoles tend to be heavier and more durable. Proprietary cushioning technologies are also found in the midsole – in the heel and forefoot. This technology gives extra cushioning in pressure points that are under stress during a basketball game. Some basketball shoes use stiffer materials on the middle portion of the foot as it adds stability and increases protection against inward rolling (pronation). It is best to keep a moderate-to-thin layer of cushioning in the midsole to keep a solid base without sacrificing comfort.

Outsole: The outsole of a basketball shoe is the place where the rubber meets the court. A shoe’s outsole comprises a rubber or synthetic material which is the point of traction for your footweTop 15 Best Kids Basketball Shoes in 2019ar. When deciding on a purchase, consider relatively flat and wide outsole as they provide maximum balance. For added grip, outsoles that feature a herringbone or hexagonal pattern are the best as they are designed to help secure your feet and prevent you from sliding up and down the court. Most basketball shoes are designed with indoor play in mind, so this is a simple matter to consider. Outdoor courts tend to be harsher on the shoe so thicker, more durable outsole is more appropriate.

Design: Lastly, style is also an important factor to consider. Shoes need to make a fashion statement as well, it is important to blend your personality into your gear by choosing color schemes and profiles that appeal to your tastes. Colorful and appealing basketball shoes catch attention and lend the confidence boost needed to find success when driving to the basket. A proper basketball shoe is vital to your performance. Whether they’re boosting your gameplay, adding to your skill set or just enhancing your uniform’s flash, the right basketball shoes can up your hardwood persona.

Top 15 Best Basketball Shoes in 2022





1. NIKE Youth Lebron 15 Boys Basketball Shoes


2. Under Armour Curry 3
Suede sole$$4.8
3. NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Ps) Basketball Shoe

Lightweight foam midsole

$$ 4.7
4. Adidas Kids’ Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe
Rubber outsole$$4.6
5. Under Armour Kids’ Boys’ Pre School Jet 2017 Running Shoe
Full-length EVA midsole$$4.6
6. Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball Shoe
Rubber sole$$4.5
7. Adidas Pro Elevate 2018
Cloudfoam midsole$$ 4.5
8. Under Armour Curry 3ZERO 2
Micro G carrier$$4.5
9. Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 K
EVA midsole for lightweight cushionin$$4.4
10. Adidas Performance Kids’ Cross ‘Em up 2016 K Wide Skate Shoe
lightweight synthetic and textile upper$$4.3
11. AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe
Lightweight EVA midsole$$4.2
12. NIKE Kids Zoom KD9 (GS) Basketball Shoes
Fabric sole$$ 4.1
13. Adidas Kids’ Mad Bounce J Basketball Shoe
Seamless FUSEDMESH upper$$4.0
14. Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Padded collar

15. Champion Boys’ Inferno Basketball Shoe

Faux leather Upper


1. NIKE Youth Lebron 15 Boys Basketball ShoesNIKE Youth Lebron 15 Boys Basketball Shoes

This model is a high-priced article from LeBron James’s signature line. This pair is equipped with a hybrid of Zoom and Max Air technologies in the midsole, providing the perfect balance of responsiveness and impact protection. The innovative outsole rubber of this shoe has triangular traction with deeply grooved spikes which provide a great bite on the court floors. This one-bootie construction has a variety of models in different colorways and outsole rubbers. Moreover, the upper of the shoe is made of a stretchable, comfortable and plush BattleKnit which provides good support as a huge bonus. This model is Lebron’s favorite the shoe model to date from the entire signature line.


Cushion. The LeBron 15 is the first of its kind from NIKE as it has the phenomenal combination of Zoom and Max Air. Zoom cushioning is lightweight, equipped with a pressurized air unit with tight and stretchy fibers which are springy, bouncing back quickly thus providing high energy returns. Max Air cushioning is also lightweight featuring large volume airbags which provide maximum impact protection.

Traction. The rubber on the outsole of the LeBron 15 comes in either gum, translucent, or solid rubber, this varies according to the colorway of the show. The traction of the shoe follows a triangular and spiked pattern suitable for the linear movements of a forward. The outsole rubber is lined with spikes that provide great court grip even on dusty courts. While outdoor play is not recommended as it reduces the lifespan of the rubber, the rubber outsole’s thickness can withstand both indoor and outdoor play.

Additional Features

The upper of the LeBron 15 consists of innovated high-grade Flyknit material that Nike calls BattleKnit. This material is durable, comfortable and makes for a highly stretchable upper. The inside of the shoe is lined with thick foam to enhance the comfort level of the shoe. Between the insole and the outsole is the midfoot shank which adds to the shoe and stability of the foot. The external TPU enhances the aesthetic of the shoe while also providing solid containment.


  • The deep grooves on the outsole of the Nike LeBron 15 reportedly provide a good court grip.
  • The shoe has a three-dimensional design of the LeBron 15 which is aesthetically appealing.
  • These shoes are lightweight.


  • The shoe needs outriggers for stability because of its high ride.
  • These are not true to size; they run long.
  • These shoes are expensive.

2. Under Armour Curry 3Under Armour Curry 3

This shoe bears the hallmark of consistency. Ever since the first shoe came out, overall performance has been extremely consistent. The Curry 3, however, was built for what comes next. The latest shoe from the line packs infinite support and total control on the court. The Curry 3 is equipped with Under Armour’s new Threadborne technology for support, Meta-Wings for stability, Anafoam for body-mapped fit, and Charged cushioning for first-step speed.


Cushion Under Armour’s Charged cushioning foam is very unique, absorbing forceful impacts which it turns into responsive bursts of energy. The Charged cushioning gives the shoe a responsiveness that enhances first-step speed and aids quick direction changes. The heel of the shoe is lined with Meta-Wing carbon fiber shanks to provide support to the ankle and heel bones for better balancing, pivoting, and shock absorption.

Traction The durable solid rubber outsole of the shoe is covered with multi-directional herringbone. This traction pattern is designed to enhance stability, grip, and support on the court. The outsole also includes a pivot circle which is located below the ball of the foot.

Additional Features

The Threadborne upper of the shoe delivers lightweight directional strength. The material uses high tension threads to provide the perfect balance of support and breathability. The shoe also uses Anafoam to a deliver body-mapped fit, lightweight structure, and added support. The support and stability of the shoe is amplified by the additional foam placed around the ankle collar, and a large heel counter wraps the back of the shoe. This design is also mid cut, so it does not restrict movement and is ankle brace friendly. The shoe features an asymmetrical lacing system which pulls the medial side, while the dynamic system on the lateral side locks the midfoot in place. The soft Anafoam molds to the shape of the foot to provide a perfect fit.


  • The shoe has excellent traction on clean and semi-dusty courts.
  • The shoe is extremely comfortable.
  • The meta-wing carbon fiber shanks provide excellent support.
  • The shoes are breathable and lightweight.


  • For some, the shoes showed signs of wear after a few weeks of use.
  • The laces keep coming loose during play.
  • These shoes lack the right amount of protection.

3. NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Ps) Basketball ShoeNIKE Kids' Team Hustle D 8 (Ps) Basketball Shoe

The Nike Team Hustle D8 takes style and the game to the next level! These kicks for the court underwent a style overhaul presenting a fresh new look with bold Nike graphics, a wide Velcro strap for a locked-in fit, and a combination of mesh and synthetic uppers to provide durability and breathable comfort. The Nike Team Hustle D 8 Little Kids’ Basketball Shoe is equipped with perforated panels and deep flex grooves which help keep the player cool and moving naturally on the court.


Cushion The shoe features a comfortable lining and an EVA sock liner which acts as a protection against impact. It also has a perforated toe box which enhances the breathability of the shoe. The show has a full-length rubber midsole as cushioning.

Traction The outsole of the shoe features deep flex grooves which provide a solid but flexible ride. Moreover, it is lined with a non-marking rubber with a traditional herringbone pattern for ideal traction.

Additional Features

This model features a hi-top silhouette which provides an extra layer of support and flexibility. The shoe has synthetic leather uppers with patent-leather overlays and mesh side panels for long-lasting durability. The perforated panels at sides enhance the breathability of the shoe. This model also has a dramatic pop of color at side and heel, upping the style factor. It is also equipped with a lace-up closure which features a hook-and-loop over strap and a foam-padded collar and webbing heel with a pull loop for easy on and off.


  • The shoe has a supportive heel.
  • This model is stylistically attractive.
  • The shoes are of good quality.


  • The shoes are quick to show signs of wear.

4. Adidas Kids’ Pro Spark 2018 Basketball ShoeAdidas Kids' Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Pro Spark makes a definitive mark on the court. It features a textile and mesh upper which delivers the perfect amount of comfort and support needed by an athlete. The shoe’s outsole features a herringbone, a traction pattern which is the best of its kind. Its Cloudfoam midsole works together with an eco-friendly Ortholite insole to deliver a comfortable and highly responsive ride.


Cushion The shoe has the right amount of experience responsiveness that does not let the wearer down. It features Cloudfoam in its one-piece midsole and is equipped with an eco-friendly Ortholite insole for a comfortable and responsive ride.

Traction The rubber outsole of this shoe delivers a balance of soft and flexible. It is lined with herringbone in its full length, the traction pattern is slightly modified as the edges are a bit rounded.

Additional Features

The textile and mesh uppers combination upper of this high-top basketball enhances the breathability and comfort level of the shoe. The upper is also features synthetic overlays and is lined with characteristic computer stitching on the side which makes it more durable. The shoe has a largely tonal appearance, with three stripes prominently displayed on its lateral side. The collar area features soft grooves giving it a unique look. The straightforward aesthetic of the shoe makes it easy to pair it with casual outfits and activewear. This model has an anatomical fit, especially around the collar. It is also easy to make fit adjustments with the lace-up closure system.


  • This shoe gives a comfortable and supportive wearing experience.
  • The shoes are stylistically appealing.
  • The computer stitching and the synthetic overlays on the upper make it more durable.


  • Water can seep in through the upper.

5. Under Armour Kids’ Boys’ Pre School Jet 2017 Running ShoeUnder Armour Kids' Boys' Pre School Jet 2017 Running Shoe

The Jet 2017 is a mid-top model equipped with EVA for the midsole and inner padding, ensuring that the wearing experience is comfortable and supportive. It is also equipped with a herringbone traction on the outsole to keep the foot steady on-court.


Cushion The shoe’s performance stems from the molded EVA foam in the midsole. The lightweight foam provides superb shock absorption and good responsiveness. It also enhances stability and lends support for side-to-side movements. The EVA insole adds to the comfort of the shoe as it delivers underfoot cushioning and minimizes foot slippage.

Traction The model has a herringbone pattern on a one-piece outsole, keeping the feet steady on the court.

Additional Features

The Under Armour Jet 2017 comes in the standard width and length. Most users claim that the shoe is narrow and runs long, so new buyers are advised to go up half a size. The shoe is equipped with traditional lace-up closure for an adjustable fit. It also features enhanced padding around the inner collar and the tongue supporting the ankle and locking it down. The upper is made up of synthetic leather and textile. This combination and the perforations enhance the breathability of the shoe. The mesh material of the tongue also adds ventilation. This model has a round-toe silhouette which enhances its durability.


  • The one-piece rubber outsole does not squeak.
  • The shoe model is true to size.
  • The lightweight upper enhances flexibility.
  • The shoes are attractive and great for street style.


  • These Under Armour basketball shoes need some time to break in.
  • The forefoot area of the shoe is not breathable enough.

6. Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball ShoeUnder Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2018 Basketball Shoe

This model is designed to give young players a boost through lightweight and breathable shoes. Players will cruise in style in these performance-ready sneakers.


Cushion The shoes are equipped with full-length EVA midsole which provides plush comfort. The Full-length, die-cut EVA sock liner with antimicrobial topcloth enhance hygiene and the lifespan of the shoe. The enhanced cushioning around ankle collar provide the wearer superior comfort.

Traction The shoe’s outsole consists of a rubber sole with herringbone traction pattern which provides maximum grip and a unique traction pattern for lateral movements.

Additional Features

The shoe features a supple leather and textile upper which is enhanced with molded quarter panels which add support and breathability. It is also equipped with ventilated mesh midfoot panel, a design with engineered perforations and mesh tongue. The shoe is also line with compression EVA midsole which gives a responsive, lightweight ride.


  • This model is an excellent product overall.


  • It is hard to get the foot in the high tops.

7. Adidas Pro Elevate 2018Adidas Pro Elevate 2018

The Pro Elevate 2018 basketball shoe is made to up your game. Featuring a full grain leather upper to ensure comfort, these shoes are constructed with the traditional three-stripe look, a textile lining for comfort and rubber shell toe for lasting performance.


Cushion The shoe’s midsole consists of cushioned Cloudfoam to provide maximum comfort during play. It is also lined with comfortable fabric lining and features a padded color for added comfort. The midsole offers ideal comfort from the first use.

Traction The outsole of the shoe is made up on rubber and is lined with an enhanced traction pattern to provide stability on the court.

Additional Features

The shoe features a mesh upper with hot-melt overlay and reinforced stitching for maximum breathability. The shoes are regular fit, equipped with a lace closure system. The heels are shaped for better support and stability.


  • The shoes fit great and are comfortable to wear.


  • Some users think they are of bad quality.

8. Under Armour Curry 3ZERO 2

 Under Armour Curry 3ZERO 2The Curry 3ZERO 2 features a combination of Micro G and Charged in its cushioning system, which makes it extremely responsive and comfortable. The shoe has a two-piece outsole with a distinct multidirectional tread pattern. The leather-like material in the upper is backed with foam, especially near the Achilles, enhancing comfort and breathability.


Cushion The shoe is equipped with a Micro G carrier and a Charged unit at the heel providing maximum protection and a great court feel.

Traction The shoe features a two-piece sole that extends significantly on the lateral side providing 360-degree support to the wearer. The tread pattern on the sole consists of rectangular and straight lines in various forms, allowing the shoe to have a multi-directional grip on the floor.

Additional Features

Except for the knit tongue, this model is entirely made of molded maxprene. This material is designed to mold to the shape of the foot, providing a type of fit that is close to the skin but not restrictive. Thus, new buyers are advised to just go with their usual Under Armour sizes. The Under Armour Curry 3ZERO II features a uniquely designed lacing system for lockdown. The heel pull tab of the shoe is actually connected to a ribbon that lines the shoe’s radius. This ribbon also serves as loops for the shoelaces. The shoe is equipped with foam pillows at the Achilles to tighten the shoe’s grasp on the ankle, making it secure.  This model has a semi-monochromatic skin which makes it appear streamlined.


  • The traction on the shoe is great,
  • The model is true to size.
  • The shoe is made up of soft, comfortable, and supportive material
  • The shoe has a nice heel-to-toe transition.


  • The toe area has a bit of extra space, affecting stability and fit in that area.
  • The materials, though soft and comfortable, may feel cheap to the touch.

9. Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 K

The Adidas Kid’s Hoops brings in a new reboot for everyday play. The shoes are modern and streamlined, equipped Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 Kwith a leather-look upper and a breathable mesh collar. The style factor is amped up by the 3-Stripes on the sides as they add a crisp contrast.


Cushion The shoes feature an added tongue and collar and are lined with a breathable fabric lining. The footbed of the shoe is also padded enhancing the comfort level of the shoe.

Traction The shoe’s outsole consists of rubber which is lined with a traction pattern which provides stability on the court.

Additional Features

The shoe features a mid-top design, with a leather and textile upper, and a textile lining. It is equipped with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure.


  • The shoes are of good quality.


  • They are quick to show signs of wear.

10. Adidas Performance Kids’ Cross ‘Em up 2016 K Wide Skate Shoe

This mid-cut model is designed for powerplays across the court. It serves as the perfect supplement as aspiring kids Adidas Performance Kids’ Cross ‘Em up 2016 K Wide Skate Shoework toward being the next court legend, providing them lightweight support and a comfortable wearing experience. Equipped with durable mixed-material upper rides on a rubber outsole, this shoe provides the enhanced grip needed to keep defenders on their heels.


Cushion This shoe model is lined with textile lining for comfort.

Traction The shoe has a rubber outsole which provides excellent grip on the court.

Additional Features

The shoe utilizes a lightweight synthetic and textile upper which provides durability, enhancing the lifespan of the shoe.


  • These shoes are great for wide feet.


  • There are no cons available for this model.

11. AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball ShoeAND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

Any aspiring player will feel at his best in this comfortable and stylish AND1 Boys’ Show Out Basketball Shoe. The shoe is equipped with a central lacing system and a sturdy traction system. The decorative colored accents on the side and sole further enhance the overall appeal of the shoe. This model is the perfect supplement, helping aspirants perform to the best of their ability in these trendy AND1 basketball shoes!


Cushion The cushioning system of the shoe involves the use of a lightweight EVA midsole which reduces weight without compromising stability or performance. Moreover, the show is fitted with a comfortable padded tongue and bottom sole for maximum ease during play.

Traction The traction system on the shoe resists slipping, lending stability and sturdiness on the court as the grip of the shoe is fail-proof.

Additional Features

The AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe is a high top equipped with a PU Upper, and a TPR Outsole. The shoe makes use of lightweight materials this reduces the overall weight of the shoe, thus improving performance and superior comfort. The all-new fit technology also adds to the performance and enhances court feel.


  • The shoes are of great quality at a low price point.


  • These shoes are not suited for people with wide feet.
  • These shoes wear down easily.

12. NIKE Kids Zoom KD9 (GS) Basketball ShoesNIKE Kids Zoom KD9 (GS) Basketball Shoes

The Zoom KD 9 is the ninth signature installment of Nike in the Kevin Durant collection. Equipped with Flyknit technology in the upper and Zoom technology in the midsole and a honeycomb traction, the shoe makes for a phenomenal experience.


Cushion The combination of phylon and Zoom technology in the midsole provides exemplary bounciness and responsiveness. Phylon is a low-profile EVA foam which is lightweight and responsive. It helps to increase the cushioning and flexibility of the shoe. The full-length Zoom located below the phylon is an ultra-thin sturdy unit that lends maneuverability to the shoe.

Traction The outsole of the Nike KD 9 is equipped with the unbeatable honeycomb pattern designed to support the multidimensional movements of quick athletes. The rubber outsole has a is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts as it has a great grip.

Additional Features

The upper is made of Flyknit and is lined with nylon inside to enhance the shoe’s durability and ventilation. The shoe is a mid-top with a one-bootie construction lined with the Nike Swoosh is on both sides of the shoe. The Nike KD 9 suited for users with narrow feet. Wide-foot wearers are advised to go half a size up. This model is designed to fit like a glove. The textile is knitted tightly to avoid overstretching.


  • The shoe is extremely lightweight due to use of Flyknit material and Zoom technology.
  • The model has different colorways for this shoe model; the design is aesthetically nice on and off the court.
  • The Zoom technology provides great cushioning; it is loved by plenty of wearers because of its phenomenal impact protection.


  • The shoe model needs time to break in, especially in the area where the forefoot material meets the back area.
  • For some, the softness of the Flyknit textile means that the shoe does not have adequate ankle support and can cause injuries.
  • The width of the shoe runs narrow, so it is not suitable for people with wide feet.

13. Adidas Kids’ Mad Bounce J Basketball ShoeAdidas Kids' Mad Bounce J Basketball Shoe

Mad Bounce’s design is focused on perfecting the balance between midsole bounce and the lateral forefoot support to hit that optimal spot for fierce, explosive players.


Cushion The Adidas Mad Bounce is equipped with a full-length Bounce cushion for a flexible and bouncy ride. While this one is thinner than the usual Bounce midsoles, the shoe hits home with enhanced comfort, impact protection, and responsiveness.

Traction The traction on the outsole is lined with the same “brain coral” pattern previously used one the Crazy Explosive model. The grooves in the rubber run deep, thus making it suitable for outdoor use.

Additional Features

The Adidas Mad Bounce utilizes engineered mesh in the toe box area of the upper till the midfoot. The back portion is made with soft, sock-like knit forming a comfortable bed for the heel. The seams on the shoe are done over with fuse lending support and durability. The shoe fuses function with aesthetic as shown by the vertical forged ribs on the lateral side of the Mad Bounce. The ribs add zonal support as well as Mad Bounce character. This model is designed to fit true to size. However, for some thee\ shoe is narrow in the midfoot, thus is it suggested that regular footers go with regular Adidas basketball shoe size while wide footers can go half a size up. The shoe’s semi-narrow form, Adidas Tech Fit booty, and the neoprene tongue ensures excellent fit and lockdown.


  • The shoe has a well-balanced cushioning providing a great combination of court feel and impact protection.
  • The shoe offers premium materials and excellent performance at such an affordable price.


  • The shoes do not make that reassuring squeak on-court.
  • For some, the forefoot lockdown could be better.
  • For some, there is a tight spot in the toe area which loosens after the shoe is broken in.

14. Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes (Little Kid/Big Kid)Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes (Little KidBig Kid)

Any aspiring player will feel at his best in this comfortable and stylish  Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes. The shoe is equipped with a central lacing system and a sturdy traction system. The decorative colored accents on the side and sole further enhance the overall appeal of the shoe. This model is the perfect supplement, helping aspirants perform to the best of their ability.


Cushion The shoe is equipped with a padded collar and textile lining for maximum comfort. This is aided by the midfoot shank for midfoot support and torsional rigidity.

Traction The outsole of the shoe is made up of rubber for durability, providing traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.

Additional Features

The shaft measures approximately mid-top from the arch, making it easy to put on and providing flexibility. The shoe also has perforations at forefoot material to enhance breathability.


  • The shoes are of great quality at a good price point.


  • The shoe is quick to show signs of wear.

15. Champion Boys’ Inferno Basketball ShoeChampion Boys' Inferno Basketball Shoe

Any basketball player aspirant will feel at home in the Inferno by Champion. This shoe is one of a kind, lending fire to the fuel propelling the player to great heights. The Champion Boy’s Inferno is equipped with a variety of properties – a combination upper of mesh and faux leather, laces for a good fit, padded collar, mesh lining, ankle pull tab, padded insole, and a built-up, non-marking outsole.


Cushion The shoes cushioning system involves the use of a padded collar and insole to provide a comfortable wearing experience on and off the court.

Traction The outsole of the shoe is made up of rubber, providing an element of traction and stability to the shoe.

Additional Features

The shoe’s upper is made up of a combination of mesh and faux leather, providing a stylish element to the shoe. Moreover, the mesh lining allows the shoe to breathe. The shoe fits to size, thus it is advisable to go with the regular size. In addition, it features an ankle pull tab which makes it easier to slide the shoe on and off. This design is available in multiple colorways, so it is easy to choose one which suits the personality.


  • The shoes have a great price point.
  • The shoes give a comfortable wearing experience.


  • The shoes are of bad quality.
  • They are quick to show signs of wear, with the toe box falling apart within a few weeks of use.


Adopting a new hobby is an exciting endeavor. For children, starting out on a journey of basketball takes them down new avenues, an entirely different way of life. To sustain the vigor, excitement, and dedication, it is important that this journey be extremely comfortable. The key asset for a player after their skills is their shoes. Basketball shoes are essential for great performance, as they aid the development and polishing of a skill. They act as supplements as they help each player carve their niche within the team and on the court. Because they are so important, it is essential to understand the basics of basketball shoes and the intricacies surrounding their purchase. This guide is designed is to outline the very basics, provide the reader with the essential information needed to make the perfect decision. Before stepping out to buy the shoes, keep in mind the type of court they play on, the position they play, and the various categories of basketball shoes available on the market. It is also essential to keep in mind the budget as well how comfortable the player is in the boot. This guide will help in making an educated well-informed decision. Here’s to a successful basketball career for the dreamer stepping out to realize his/her dreams. Happy shopping!


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