Top 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2021 – Complete Guide

You don’t need to gape at the glossy magazine pages of models and bodybuilders with their perfectly sculpted andTop 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2018 - Complete Guide chiseled physique anymore when you can acquire the same appearance without having to make non-stop rounds to a gym. Check out our complete guide about the best rowing machines.

An era where every day new tools and gadgets roll out in markets to make life easier for people, fitness equipments are churned out at an equal rate to wipe out any obstructions in your way to an ideal body. Pull-up bars are one such commodity, designed to give you those perfect muscled back, arms, and shoulders that you aweat. Unlike the other workout paraphernalia, for pull-up bars, all you need is a wall or a doorwayand you can sweat out all the calories you want to rid yourself off.

Pull-up bars rub out all the myths the modern world has filtered into our minds of things being effective only if they are expensive enough and cover the entire expanse of your house. The pull-up bars are by far the simplest and effective piece of equipment, designed to add to the muscular mass of your upper body. And yes, do not underestimate their simplicity, the pull-up is not a piece of cake and for noviceswe would first recommend the consultation of a physician. As with any other form of workout it is wise to consult a physician or take help from a trainer in the beginning. If you do it the wrong way you might develop pain and backaches. So,simple training would save you from hurting yourself and give you the muscular body with those muscle bumps on the arms and back to show-off. We have also written a complete guide about the best folding treadmills.

What to Look for When Buying Pull-up Bars

There are innumerable pull-up bars out there of various designs, shapes, and features. But when you set off to buyTop 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 - Complete Guide one make sure you have these things in mind.

Extensive Strength Booster

The pull-up bars are tailored to toughen the upper body, build strength and muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders. Also, upon incorporating leg raises you can shape up your abdominal muscles too. Who would want a paunch, right?


You will find pull-up bars of different designs and styles,but they all have the same action and purpose. However, you can go for ones that come with multiple grip options to make your workout sessions more productive by trying out a combination of exercises.

Minimum Injury Risk

Bodyweights pose minimum injury risk as they do not exert an extra load on your muscles. Execution of exercises in correct manner helps in quick loss of fat, and if performed precisely, with pull-ups you can achieve drastic and visible results in the upper part of your body.

A Strong and Compact Design

The strong suit of pull-bars is its size. Contrary to its size, the results it gives is huge. Even though it weighs under 10lbs, it can bear around 300lb.

Portable Options

Many of the pull-bars don’t require permanent support which means your walls, door frames, and ceilings are safe from wearing out.

Grip Positions

You should opt for one with minimum 3-5 grip positions to offer diversity. However, many of the expensive onesTop 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 - Complete Guide have 12 grip positions.


The door frame leverage bars offer a range of exercises compared to the ceiling and wall mounted pull-ups bars which restrict your workout. So a little contemplation your part is required.

Your Personal Considerations When Buying Pull-up Bars

Before you go out to buy a pull-up bar for yourself, there are several personal aspects that you should ponder upon in order tobuy one that is more productive and fruitful for you. It is your home where you will be putting up the bar, soit is essential first to make a list of all these essentials before you set off to buy the bar that can be accommodated in your home.


Settle for the place where you will be fixing in your pull-up bar especially in case of the standing pull-up bar. If the space dedicated to your workout can hold the kind of bar you are planning on buying or not.

The Exercise You Are to Include

Some of the pull-up bars are incapable of helping you out with other exercises you plan on to do. Such as the kipping and muscle ups. Explore the market enough to see if the one you are buying is in keeping with your workout plan.


Buying a pull-up bar that doesn’t support your weight will evidently cause accidents and pains. Buy the one that can hold your weight.

Types of Pull-Up Bars Top 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 - Complete Guide

There are four different kinds of pull-up bars that you can install in your home to avoid the encumbrance of making rounds to the gym or squeeze in the gym in your already hectic routine. Although all the pull-up bars serve the same purpose, all they differ in is, is the installation of each.

Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Fixed onto the joists or studs located in a ceiling, the pull-up bars come with two advantages. Primarily, the ease with which you can perform the pull-ups since the bar is mounted on the ceiling over the head. And secondly, as it is anchored in the ceiling, you have all the liberty to use it as you please. You won’t be bounded by a wall or door frame to a restricted area. Also, this means you have enough space for any other equipment you would want to fit in your home gym.


  • Heavy
  • Won’t require replacement
  • Supports more weight


  • Expensive
  • Come with limited grip positions


Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

For the more adventurous ones, who seek for challenges, the wall mounted pull-up bars are perfect. These demand more energy and strength to pull yourself up. Wall mounted pull-up bars are best suited for walls with supporting Top 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 - Complete Guidebeam or a brick wall.


  • Stable and Sturdy
  • Easy to install


  • Few of them have limited grip positions
  • Sometimes expensive
  • Allows vertical exercises


Door Pull-Up Bars

The easiest to install and even remove are the door pull-up bars. You can lodge them on your door frame during your workout and take it off when done. However, these tend not to be very strong and can come off while you are pulling yourself up, resulting in an injury.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Easy storage


  • It bends if excessive weight is exerted
  • Not strong compared to wall and ceiling pull-up bars

Free Standing Pull-Up Bars

This one is different from the conventional wall and ceilings pull-up bars. It is a durable, strong frame that stands on its own. It is spacious and allows you to go for several other exercises such as dips, sit-ups, and curls. The assembling of the standing pull-up bars is difficult so wherever you put it up, make sure it is its permanent abode.Top 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 - Complete Guide

Advantages of Pull-Up Bars

Pull-up bars is an excellent combination of cardio and strength training. It will get your heart racing over a short period of time without overdoing anything since you will be hauling yourself up. It is among the best exercises that can build your muscles around arms, chest, shoulders without posing any risk to your spine.

Workout Anywhere You Want

One of the best thingsabout pull-up bars is their convenience. Lodge them anywhere and you are good to go!

Piece Together with Ease

Compared to other hefty equipments it is easy to assemble the pull-up bars especially the doorway ones.

Not Very Pricey

In contrast to other fitness tools you will find these to be inexpensive and yet effective. They equally ramp up your metabolism and burn down your fat as any other machine with a throng of features.

Here in this guide we have garnered all the pull-up bars that are best among their kind and irrespective of money have a range of features to treat your muscles. Let’s start off withouta top pick.

Top 15 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2021 – Complete Guide





1. Firstlaw Fitness – 600 LBS Weight Limit


2. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar
14 inch Reversible Risers set$$4.8
3. Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings

14 inches of clearance supports

$$ 4.7
4. GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar | Best Multi Grip Chin Up Station
capacity of 800lbs! $$4.6
5. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar with Four Grip Positions
14-21 inches of wall clearance$$4.6
6. Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar
used in gyms and Cross fit boxes
7. Pull up bar doorway Heavy Duty chin up bar trainer for Home gym
no screws and no damage to door$$ 4.5
8. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar With Elevated Bar
molding up to 3.5″ wide$$4.5
9. Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Doorway
from 4.75″ – 6.25″ including door trim$$4.4
10. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width

24″ to 36″ wide with molding up to 3.5″ wide

11. Sportneer Pull Up Bar Doorway Chin Up Pullup Bars Multi-Grip Trainer Workout
HOLDS UP TO 330 LBS$$4.2
12. J/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips – Pull Up BAR
Holds up to 300 lbs! $$ 4.1
13. Relife Sports Door Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Body Workout
made of non-slip foam$$4.0
14. Wacces Chin up Pull up Bars and Resistance Bands Perfect

weight limit of 330 pounds

15. Pull-Up Bar, Doorway Portable Fitness Pull-Up Bar Chin Up Bar Grips

Non-slip extra-long foam grips


1. Firstlaw Fitness – 600 LBS Weight Limit

The Firstlaw Fitness I-Beam is the only pull-up bar that employs a 1-1/4” steel tubing, so do not be deceived byFirstlaw Fitness – 600 LBS Weight Limit others that claim the same rank. The I-Beam pull up bar is easy to place without having to drill down your house. The pull-up bar is attached to the I-Beam in such a manner that it is difficult to tell them apart. The foam rubber grips allow for comfortable grip and 3 different pull-up variations. The heavy built of the bar makes your workout devoid of any risk. Smooth workout without the fear of the bar jolting leading to a fall. It has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.


Solid Built

The Firstlaw Fitness-600lbs Weigh limit- I-Beam Pull-Up bar stands out among the rest due its durability and safety with which you can perform your exercise. The 1-1/4” steel tube adds viability to the bar making it able to hold 600lbs without flinching!

Rubber Grips

The rubber grips prevent the occurrence of blisters and cuts do that no matter how long you hold on it doesn’t hurt! There are three grip positions for you to extend the range of exercises to perform. You can go for kipping and leg ins. You can target more muscles easily.

Requires just a few Bolts

The I-beam is the pith of this equipment. The I-Beam with which the bar is secured tightly counts for extra strength and safety and also your walls will be safe. With just the turning in of few bolts, you will have a secure piece of equipment to carry out your pull-ups.


  • Durable
  • Comes with good packaging
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t needs drilling so your walls are safe
  • Simple and effective


  • Expensive but worth the cost

Why Buy Firstlaw Fitness – 600 LBS Weight Limit – I-Beam Pull Up Bar?

The sturdy steel frame allows for you to performyour workout with 3 different grip variations and pump up your heart fast to speed up your metabolism taking away all the fat with those sweat beads. You wouldn’t have to go around drilling your house to fit in the piece of equipment. The Pull-up bar can bear upto 600lbs which is an added advantage.Moreover, the rubber grips prevent slippage which means you can perform different workouts without the fear of hurting yourself. All these features make the I-Beam pull-up bar slightly expensive than the rest but the results it guarantees makes the price worth it. After all sacrifices make a huge part of our successes!

2. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

The ultimate body press ceiling mounted pull-up bar is ergonomically designed and scales down strain significantlyUltimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar giving you maximum workout results. For the fitness enthusiasts looking for some high-level workout that scores in on specific muscle groups. The Mounting bar comes with reversible risers and settles in between 16”and 24” ceiling joists. The 20” spacing and the angled bars provide with natural grip position. The Pull-Up bar comes with the perfect packaging that includes all the essentials for quick installation.


Reversible Risers

The reversible dual position risers are the starred feature of the Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar. Where ever you mount the bar the reversible dual position risers preserve the floor space for exercises to allow maximum expansion with the help of bar accessories.

Simple Design that Supports Variation

The bar has super strong and stable pull up bar supports so you can leverage the 3 grip positions unworried. The natural grip positions reduce strain on your wrists and elbows so that you can go ahead with your pull up variations. Not only can you perform chip-ups and pull-ups, but you can also rattle the bar for hammer grip pull ups.

Easy Accommodation of Accessories

To anchor the pull-up bar accessories which include gym rings and ab straps, the mounted pull up bar acts great. It’s like bringing the gymto home. You can expand and move around your pull up bars during a workout that hits your entire body. For the beginners, the gym rings to assistin carrying out the pull-ups without causing harm.


  • Easy installation and a goof-proof equipment
  • Stable and solid
  • Upgraded bolts ensure safety
  • The Foam-padded handlebars avoid injury


  • The grips tend to slip
  • You will have to drill for mounting the bar

3. Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings

If you are looking for adding value to your performance, you should consider the 8’ ceiling bar. It is built to meetCeiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings your needs and the overhead mounting enables full range motion without compromising the floor space. The ceiling Mount Pull Up bar comes with easy installation that fits to all 16 or 24-inch joints.



The pull-up bar won’t wobble as you perform different pull-ups. The strong steel made bar can be affixed to any 8’ ceiling.

Easy Fix and Versatile

The robustness of the Ceiling Mount Bar makes it tough for commercial duty. It has a white powder coat veneer in contrast to the black bar. The bar is made comfortable for rough and hard workout sessions. The smooth and quick installation motivates and inspires you for frequent workouts.

A Comprehensive Tool

The ceiling mount pull up bar fits in the space with leaving enough space for you to perform exercises you want. It is an excellent alternative to the gym,and the instructions are simple enough for even the rookies.


  • Strong and sturdy to remove obstruction to some serious workout
  • Allows maximum movement
  • Comes with 100% guarantee


  • Inconsistencies have been reported
  • The grips are slippery

4. GRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar | Best Multi Grip Chin

With the Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up bar you can ace the upper body exercises. Quick to install and toGRONK Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar | Best Multi Grip Chin achieve more than the desired result. The bar is durable and corrosion resistant as the bar is coated with powder. The bolted flush to the support brackets allows loading capacity of 800lbs! The chin-ups give you the proper muscled upper body. Your back, chest, shoulders, and abdominal will shape into the model pictures you stare at!


Multiple Grip

To hit on all the muscles is how to lose up fat and build muscle mass that looks good. This requires multiple grips so that your muscles are targeted from various angles. You have a choice ranging from broad or narrow, neutral or supinated to pronated grip to give your back some challenging work!

Perfect Body Trainer

The Gronk bar doesn’t limit you to only pull-ups. It breaks the monotony of just performing pull-ups for the fitness freaks who look for more. You can try dip or muscle up as well as reverse abdominal crunches.

Easy Installation

The bar comes with secure packaging and includes all the hardware for easy mounting of the bar. It comes with a flexible design.


  • Powder coated and is rust resistant
  • You can go for reversible body exercises
  • Bears load up to 800lbs
  • Among the top-rated bars
  • Easy assembly


  • Requires drilling

5. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

The super reliable and stable bar is ideal for your home gym. It comes with a pack of accessories like ab strap, push-Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar with Four Grip Positionsup ring, and suspension trainers which can benefit both the beginners and the experts. It features parallel bars for a hammer grip that isolates your back and shoulder muscles. It comes with a weight capacity of 300lb and can handle extreme workout sessions with ease.


Four Grip Positions

You can switch between different grip positions to settle for the muscles you want to work on. The negative pull-up and body weight row help you with the execution of some hard-core exercises.

Optional Accessories

The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar comes with a load of accessories to help you with the workout. Ab straps, Gym rings, and push-up rings expand your workout sessions and provide you with a variety of exercises.

Enhanced Stability and High-Density Foam Grips

It has an all steel body to accommodate all the accessories so that when you are in for a rough workout, you don’t have to wobble around or take the risk of an injury. The knurled steel and high-density foam grips help you with an extended workout.


  • Great Features
  • More Exercise Options
  • Durable bar


  • The bolts are not so great

6. Joist Mount Pull Up Bar & Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press

Looking for some speedy results? The Joist Mount Pull-Up bar is what you need if you are in for some reallyJoist Mount Pull Up Bar & Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press desirable results in the shortestperiod. It comes with 3 grip positions and can be mounted to any uncovered beam in your house to help you meet your body goals. It has a perfect 21” spacing at the parallel grips, and 42 inches of general width along with 14 inches of riser peal to make space for substantial grip pull-ups, chin-ups, and other higher frame workout routines.



The Joist Mount Pull-Up Bar comes with thick wall steel that is fixed to your home. The rock-solid bar provides placement flexibility to leave maximum space for hard-core exercises, the stretches and expanded activities to give you the perfect muscled body. The foam grips stabilize you and the high-quality construction lakes you pursue your body dream trouble free.

Focuses on Entire Body

The bar is a complete gym for you which focuses your entire body on slimming you down and curving you at the right places. You will find the ab straps, the gym rings for an extended workout session. The pull-up variations will tone down your body.


  • Easy to set up
  • Allows maximum expansion
  • Sturdy frame
  • Stronger than any other doorway pull-up bar


  • Bolts are not very efficient

7. Pull up bar doorway Heavy Duty chin up bar trainer for Home gym

The pull-up bar for doorway is probably the cheapest and most effective pull-up bar that you can install in your homePull up bar doorway Heavy Duty chin up bar trainer for Home gym without a hiccup! The pull-up station is really easy to install and it doesn’t require any kind of drilling. Thispull up bar is prefect for users who are looking for a full workout that involves pull-ups, chin-ups and push-ups as the bar is fully functional and capable of doing all that. The pull bar effects many of your muscles and hits best on your chest, arms, back, abdominal compound muscles and your arms. The pull up heavy bar duty is an easy and inexpensive way of toning up your core muscles so that you could flaunt on the beach with the body you dreamt of.



There are multiple grip position, like wide, narrow and neutral positions that allow you to target on different areas of your back more accurately. The heavy duty pull bar isn’t your average pull up bar, as it quickly transforms into a perfect floor unit for sit-ups and triceps dips giving you a complete workout.


The heavy-duty doorway pull up bar helps you to strength a host of muscles around your body. As the name hints, it is made fromheavy-duty steel so that you could work out as long as you want without the fear of cracking or damaging the bar. The bar is easy to install and doesn’t require any fasteners or drilling.

Value for money

The bar serves as an all-purpose exercise unit on which you have a complete workout. Push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and triceps-dips can be done easy on the bar, making it a significant must for your home gym and best of all, it comes at a great price. You could have a diverse workout using this pull-up bar. At least 4 different workout at the price of 1? Doesn’t seem like a bad deal.


The pull-up bar fits all door frames that range from 24 to 32 inches, hence making it a perfect fit for most spaces. Thispull up bar is made to fit all spaces, whether it maybe your office, dorm or your very own home gym. It has a 300-pound weight capacity and an excellent grip.


  • Fits almost all doorways
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Also includes floor exercises


  • No additional grip for accessories

8. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar With Elevated Bar

If you want to get the full range of various motion pull up workouts that efficiently builds muscle across your arms,Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar With Elevated Bar back, chest with push-ups, dips, body weight rows, sit ups and pull ups then the ultimate body press XL doorway pull up bar is the one you’re looking for. This elevatedpull-up bar comes with a premium construction that can withstand up to 300 pounds and that is not all, the bar ends are expandable that fit all the residential doorways measuring 24” to 36” wide with a molding equal to 3.5” wide. Thispulls up bar doesn’t restrict you to only doorway exercises as it also allows for floor exercises, hence making it a mandatory addition to your home gym.



Why train hard when you can train smart with visible results? The Ultimate body press XL doorway pull up bar allows you have diverse exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, body weight rows, sit-ups and dips. So that you could have exceedingly metabolic household workouts that build muscle through the arms, chest, back, and the core, plus you can see the results real soon.


The ultimate body press comes with premium construction along withhigh-quality hardware and ABS tubing couplers which means that you’ve hadtrue stability on the wall and real firmness for the floor exercises.


The bar ends are universal-fit and expendable which fits all residential doorways measuring 24″ to 36″ wide with a molding up to 3.5″ wide. The Bar leverages body weight to confine doorways without the need of screws or drilling and supports up to 300 pounds. The Assembly of this pull up bar is easy and quick with tools included.


The grips are of high density long lasting foam which reduces the strain so that you can have better and extended workout sessions.


  • Comfortable grip, less strain that adds endurance to variety.
  • Multifunctional use; various gripping positions along with floor exercises


  • Accessories like ab straps, suspension trainers,and gymnastic rings are sold separately

9. Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Doorway

If you are looking for a serious doorway pull up bar then the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up bar is the one. What makes itYes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Doorway different from the rest of pull up bars? Well for starters it offers a ton of diverse exercises hence making it one of the best choices for fitness freaks. The Yes4All is one strong Chin Up Bar that can support up to 300 pounds and can fit any standard doorway with the width ranging from 30” to 37”. This multiple grips on this pull-up bar allow the user to perform chin ups and pull ups with supinated, neutral and pronated grips which strengthen the user’s biceps, back and shoulder muscles. All that in just on doorway bar? You simply can’t ask for more.


Design and construction

The Yes4All Deluxe Chin up bar is constructed of heavy-gauge steel which is 1.6 mm thick, it has 2 models, and their specifications are below:

Black XSP Bar – This is the ultimate design, with a full range of grip positions, supports 300 lb capacity, and is suitable for door widths ranging from 30 to 37″

Black CXP Bar – This design is similar to the XSP regarding grip positions, but supports a 250 lb capacity. This bar is only wide enough for door widths ranging from 28 to 33″

Standard Bar – This design has limited grip positions, wide grip is unavailable and it houses just one set of neutral grip handles. This bar is usually accessible for half the price of the XSP and CXP bars because of its limitations.

Best for muscle training

With the Yes4All Chin up baryou can strengthen and develop your backs, arms, biceps, shoulders and various upper body muscles all in the comfort of your own home gym. This chin up bar is ideal for chin-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips and you can also move it to the floor, works perfectly for sit-ups and push-ups.

Multiple foam grip positions

Several handgrips help you to vary your workout from wide, neutral to close grip positions and it targets different muscle groups like chest, arms, core or the inner and outer back effectively. The PVC and rubber foam padded handgrips confirm a secure and comfortable grip, preventing sliding or interruption during the workout sessions.

Easy to install

The doorframe guards on the Yes4All Chin-up bar are engineered to help in protecting the user’s doorframe by using flat design. This chin-up bar isvery easy to install and does not require anysort of drilling or fastening in the doorframe.


  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • A wide variety of grip positions
  • Requires no permanent fixings, so no damage to the door frame
  • Sturdy design supports the full weight capacity


  • Must be removed from the door frame before closing the door
  • Some of the instructions are a little difficult to follow

10. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width

Searching for the tools to build muscle strength in your body? If yes, then pull bars are the ones you have beenUltimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width looking for. They offer complete workout routine without taking up too much space which is usually the case with exercise equipment. The Ultimate Body Pull Up Bar is easy to use. You just have to hook it right into the doorframe, and the remaining work is pretty easy. This pull up bar has a weight limit of 440lb which is more than usual pull up bars. The Ikonfitness Pull Up bar fits in all standard doorways with widths ranging from 27.56” – 36.22”. And when you’re done, you can easily fold it for stress-free storage.



TheIkonfitness Pull Up bar has Maximum stability, high quality androbust, design. The heavy-duty construction prevents any kind of movement of the bar during your exercise sessions. The cushioned pads prevents all sort of damage to your doorframe.


The Ikonfitness Pull Up bar isn’t your average pull up bar, it is a multifunctional design that lets you train on the floor as well for pushups, dips, sit-ups, and much more making it a complete upper-body training tool. The pull-up bar all allows for deeper push-ups along with an increased range of motions for improved results.


Usually, users who exercise on pull up bars have blisters on their hands but that isn’t the case with Ikonfitness Pull Up bar as it has a Soft foam grip which is durable and slips resistant. The rod is extra thick which ensures a firm grip.


Easy to use, no screws needed, no need to assemble! You simply need have to hook it right into the doorframe and get a full body workout. You can take it out when done and fold away easily for storage.


  • Safe weight limit of 440 lb (200 kg)
  • High-quality metal construction for long lasting life
  • Sturdy design prevents all sort of movement


  • No space for extra accessories

11. Sportneer Pull Up Bar Doorway Chin Up Pullup Bars Multi-Grip Trainer Workout

If you’re looking for a pull-up bar with multiple hand grips, then Sportneer Pull Up Bar is the one as the multipleSportneer Pull Up Bar Doorway Chin Up Pullup Bars Multi-Grip Trainer Workout hand grips allow you to perform various kinds of workouts for different types of muscles in the chest, arms, back and core. The bar is made of high-quality steel and supports weight up to 330 lbs. You can also perform chin-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and many other exercises with the Sportneer Pull up bar so that you can take your body fitness to the next level.



At the ends of the pull-upbar you can see two eva foams paddings. The hand grips are also well padded so that there will be no slipping during the exercise


If you plan on training intensively, then you need to go for multi-purpose pull up bars which target you muscle areas. Thispulls up bar has a total of 12 foam grip positions which allows you to work on your chest, arms, inner and outer back and the core as well. According to users, the Sportneer is easy to install and fits on all standard doorframes.

Weight and leverage

The pull bar can hold up to 330 lbs. The frame is very solid and made of high-quality steel. It fits doorways with the width ranging from 24” to 36”. You also have the option of moving it to the floor for floor exercises.


The Sportneer pull up bar is quite sturdy and robust but it also a bit expensive.


  • Rests firmly on the door frame
  • Supports a wide variety of grip positions
  • Easy to put together using the tools provided, and very durable
  • Doesn’t require any permanent fixings


  • The door frame molding should be no wider than 2-inches
  • Black rubber contact points can leave marks on the door frame

12. J/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips – Pull Up BAR

The J/Fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is one durable and sturdy pull up bar. It has an all-out weight limit of 250 lbs,J/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips – Pull Up BAR and several J/Fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar commentators said that this doorway pull up bar can hold, even without the fastening brackets.  That said, it is better to utilize the brackets with the screws for ideal safety. Probably the best thing about the Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is its versatility to fit almost every doorway. This bar is completely adjustable for hallways or doorways ranging from 26” to 40”, making it the best pull-up bar that fits every doorframe.



Thepull-up bar is going to be supporting your whole bodyweight. Therefore you need to have complete confidence in its stability and robust design when sitting in the doorway. It is constructed of heavy-duty metal. The bar that you grip is one continuous piece rather than two pieces that are joined together.


The J/fit deluxe allows you to perform a ton of exercise in the comfort of your own home gym, what exercises are those you must be wondering, well, they are;

  • Sit-Ups
  • Pull-Ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Chin-Ups
  • Ab Crunch
  • Dips


The bar is worth the money as it is made from sturdy material that can give you a firm and rigid workout session.

No spin handle grips

No one wants a bar that will spin in your hands, yet several telescopic bars do just that. But J/fit has just one telescopic arm that is why it is more likely that it’ll hold securely.


  • Removable hand grips
  • Great for men and women
  • The bar extends from one end only for extra strength
  • The bar extends to 40 inches
  • The interior thread makes this one of the safest pull-up bars on the market


  • Rubber grips wear out quite easily
  • You must install exactly as directed on instructions

13. Relife Sports Door Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Body Workout

No home gym is complete with a pull-up bar that is why it is important for you to get yourself a pull-up bar but theRelife Sports Door Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Body Workout question is which one to get? The market is spilling out all sorts of pull-up bars with different shapes and purposes, but we would suggest that if you want to shape your muscles especially your triceps, biceps, shoulders, abs and chest then the Relife Sports pull up bar is the only fitness tool you need. You just need to hook it up, which eliminates the need of drilling and damaging your doorframe. The pull-up bar is made from a heavy-duty metal that can hold up to 300lbs, making it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.



The frame of the Relife Sports pull up bar makes is made from high-grade steel which is built to last and is also compatible with all standard doorframes ranging between24″ to 32″ and has the maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Easy installation

The installation of Relife Sports pull up bar is really easy as it is designed to fit standard doorways without the need of drilling or any other sort of permanent fixture. Its portable designs make it convenient for you to make your own home gym.

Nonslip handles

Relief Sports pull up bar is made of non-slip foam, as it not only prevents you from scratching your door frame, but it also stops all interruptions like sliding during your workout.


You can get highly metabolic workouts that will efficiently build muscle around your arms, chest, back, and core area with push-ups pull-ups, sit-ups and dips.


  • Portable Design: Simple and fast assembly
  • Adjustable Length
  • Comfortable,an ergonomic construction and padded grips
  • Three grip positions


  • Fewer grip positions
  • No place for holding accessories

14. Wacces Chin up Pull up Bars and Resistance Bands Perfect

A perfectly toned body is everyone’s dream but people don’t understand the fact that a body which is toned needs aWacces Chin up Pull up Bars and Resistance Bands Perfect lot of hard work and dedication. That is why many people don’t have the body of their dreams but if you’ve decided that you are going to achieve your body goals then let me introduce you to Wacces Chin up Pull up Bars along with resistance bands that are perfect to use with various fitness programs like P90x, etc.This is a powerful and heavy duty doorway chin-up, pull-up bar that targets your back, arms and shoulders. It is designed to slip into your doorway without marring it with drilling and screws. It fits all standard doorways ranging from 24” to 32”. Due to the multi-position construction, you will have the advantage of strengthening your chest, arms, back, shoulders and abdominal muscles with just one piece of equipment. You won’t only perform chin-ups and push-ups but this bar also allows you to practice wide-closed angle and hammer grips and that’s not all, you can also perform various raises, legs and oblique curls. The bar’s max weight capacity is 300lbs, and you have the pleasure of working out in the comfort of your home.


Resistance band set

A 5 piece resistance band set is also included with this chin-up, pull-up bar. It is made with the premium quality of Double Layer Latex. The Yellow Band which is 2-6 pounds, the Green Band which is 6-8 pounds, the Red Band which is 10-12 pounds, the Blue Band which is 15-20 pounds and finallythe Black Band which is 20-30 pounds.


The pull-up, chin-up bar has a slip in design that adjusts to fit almost all doorframes ranging from 24” to 32” wide without the need of screws, drilling and other permanent fastenings. The bar also has a robust and sturdy design that allows it to support 330 pounds with optional wall mount brackets that are included for optimal security.


The Wacces Chin up Pull up Bar is designed in such a manner that it is portable, meaning being an all-in-one pull-up/chin-up bar that has multiple grip positions and easily slips into doorways or mounts on the wall.


The Wacces Chin up Pull up Bar is probably one of the fancy pull bars in the market with an expensive price tag compared to other pull up bars, but it is worth the money as this one piece of equipment does the work of many heavy and big machines which are very expensive.


  • All products come with a manufactures 90-day guarantee
  • User manual included
  • High-quality latex bands


  • It could be difficult to understand the user manual
  • It is expensive compared to other bars in the market

15. Pull-Up Bar, Doorway Portable Fitness Pull-Up Bar Chin Up Bar Grips

Fitness and home, sounds great together, doesn’t it? If you are finding a way to build your own fitness studio thenPull-Up Bar, Doorway Portable Fitness Pull-Up Bar Chin Up Bar Grips the Adjustable Length Doorway chin-up Bar is the one you’ve been searching for. The fitness tool takes up minimal space and allows you all sorts of exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, crunches and hanging leg raises. The bar is very easy to mount on doorways and it comes with rubber knobs for optimal safety. There is an exclusive bar-lock equipped along with a unique design hexagon shape gasket which prevents the bar from being unscrewed unconsciously when you are exercising, thus preventing all sorts of accidents and making the bar a significant tool for your fitness program.


Heavy duty

The pull bar can extend from both ends to almost 25.5” to 39.3” and it provides adequate traction, the chrome steel allows the bar to holds up to 440lb weight which is a lot considering average pull-up bars.

Easy to install

You just need to twist to lengthen, the same is to be done when we want to reduce it. The bar is portable which means no drilling is required, you can also take it with you everywhere and increase your physique by using your own home gym exercise gear.


The foam grips are extra-long and no- slip. They absorb moisture for extra comfort and to minimize the strain on hands. The hexagon shape gasket is uniquely designed for preventing any unwanted rotation of the bar when exercising.

Versatile uses

Flexibility is available due to the various screw in door mount kits so that the bar could move to different heights and places. It can be used for various exercises like hanging le raise, crunches, sit-ups, chin-ups and pull-ups.


  • Portable and easy to install
  • Extra-long foam grips
  • Hexagon shaped gasket for preventing rotation of the bar
  • Non-slip grips


  • Could get better pull up bars in this price range
  • No place for accessories

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