Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2022

Leg press machines fall under the weight training exercises. In such tasks, an individual pushes a certain weight Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2022away from the body using the legs. The terminology “leg press” also implies to the machine used by the person to perform the exercise. The exercise helps evaluate and strengthen the lower part of the body, especially from the hip to the knee joint. It is crucial to perform the activity under the guidance and with proper care, as it possesses the ability to cause injury that could cause bending of the knees in the wrong direction.

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Types of Leg Press

There are two variants of leg press machines available in the market:

  1. Vertical or diagonal leg press: In such a setup, weight plates or disks sit on the sled mounted on the rails of the Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2019machine. The individual sits below the sled and pushes in the upward direction using the feet. As a safety precaution, these machines come with adjustable brackets that help the person fall as prey to the weights.
  2. Seated or Cable-type leg press: These machines are modern and found commonly in multigyms. In this setup, the user sits in the chair and shoves the plate of the machine forward with the feet. A cable attaches the plate and the weight stack, where the weight stack moves with every press.

The targeted areas of the exercise are the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and hamstring. With proper guidance from the trainer, it is possible to add strength to the muscular structure in the leg region. Both styles of the machines are capable of improving the muscles but perform differently. However, it is essential to learn how to implement the action in an appropriate way to prevent accidents or injuries. It is here that an individual focus on the shape of the body and uses the machine for strength-building.

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Benefits associated with the exercise

The machines an individual to attain benefits of developing quadriceps. Likewise, it further helps in shaping, toning, and strengthening the gluteus maximus, calves, and hamstrings. The variation in the position of the feet on the plate brings the difference in developing different muscles. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper location of the feet and use appropriate weight discs to avoid injuries.Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2019

The development of the muscular structure between the hip and knee joint helps in overcoming imbalances and those suffering from hamstring pain. Not only the exercise increases the strength of the muscles in the stated region but also helps tones the belly region by burning the fat content.

Avoiding the common mistakes

Ensuring proper foot position is vital to prevent injuries and develop muscular strength. The following are the common mistakes that one should avoid during the leg press routine:

  • Excessive weight:

The primary character is to avoid lifting excessive weight than an individual can lift. One has to keep in mind that it is the formthat matters the most than the weight. Although the exercise requires effort, doing with apt control in action is necessary. Furthermore, one should not rush in completing the activity.

  • Sitting posture:

When there is a rise in the buttocks, then the legs are at an angle. It is essential to position the seat such that the buttocks and the knees are comfortable. It is possible to recognize the poor sitting posture from the cramped feeling that develops during this stage.

  • Placing hands:

It is wrong to set the hands on the knees while performing the exercise. Gripping the handles provided to the machine will avoid break of the form/posture.

  • The range of motion: Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2019

Most often users carry out a short span of motion. It is essential to carry out the entire movement without the need to lift the hips. If the need arises, adjusting the seat or lowering the weights is preferable.

  • Breathing:

During the effort phase, people often hold their breath. One should avoid such activity and continue to breathe while focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Eventually, the cycle becomes automatic.

  • Modifications

Most of the leg press machines available in the market provide the opportunity to make adjustments according to the requirement. The reason is the exercise pattern of an individual, and so is the form. It is vital to seek the support of a specialist who will help understand the modifications or adjustments to perform the exercise safely.

Beginners have to focus on form and choose light weights. Likewise, they have to concentrate on deliberate movements and breathing rather than the count and the load. If anybody notices stress or pain, consulting a trainer is advisable to review the form and make necessary adjustments.

  • Foot position and its role

Foot position has a crucial role in leg press exercise. By changing the position of the foot, working on different muscles is possible. For example, opting for a wider foot position is helpful for improving the inner thigh muscles. That said, a narrow foot position is useful for developing the outer thing muscles.Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2019

Similarly, placing the feet lower on the plate will emphasize on strengthening the quads but also increases stress on the knees. Therefore, one should carry out the exercise with caution. For those who are suffering from imbalances, using one leg at a time is the apt solution.

When to avoid the leg press machine?

Avoiding the leg press machine is good for those who suffer from a weak pelvic floor. Leg press exercise exerts a lot of stress on the pelvic region, and a weak foundation can lead to injury. In such instances, it is desirable to opt for strengthening exercises recommended by a physical therapist. Additionally, those suffering from knee injuries should keep away from participating in the activity. Pushing through the pain will only increase the same and cause severe damage to the muscular structure as well as the nerves surrounding the region. As there is considerable stress on the back, those suffering from back pain or other ailments related to the back should keep away from using the machine, as it elevates the pain or injury.

Top 10 Best Leg Press Machines in 2022





1. Body Solid Leg Press Machine GLPH1100
Extra heavy-duty 2″x 4″ 11-gauge steel mainframe$$$$4.8
2. TDS 4-Way Full Lower Body Workout Unit
1000 lb capacity$$$$4.8
3. Body Solid SLP500G2 Pro Club Line Leg Press
Pillow block and sealed ball bearings$$$$ 4.7
4. Leg Press Machine by Powertec Fitness
Max Load: 1,000 lbs$$$4.6
5. MiM USA LP 5005 Leg Press Machine
Dimensions: L 65″ W 51.1″ H 52.3″)$$$$4.6
6. Pro Dual Leg and Calf Press Machine
Wide rubber, matted non-skid press plate$$$$4.5
7. GLP Leg Press from Body Solid
Double beam design$$$ 4.5
8. Powerline Vertical Leg Press by Body Solid
Extra-thick back pad and contoured head and neck pad$$$4.5
9. Body Solid Fusion Leg Press Attachment
Stable side handles$$$4.4
10. Mini Leg Press
3 position safety stop on 2″ centers$$$4.2

1. Body Solid Leg Press Machine GLPH1100

The GLPH1100 from Body Solid is a leg press and hack squat machine. The equipment comes with all the safety features thatBody Solid Leg Press Machine GLPH1100 prevent injuries or accident while performing leg presses, calf presses, and hack squats.


Apart from squats and stiff leg deadlifts, incorporating leg press into the exercise routine helps one to gain mass and strength in the lower part, especially between the hip and the knee joint. The equipment from Body Solid does occupy plenty of space in a room. However, the narrow width compensates the same when compared with the rest of the products.

The 45-degree inclination of the seating position ensures that there is enough support to the back and the buttocks do not raise during the course of action. Leg presses require high resistance, as they help in improving hamstrings and quads.

Safety features

As safety is crucial for a leg press machine, the GLPH1100 comes with adjustable seating position. It means that an individual can adjust the angle according to comfort, which in turn reduces stress on the knees. Such a posture is necessary to attain the right foot position on the plate and help improve the overall stability and form of the body.

The other two features of the machines include rotating handrail on either side of the device and design of the sled. The machine hosts a bar to the base of the frame, and it prevents extension of the weight sled frame to move beyond a certain point. At the same time, the side rails hold the weight discs securely until the beginning of the exercise. After securing the position, an individual can pull the rail inwards and begin the exercise session.

Hack squat

Apart from providing additional support during the leg press activity, the machine also provides the ability to change the angle of the footplate to convert into a system to perform the hack squats. Because of this, switching between the two exercises is quick and straightforward.

With a simple act of removing the back support using the pivot point and folding the footplate, an individual can prepare the back support for hack squat with ease.


  • Quality construction
  • Quick switch between a leg press and hack squat
  • Excellent safety features and protection for lower back
  • Smaller footprint
  • Works on the entire lower body muscles


  • Improper assembly instructions
  • Necessary to purchase additional weights to make full of 800lbs limit

2. TDS 4-Way Full Lower Body Workout Unit

The 4-way leg press machine from TDS poses an excellent design and delivers a multi-functional workout session for users. TDS 4-Way Full Lower Body Workout UnitApart from the leg press alone, users can indulge in hack squat, forward thrust, and calf raise to achieve a complete workout to the lower body.


Leg press strengthens the muscles between the hip and knee joint. A leg press machine helps an individual to achieve this with ease and even adds mass to the muscle. The advantage offered by the TDS machine is the additional three workouts that one can perform.

The company designed the platform such that it does not occupy too much space in the house. Although the equipment is longer, compensation comes in the form of the narrow width of the frame. The use of the heavy-duty metal tube ensures protection and prevents any accidents during a workout session. The angled placement of the seating is such that the individual attains the highest support to the back with no rise of the buttocks.

There are a total of 8 wheels attached to the entire frame of which four wheels act as side thrust for increased stability while the remaining four at 750lbs each help in moving the equipment flawlessly.

Safety Features

The bar that holds the weight disc moves only until an absolute position. There is a stopper bar welded to the frame of the machine that prevents further movement, which avoids extension of the footplate. Thick stitched shoulder pads and steel deck plate provide the necessary comfort and safety while performing an exercise.

4-way features

Performing a leg press is simple, and a user can begin with low weight disc attached to the bar. The bar can hold up to 1000lbs with five weight discs on each side. With a simple modification to the steel deck plate and shoulder pads, users can switch between leg press exercise, hack squat, calf raise, and forward thrust. All these exercises help in improving the muscles in the lower part of the body. They further assist in correcting imbalances, which requires guidance from an expert. Attaining proper form is crucial to increase mass and strength while avoiding accidents.


  • Rigid construction
  • Simple switch between leg press, hack squat, calf raise, and forward thrust
  • Stitched shoulder pads
  • Four side thrust wheels for increased stability
  • Bar to hold a maximum of 1000lbs


  • Tedious assembly procedure
  • Weight tree sits high

3. Body Solid SLP500G2 Pro Club Line Leg Press

The SLP500G2 Pro Club Line leg press machine from Body Solid holds plenty of power and arrives with the highest durable Body Solid SLP500G2 Pro Club Line Leg Pressfactor than other devices. True to the manufacturing company’s tradition, it is no ordinary equipment. The art of the machine is the precision it delivers, which improves the overall workout performed by a user.


Body Solid designed the leg press machine such that there is minimal compression of the spinal cord and extended range of motion. The use of the biomechanical movement encourages the user to participate actively without giving up in between a session or have a misalignment.

The use of the sealed precision ball bearings and pillow block technology helps in reduction of the friction and induces a perfect alignment that is an essential factor for improving the muscular structure in the lower part of the body.

The back pad uses the DuraFirm technology that is adjustable and offers high comfort to the spine without causing compression. Additionally, the presence of the two-position ergonomically designed press plate helps in accommodating all-size users. Because of the adjustment of the back pad, achieving a complete workout of the legs and calf muscles is possible. Likewise, the design is such that there is a reduction in strain during exercise.

Construction and safety features

The use of heavy gauge steel for the frame with all the four-sides welded deliver a robust construction and stability to the structure. The placement of the weight stack to the side offers protection, safety, and gives the needed attraction when placed in any facility.

The two-position press plate construction is such that it moves with the help of the cables attached to the weight stack. It is essential to perform the exercise by choosing an appropriate weight to ensure that there is no stress on the knees. Any odd position or pressure on the knees causes deflection and tends to bend the knees further that lead to injuries or accidents.

Focused areas

The leg press machine focuses on improving the strength and mass of the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Beginners have to start with low weights and get into the right position to attain the proper form. Such a step helps the machine to deliver the rightful duty to the user in achieving the goals.


  • Steel frame with all four sides welded
  • Sturdy and stable
  • DuraFirm adjustable back pad
  • Two-position press plate
  • Sealed precision ball bearings


  • Expensive
  • Improper assembly instructions

4. Leg Press Machine by Powertec Fitness

The leg press machine from Powertec Fitness is among the leading equipment in the market. The new version, P-LP16, receivedLeg Press Machine by Powertec Fitness considerable design changes to ensure that it occupies less space while retaining the original specifications.


The company managed to chop off 4-inches on each side to reduce the width to 36.6 inches, which is probably the smallest in its category. However, Powertec made sure that there is no decrease in endurance due to design changes.

The leg press arrives with four weight bars, with two bars on either side at the top and two bars on either side at the bottom. The machine is capable of holding a total of 1000lbs on the weight bars. It delivers the maximum resistance for all those who are seeking to add a leg press machine for their home gym.

Powertec ensured that the sliding motion is smooth by opting for the revolutionary carriage roller system. It not only provides a smooth action but also delivers the maximum range of motion without causing stress on the knees.

The company also added a wider footplate for broad spread support, which depends on the requirement of the user. It offers the best grip and ensures that there is no compression on the knees and spine. Likewise, it gives the chance to focus the workout on different leg muscles. The footplate also provides the opportunity to switch between a leg press and calf raise in a few seconds.

Comfort and safety

Along with the sturdy design, Powertec ensured that a user receives high comforts and security. The leg press now comes with revamped dual safety levers. The four-level setting makes it easy to adjust the range of motion along with safety. Similarly, the adjustable back support delivers enhanced compression than before and reduces fatigue on the spine. Due to reduced strain on the knees, a user enjoys participation in the activity with comfort.

The adjustable seat uses high-density foam that protects the spine and offers support to the neck, shoulders, and head, creating a stable base to perform an exercise. The use of the bearing driven system ensures a smooth transition of the footplate and stability throughout the leg press exercise.

Focused areas

With the help of the leg press machine, a user stands a chance to improve quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.


  • Rigid construction
  • Smaller width
  • Heavy-density foam seating
  • Dual safety levers
  • Carriage roller system


  • Improper installation instructions
  • Have to purchase weight discs

5. MiM USA LP 5005 Leg Press Machine

MiM USA delivers high-quality exercise equipment that uses the latest technology and design. The company is one among theMiM USA LP 5005 Leg Press Machine leading manufacturers for offering the leg press machine manufactured from high-quality frames. The robust construction ensures that there is enough stability even after placing the weight discs to the maximum and a user performing the activity.


The LP 5005 from the company is a compact design of the leg press machine series. Although it occupies little space, it does offer similar functionality as that of the commercial grade device. It is a perfect addition for everyone who wishes to add a leg press machine to the home gym.

MiM USA designed the product such that users can switch between a leg press and calf raise with ease. The fully equipped bench comes with adjustable footplate, padded handlebars for better grip, eight-track pulley system, and cushioned leather seat. The pulley system with eight stops provides a perfect combination to work out different muscles of the leg and offer better support.


The use of quality materials helps the equipment to deliver the needed output with ease. For instance, the company utilized double-hard chrome plated rails to give smooth motion during an exercise and offer protection against rust. The use of the leather seat provides better support to the spine without causing excessive compression. Such a design is crucial for leg press activity, as it reduces strain on the knees.

The rigid construction of the frame is such that it stands firmly without faltering. For a better footprint, the company is offering wider footplate which is also adjustable. Therefore, users can adjust the plate according to the requirement. The heel stands present on the footplate is also adjustable with three stops. It is useful during calf raises and prevents skidding.

There is a pre-limit set beneath the pulley setup to ensure that the motion does not extend beyond a particular position. The chrome plated sleeves accept both Olympic and standard plates, giving a better choice for the users.

Safety features

Apart from designing it for delivering high efficiency, MiM USA also ensured that the product has safety features that prevent injuries or accidents. The best example is the pre-limit, which stops the frame from moving above a given point. Similarly, the adjustable heel stand and footplate offer better protection against stress.


  • High-quality construction
  • Rust-proof chrome rails
  • HDR hand grip
  • Pre-limiter
  • Three-stop footplate and heel stand


  • Expensive
  • Assembly is tedious

6. Pro Dual Leg and Calf Press Machine

A proper workout to the lower body part not only adds strength to the hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes but also helps in Pro Dual Leg and Calf Press Machineburning fat and improving the cardiovascular functionality.


The advanced design by the fitness company ensures that there is a significant reduction of compression on the spinal cord. At the same time, the model provides a full range of motion using biomechanical movement to work out the muscles between the hip and knee joint.

The use of the sealed ball bearing and pillow block approach ensures that there is no misalignment during exercise. It, thus, reduces stress on the knees and warrants that the effect is falling on the targeted muscles. Likewise, the ball bearing construction ensures friction-free movement for a lifetime.

Comfort and safety features

Body Solid is offering the Pro Dual with DuraFirm back pad with 12-position adjustments. The two-position wider footplate allows a user to position their feet from narrow to broad to target different muscles on the leg. Likewise, it helps an any-size person to comfortably seat and perform leg press, or calf raise exercise.

The all-body high-tensile solid steel frame ensures safety throughout a session without wobbling – thanks to the four-sided welding, unlike the two-sided welding frames. Furthermore, electrostatically applied powder coating protects the entire unit and prevents rust formation.

The use of the fiberglass nylon pulleys match perfectly with the diameter of the cable and move along the seated ball-bearing for smooth gliding for a lifetime. The conveniently placed handgrips offer extended support and grip during maximum pressing. The use of the antis-kid rubber mat on the floorplate gives the needed grip while allowing the user to participate actively in a session.

Targeted muscles

With the help of the leg and calf raise machine, users can focus on different muscles present between the hip and the knee joint. The broader footprint allows placing the feet at different widths, which additionally helps in targeting different muscles. The common areas of focus are glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.


Given that the equipment is for a home gym, the company is offering a lifetime warranty on all the parts. The other reason for such an attitude is because of the use of sealed ball bearing, which requires reduced or no maintenance.


  • Sealed ball bearing for precision alignment and movement
  • 12-position DuraFirm back pad for reduced compression
  • High-tensile steel frame construction
  • Fiberglass nylon pulleys
  • Powder coat offers complete protection


  • Assembly instructions are unclear
  • Expensive

7. GLP Leg Press from Body Solid

Leg press machine ensures to deliver appropriate strength and mass to the muscular structure between the hip and the knee GLP Leg Press from Body Solidjoint. Body Solid is offering a variety of devices that help people to take part in the exercise activity with ease. Most of the machines are convertible, and users can switch between a leg press exercise and calf raise exercise. The GLP series is an attachment from the company that helps one to use it with several G-series products.


The attachment is sturdy yet straightforward – thanks to the use of high-quality steel frame welded on all sides. The welding increases stability and allows the user to perform an exercise with ease. The use of the double frame for the footplate is an interesting approach, as it reduces the strain falling on the knees during the leg press work out session.

Likewise, the double-frame allows a full range of motion with the assistance delivered in the form of biomechanical movement. Handles placed to the side of the seat allows the user to lock in the place, which is essential for increasing strength the leg muscles.


Body Solid is one of the leading exercise manufacturing company and uses high tensile steel for rigid construction. The GLP attachment is no excuse. The solid construction offers stability and protection while providing variation in the exercises with ease.

Pivoting press plate possesses the ability to move forward and downward, which allows the user to target on different muscles such as hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. The extra-wide and extra-large footplate is capable of offering variations as needed by a user. Furthermore, it helps accommodate big guys with ease.

The DuraFirm seat secures the position of the user during an exercise and prevents compression of the spinal cord. Furthermore, the seat is adjustable, which makes it possible for any individual, regardless of height, to adjust accordingly and perform an exercise with precision.

Safety features

The lock-in pin beneath the seat helps the individual to adjust the range of motion. It likewise acts as a security feature by preventing extension, which otherwise causes stress on the knees. The use of the fiberglass nylon pulleys ensures that the cables are running smoothly and with precision.


  • Double beam design of footplate provides forward and downward motion
  • Pivoting attachment reduces stress on the knees
  • Rigid construction
  • DuraFirm adjustable seat
  • Stability handles to the side


  • Improper instructions
  • Requires home gym system

8. Powerline Vertical Leg Press by Body Solid

The Powerline edition from Body Solid provides the best workout session for those who are seeking to strengthen their leg Powerline Vertical Leg Press by Body Solidmuscles. The vertical leg press offers the best exercise activity by isolated lower body exercises.


Body Solid designed the product such that it occupies less area while delivering maximum benefits. The vertical design of the leg press likewise offers reinforced support to the back and the hips. Because of this reason, there is a reduction in the stress caused on the knees.


The use of the countered neck and head support along with thick back pad ensures high comforts while locking the individual in the appropriate position while performing a leg press or calf raise exercise.


The essential features of the product are the adjustable and durable ½-inch steel locking pins. These pins allow the user to place them in three different position settings and similarly act as a safety measure. It means that the vertical setup will no longer extend beyond a specific position.

The diamond press plate offers incredible support, as it possesses the best no-slip control. It prevents slipping during activity and protects the user from injuring self. The three 1-inch standard weight posts at the top, with a maximum capacity of 400lbs, allows an individual to add weight discs with ease and helps in increasing the resistance that creates a challenging environment for every workout session.


Body Solid is the leading manufacturer of exercise equipment. The company takes special attention while constructing any equipment. For the vertical leg press, use of the alloy steel made all the difference. Not only the material offers incredible stability and strength but also extends the life of the equipment with ease. Also, the powder coat ensures protection against rust and likewise increases the overall appearance.


The company is offering ten-year warranty for the frame while there is a one-year warranty on the parts.


Apart from the standard parts, it is feasible for a buyer to purchase optional accessories such as Olympic adapter sleeves, collars, and weights. Such a step gives the ability to optimize the efficiency of the leg press and suit the need of the user.


  • Vertical design occupies less space
  • Alloy steel for increased stability, durability, and strength
  • ½-inch dual steel locking pins
  • Three starting and stopping positions
  • Diamond steel press plate for no-slip control


  • Installations instructions are unclear
  • Requires purchase of weights and other optional accessories according to the requirement

9. Body Solid Fusion Leg Press Attachment

The Fusion leg press attachment works excellently with Fusion home gym models. Body Solid manufactured the attachment to Body Solid Fusion Leg Press Attachmentensure that it provides flexibility to the users depending upon their use and convenience.


The leg press attachment is worth every penny provided that a buyer already is in possession of a home gym. The 2:1 double frame structure ensures complete protection and allows a reduction in the strain on the knees. Because of the setup, users achieve a comprehensive range of motion – thanks to the biomechanical movement.

Full range of motion furthermore reduces compression on the spine and helps the user to focus on the targeted muscles. Also, there is a consistent resistance that prevents injuries during a workout. The leg press proves beneficial in strengthening the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.


The DuraFirm adjustable seat prevents excessive compression on the spinal cord. Due to this, the focus shifts entirely to the targeted muscles between the hip and the knee joint. The angular placement of the seat is such that it prevents lifting of the buttocks during a workout.

Safety and features

The double frame construction delivers complete security while indulging in a leg press or calf raise exercise. The pivot placement of the footplate achieves both forward and downward motion with increased resistance. Due to this action, purchasers attain the possibility to strengthen glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. The placement of the handlebars to the side ensures that the user sits comfortably and locks in the desired position for an exercise.

Features include the use of a large and wider footplate that helps achieve the desired foot position. The variation in the placement of the feet helps in targeting different muscles of the leg. The same is also useful in accommodating large guys, as the seat is adjustable. The footplate with diamond press ensures higher grip when compared with others.

The lock pin helps in the adjustment of the seat and further acts as a stopper. Due to this, during an exercise, the focus is on the targeted muscles rather than the pressure exerted on the knees and compression of the spinal cord.


  • 2:1 double frame for the forward and downward motion
  • Pivot placement of footplate reduces strain on knees
  • DuraFirm back pad reduces compression
  • Stable side handles
  • Alloy steel frame


  • The installation manual misses several points on the assembly
  • Requires Fusion home gym

10. Mini Leg Press from TDS

TDS mini leg press is perfect for those who wish to indulge in daily exercise and strengthen their leg muscles. The attractive Mini Leg Press from TDSfeature is the design of the leg press. The compact size makes it convenient to place it at different areas of a compact urban living home.


The mini leg press is perfect for those who lack space but want to focus on strengthening their quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. The 90-degree placement of the seat ensures that there is no pressure on the spinal cord or the knees. It further eliminates pressure on the discs and vertebrae. The welded structure provides stability while delivering the needed durability as expected by a user.


A leg press is only good when it comes with useful features. The TDS mini leg press comes with sturdy construction using heavy gauge steel and the company is providing a lifetime guarantee on the product. The strength is such that it holds a maximum of 500 pounds.

The wider footplate allows the user to attain a better lifting stance. Likewise, it will enable the user to place the feet in different positions to allow a shift in the focus on the targeted muscles. The checkered surface offers no-slip control, which prevents skidding during pushing of the weighs.

The user-friendly approach helps anybody to purchase it and start exercising. It is the adjustments that give a better opportunity for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. The same applies to those who are tall or short.

Safety features

The machine comes with three-position safety stoppers on the 2-inch centers. The position also acts as a setting required for an exercise for an individual. The carriage is adjustable and comes with a three-position stopping mechanism. The inclined bench protects the spinal cord from compression, which is also removable.

The carriage moves on eight steel chrome plated rollers on the heavy gauge steel frame. Due to this, there is a free movement of the footplate while offering a friction-free environment. With a reduction in friction, users achieve the goal of targeting the muscles

The powder coating of the entire structure ensures that it is free from rust formation. Likewise, the structure stands appealing due to its finish.


  • Large diamond plate footplate
  • Three-position safety stop
  • Three-position carriage stop
  • Removable incline bench that offers three different seating postures
  • Maximum weight of 500lbs


  • Assembly is tedious, and the instruction manual is unclear
  • Expensive

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