Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2022

The game of soccer or football is arguably the most popular and loved sport around the world. The Americans are yet

Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2022
Traditional soccer ball on soccer field

to accept it like the rest of the world but they are also slowly getting into the game. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup is just months away, the madness around the sport is going to reach the peak point again. Check out our complete guide about the best goalkeeper gloves.

The good thing about the game is that you just need a soccer ball to play it. It’s extremely fun and also good for your health too. However, whether you are a pro player or an amateur who just kicks around the streets, you will need a good soccer ball for the best development of your soccer skills and to enjoy the game to the fullest. For this reason, you have to choose the correct ball and knowing about their types, sizes, and other aspects will help you to make that decision. We have also written a complete guide about the best indoor soccer shoes.

The Variations of Soccer Balls

A wide variety of soccer balls is available these days. Each type has some unique features of their own that can be proven beneficial to a specific group of users. You can divide them into two categories – Professional and Other Uses.

  1. Soccer Balls for Professional Uses

You will find four types of balls in this category:

Premium Match Balls – The FIFA-approved balls are the most expensive of all types. They meet all the standards required for an international football match. These go through rigorous testing for shape, water absorption, flight, air retention, and overall performance. Almost all the professional soccer leagues and tournaments use these balls.Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2019

Match Balls – These are match-worthy balls and use materials almost similar to the premium match balls, but feature a slightly different construction. Most of their variations are NCAA and NFHS approved and used in high school and college team matches.

Training Balls – You can kick these balls hard at anywhere and on any field because they are made tough. They are specially made for training and players of any skill level can use them.

Turf Balls – These balls, which are suitable for artificial grass fields or turfs, are durable and moderately priced. However, using them on natural grass fields won’t produce a good performance as the ball will skid more there.

  1. Soccer Balls for Other Uses

These balls are used in for mainly training purposes and for playing on the beach or streets.

Futsal Balls – These are smaller in size but the weight equals to a regular size 5 soccer ball. These low-bounce balls are perfect for giving better performance and control on hard futsal surfaces.

Indoor Balls – With less bounce and rebound, these balls are perfect for playing on hard surfaces. They have a strong cover and their control is better on courts and indoor grounds.

Medicine Balls – These are not for playing or training. Only goalkeepers use them for practicing and strength training.

Beach/Street Balls – The beach balls are water-resistant and have a softer outer cover so that you can play on bare feet. The street balls, on the contrary, are strong enough to endure grounds made of concrete and gravels.

The Sizes of Soccer Balls 

You might be surprised to know that there are five different types when it comes to the size of soccer balls.

Size 1 – These miniature balls are used for footwork and skill development.

Size 2 – These are almost half of the size of a standard soccer ball. Suitable for children, these are used at the U4 Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2019level in an organized soccer league.

Size 3 – Endorsed for young children, the weight of these balls is same to a regular-size ball.

Size 4 – Slightly smaller than a standard full-size soccer ball, it is recommended for children playing at the U12-U8 level. It’s a great tool for honing the skills of young players.

Size 5 – It’s the standard-size soccer ball used by all adult soccer players. This is the official ball for all the professional soccer leagues around the world.

Characteristics of Best-Quality Soccer Balls

There are plenty of soccer balls of different designs and from various companies in the market. What sets apart one product from another is the material quality and the construction. Best-quality products have a high-level of craftsmanship that ensures great flight, superior shape retention, and better control on the field.

What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a soccer ball? Let’s have a look:

Design & Construction

The exterior part is known as the cover that is responsible for the durability of a ball. It can be made of synthetic leather, polyurethane (PU), and polyvinyl carbonate (PVC). The PVC is the cheapest and highly durable but makes it difficult to control the ball. The PU is more durable but less comfortable than synthetic leather, which is the most expensive, feels soft to the touch, and offers a greater control.

The bladder could be made of butyl and latex/rubber. The butyl is good for air retention but the latex/rubber bladder is used on professional-quality balls because of its ability to produce a better bounce.

The panels are the patches that you see on the outside casing of the ball. Most of them have 32 panels but some also use 18 or 26 panels. These panels can be glued, stitched, or thermally molded to the casing. The hand-stitched balls Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2019are the best of the lot while the machine-stitched ones will come second in terms of quality and durability. The thermally molded panels also last for a long time while the glued ones are found in cheaper products.

There is a layer between the bladder and the casing that is called lining. Made of polyester, it determines the bouncing rate of the ball. More layers help the ball to retain its shape and bounce less.


The strength of a ball largely depends on the type of components. The PVC balls are the strongest of the lot but they are not suitable for professional matches. Similarly, the butyl bladder can hold air for a longer time than latex bladder but the latter one is more suitable for soccer balls at professional levels. So, strength is not the best suit of high-quality soccer balls.

The comfortability and performance involving air retention, the accuracy of projection, bending in the air, and some other aspects determine their quality.


The performance depends on the quality of the materials used in making the ball. Balls made of synthetic leather and featuring 32 panels provide the best control on the field. However, fewer panels, 18 or 26, are suitable for curving it easily during kicks because they have less stability and tend to be rounder. They also absorb less water than other types.

The latex bladder is better for having a good bounce on the field although it requires frequent inflation, unlike butyl bladder that is excellent for air retention.

In a word, the balls made of synthetic leather, latex bladder, 32 panels, and several layers of lining will provide the best performance on the field.

Let’s read our reviews on some of the best soccer balls manufactured by renowned brands. Whether you are a professional or play soccer for fun, you will find a ball for you on this list:






1. Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

rebound and water absorption

2. Nike Premier League Strike Ball
Visual Power graphic$$4.8
3. Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball

Size 5 is the official

$$ 4.7
4. Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball
Available in size 4 and 5$$4.6
5. Adidas Performance MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball
suggested for ages 8 and under$$4.6
6. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball
Size 1 is a mini ball$$4.5
7. Adidas 2016 MLS Official Match Ball
kids above 12 years$$ 4.5
8. Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball
for ages 8-12; size 5 ball$$4.5
9. Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball
Size 3 ball suggested for ages 8 $$4.4

10.Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball
deluxe cushioned cover$$4.3
11. Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball
Machine-stitched TPU$$4.2
12.Nike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball
26-panel design$$ 4.1
13. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball
Butyl rubber bladder $$4.0
14. Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ball

2-year Warranty

15. Hetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball

ECO-Friendly Materials


1. Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

Krasava, which is a Russian colloquial term that means a player who shows an extraordinary performance, was theAdidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball official match ball of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. The ball is expensive but it has been designed for world-class playmaking only. It is meant for incredible actions in top-level matches.

Design & Construction

The word ‘Krasava’ also translates to ‘beautiful’ and this ball from Adidas shows a pure form of artistry. A striking red design with electric jagged lines is enough to send a wave of spirit and charge into any competition. The red symbolizes the Great Russian ruby adorning the Great Imperial Crown. The tournament’s logo and the trophy are also imprinted on a panel along with a graphic callout to the ‘official match ball’.

Technically, Krasava features the same panel structure as the Beau Jeu and Fracas, the two Adidas-designed balls used in the UEFA Euro 2016’s group and knockout stages, respectively. It uses top-class materials in casing, bladder, and backing while the lining is thermally bonded. The hand-stitched panels promise long lastingness and greater performance.


The hand-stitched and thermally bonded Krasava guarantees a durability that is matched to none. It passes FIFA’s rigorous tests for water absorption, ideal weight, rebound, and the correct circumference.

The ball’s strong build and special outer layer (made of 17% polyester imitation leather and 83% TPU) have made it resistant to abrasion. You can play it on hard surfaces without destroying its shape.


Adidas designs Krasava with a six-panel shape that yields true flight. The premium surface structure with an enhanced exterior texture that creates more friction, providing more scope for control. You can enjoy the improved grip and outstanding in-flight visibility while playing with this ball.

The seamless lining offers a predictable trajectory that any professional player can exploit in their favor. The low-level of water uptake is helpful in keeping the shape intact for a long time.

In a word, the ball provides far better control and handling than any cheap product. It is highly responsive to the spin of a shot and the curving in the air is just like magic.

2. Nike Premier League Strike Ball

Nike is one of the most prominent soccer brands. The Premier League Strike ball is one of their many products usedNike Premier League Strike Ball at professional-level soccer games. Players can use it for both practices and play and it will help them improve their skills.

Design & Construction

Available in white and yellow, the ball features strong visual graphics that help with better ball tracking. The reinforced butyl bladder provides a consistent feeling allows for great shape retention.

It does not come inflated, requiring you to air-pump it before using. Given that you have properly inflated it, it will hold its shape for weeks, unlike the latex bladders that need frequent pumping.


The ball feels extremely well-made and highly durable. The outer casing material is a mixture of rubber, polyurethane, polyester, and EVA. The butyl bladder does not give the soft feel of latex material but it is more effective for holding the shape.

The machine-stitched lining adds to the longevity although the best way to extend its lifespan is to keep it properly inflated and well-maintained.

The ball does not offer the true premium quality. However, that is a blessing in disguise as it requires minimal maintenance and you can use it on hard pitches. It does not need frequent pumping and is unlikely to wear out if used on streets.


The colorful graphics help to spot the ball quicker and react faster. The textured casing is great for having a superior touch at the time of playing. Nike has designed this ball with Aerowtrac grooves so that it can yield accurate flight right off the foot. It provides the perfect balance between being too springy and too hard that makes you feel like you are kicking a rock.

The ball is best suited for children who want a good-quality ball for either playing or serious practicing.

3. Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball

Adidas unveiled the Beau Jeu ball as the official match ball of the UEFA Euro 2016. The company had been trying toAdidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball enhance and perfect their 2015 World Cup match ball Brazuca and Beau Jeu is the retelling but the much-improved version of it. It is one of the best premium balls from Adidas that is available at less than $100.

Design & Construction

The Beau Jeu comes with a striking as well as intriguing graphic design. As it is the official ball of the Euro 2016, the colors have been taken from the tournament’s logo. Obviously, Adidas has brightened them a bit to enhance the flight visibility.

The panels of the Brazuca have a diamond-shaped dimple pattern but the Beau Jeu comes with a closed checkered board dimpled pattern. The improved design makes it visually different from its predecessors and enhances its performance.

The cover, backing, and bladder are made of high-end materials while the thermally bonded lining helps with shape retention and controlling bounce.


The strength and longevity of Beau Jeu are beyond question. If handled and maintained properly, its firm bladder and strong casing will last through many seasons. The synthetic leather casing is something that is only to be found in premium-quality balls. The thermal bonding lining makes it soft to touch, though it requires you to pump regularly for keeping the shape intact.

Available in only size 5, the ball gest the highest FIFA rating for water absorption, weight, and size and shape retention.


As the ball’s outside patterns are not cyclic, many may doubt that its flight pattern could be visually deceptive. However, the Beau Jeu provides a top-notch performance and there is no problem spotting it during either free kicks or short side-passing. Because of the use of high-quality elements and top-class engineering, the rotation of the ball is consistent, eliminating the chance of design patterns to be a big factor while playing.

The Beau Jeu is fast-paced and provides consistency during kicking and heading. It offers a more predictable trajectory and of the in-flight stability. You can play it in all weather conditions and in rain too as it has low water uptake.

4. Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball

Named after one of the best soccer players in the world, this CR7 Prestige soccer ball from Nike guarantees to fulfillNike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball the overwhelming expectation. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo is a record-setter and a prolific goal scorer, this ball is also meant to be used for big match occasions. Get ready to be impressed with its precise flight, trajectory, and speed.

Design & Construction

The unisex soccer ball is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. Just like the playing style of the Portuguese striker, the ball has a clean, no-fuss design. The combination of black and white with faint strokes of blue is hardly meant to be distracting on the field.

The outer layer is made of a mixture of rubber, polyurethane, polyester, and EVA. The machine-stitched 26 panels and the textured exterior surface yield a better grip and accurate flight. The butyl bladder is stout and does not need frequent air-pumping.


The ball does not provide premium-quality resilience because of its machine-stitched casing and polyester-reinforced butyl bladder. It holds its shape better than most latex-bladder balls and you can use it on hard grounds.

The ball is tough and long-lasting, but don’t expect the premium-level qualities from it.


The texture of the ball is better in transferring the energy and pressure from the foot to the ball. For this reasons, it shows accurate flight characteristics in the air. However, the same texture holds dirt easily. So, you have to avoid playing it on muddy surfaces or cleaning it every day.

The seam tolerance of the ball is far better than cheap products and it provides a consistent feel. Available in size 4 and 5, you can use this ball for practice and playing children’s professional games.

5. Adidas Performance MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

This MLS Top Glider soccer ball from Adidas is a part of the brand’s MLS Soccer collection. With a nice design andAdidas Performance MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball well-built construction, the ball is suitable for both warm-ups and real games. The balls are available in all sizes except for size 2 so that players of all ages can use them. The smallest ones are available at less than $15 while the full-size ones are less than $100.

Design & Construction

The inspiration for the design of this ball has been derived from the three MLS pillars – club, community, and country. Available in three different graphic designs, the ball will make your practice sessions alive with a strong, water-resistant PU shell wrapped around a butyl bladder.

The machine-stitched panels might not be the most durable options available but they keep everything nicely together along with ensuring a soft touch for precise control of the ball.


The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) casing keeps dirt and water away while the butyl bladder holds the inflation for a long time. The machine-stitched panels and the nylon-woven lining guarantee maximum resilience and long-lasting performance.

However, don’t shoot the balls on a ground that has sharp rocks as they can pierce through the exterior TPU and create minor tears.


Many soccer balls lose their shape over time, especially when you use them for regular practices. But, you will experience something different with this Glider ball. Its butyl bladder is very firm, which won’t lose air easily. You will find the air pressure steady and consistent even under frequent use.

The exterior textures are slick, making the ball skid a lot on indoor and turf surfaces. However, it gets rough within a few days and stops skipping across the ground.

The ball is suitable for both freestyling and organized soccer. It has the right consistency and stability in the air required for practicing and skill development.

6. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball

Adidas has named this Performance soccer ball after one of the greatest players of all time – Lionel Messi. Any fan ofAdidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball the Little Magician will want to purchase this ball not only because of his name attached to it but also the pure quality it brings to your game. The ball is available in various sizes and price points. The cheapest one is less than $10 while you can purchase the most expensive piece for less than $70.

Design & Construction

The Messi ball is available in plenty of colors and some of the designs are electrifying, just like the action of the Barcelona forward on the field. Especially, the combo of white/red/solar red and blue/solar orange/shock pink look pretty cool when the balls are in motion. The unique graphics, vibrant colors, and the sheens of the panels highly increase the visibility.

The outer casing is made of 100% injection molded TPU, making it really soft to touch. The internal nylon-wound carcass and the butyl bladder are also high quality.


The Messi soccer ball is really an outstanding addition to any soccer kit. It allows you to live the same experience that professional players get to enjoy in a match. There is no chance to be disappointed with this ball if you are a real soccer fan.

The ball is quite durable due to the use of top-class materials and machine-stitched construction. The bladder keeps the shape intact and holds air for a long time. The internal nylon lining also ensures a long-lasting performance.


You have to pump up the ball because it is shipped deflated. Do a trial run then and you will immediately feel the quality of the ball. The great stitching and construction make it feels great under the cleats.

It does not have the conventional 32-panel design but hat only adds a little bit spin to it so that you can kick it wherever you want it to. The touch and feel of the ball are better considering any other balls at this price range.

7. Adidas 2016 MLS Official Match Ball

The 2016 MLS Official match ball is another stunning production by Adidas. If you are a serious player or an aspiringAdidas 2016 MLS Official Match Ball footballer and want a high-quality ball for training, consider purchasing this one. The ball is expensive but the price makes sense since it provides a high-class performance.

Design & Construction

The design on the exterior casing of the ball is one of the best that you have seen in official match balls. It features the distinct logo of the MLS league. Also, including star-spangled patches, representing the United States, and maple leaves, rendering the symbol of Canada, was a masterstroke on the part of the designers.

Made of TPU, the ball is meant to last for a couple of years – thanks to the thermally bonded lining and machine-stitched construction.


Purchasing this ball means that you will be adding a high-quality tool to your soccer equipment. It has great features and guarantees brilliant performance on the field. It is available in only size 5, so only the adult players and kids above 12 years can use it.

As made for professional matches, the ball is highly durable. Even if you use it for regular training, it will see a couple of seasons.


As a premium-quality product, the 2016 MLS Official Match ball is supposed to draw elite action from professional players. It utilizes the latest Adidas technology to bring electrifying energy and brilliant performance on the field.

You will get the truest flight and mind-blowing trajectory because of the unique symmetry of six identical panels. The textured surface prevents skidding and helps with accurate passing.

The high-quality casing material also provides a better touch and handling. The low water uptake contributes to keeping the circumference in its correct shape.

8. Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball

The Performance Euro 16 Glider ball from Adidas is a part of the brand’s Euro 2016 Collection. Professional soccerAdidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball players widely use this ball in various games and for training. The designers at Adidas use advanced technology and best engineering to craft soccer balls that meet the extreme demands of skilled players and professional games. This Euro 16 Glider is one of those premium soccer balls that can handle such intense pressure.

Design & Construction

The Euro 16 Glider is available in various color combinations. The graphics on the exterior cover are lively and represents the tournament. The ball is made of special TPU exterior and the machine-stitched construction holds everything together. The butyl bladder and the nylon wound carcass add further stability to the structure.

The ball comes in all the sizes. The size 5 is perfect for adults and children aged more than 12 years. There are size 1 mini balls too that players use for honing their skills.


The TPU exterior casing is strong enough to resist abrasion. So, even if you play it on hard surfaces, it is unlikely to get scuff and wear out quickly. The machine-stitched panels and the nylon wound carcass inside give the structure the toughness required for optimal, long-lasting performance.

The butyl bladder does the job of stay inflated for a longer period and keeps the original shape as it is. You don’t need to pump up the ball frequently, unlike a latex bladder.


The ball feels good and soft to the touch. It is soft enough to play barefooted in your backyard but not too soft that the casing will get scratched or scuffed accidentally.

It is a little bit heavy for a size 5 ball. So, it flies with a true trajectory and responds nicely to your foot for an accurate pass. However, don’t train in your backyard because the heavier weight of the ball can break window and car glasses.

The Glider balls from Adidas are definitely not match-quality balls. But, they are the right choice when you have a tight budget but want something of good-quality for practice.

9. Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball

Having a good ball is the most important part of playing soccer or practicing. The MLS Top Training NFHS NativoAdidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball ball is one such good-quality ball. Being a part of the MLS Soccer Collection, it offers the quality you want in a training ball. The quality won’t match the high level of a match ball, but the seamless surface, high-quality materials, and FIFA-approved dimensions don’t allow lagging it far behind.

Design & Construction

The ball comes in four different graphic designs and color combinations. All the versions have a black-white combo with a mix of grey, iron metallic, night shade, or silver metallic. Like all the models in the MLS Soccer Collection, Nativo’s design is also inspired by three MLS pillars of country, club, and community.

The construction of the ball is pretty solid with a thermoplastic polyurethane cover, butyl bladder, and thermally bonded lining. It is also an NFHS certified ball that passes the FIFA tests for weight, water uptake, rebound, and circumference.


The Navito is tagged as a ‘top training’ ball for a reason. It features the brand’s some of the best technologies to make a combination of quality and exceptional resilience. Don’t let the low price range fools you because it is ready for passing any test you put it on the field.

The TPU is durable and the TSBE technology further creates a solid bonding between the exterior and interior casings.


A good ball will provide consistent performance regardless of the surface. It should hold its shape, show accurate flight, pass correctly, and repel water. The Navito shows all of these features. Adidas engineers it with the TSBE technology that allows a more predictable trajectory of flying shots, enhances the touches and side passes, and cuts back on water absorption. It also provides the perfect feel and bounce. In a word, Navito will give you the consistency and every other thing required to perform well on the field.

10. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Mikasa solves the dilemma between buying cheap balls to regret later and spending on a quality ball and dealingMikasa Serious Soccer Ball with a deflated purse. The Serious soccer ball provides the best value for money. All the sizes (available in size 3, 4, and 5) are less than $50 and the quality is far better than the hordes of cheap products in the market.

Design & Construction

Featuring a simple design, the Serious ball comes in four different shades – black, red, purple, and green – on a white background. They are available in three sizes so that players of all ages can use them. The hand-stitched ball is a bit heavier than other similar types of balls because it is designed as an indoor ball that is not supposed to bounce too much.

However, the construction is sturdy enough to use it outdoors too. It will suit better as a practice ball rather than using in a soccer game.


The ball is guaranteed to last for a long-term use. It features a durable cushioned cover that is stitched with a synthetic leather. The butyl bladder is excellent for air retention and keeping the shape intact for a long period.

The Mikasa Serious soccer ball is a high-quality, budget-friendly tool to add to your soccer kit. In addition, the company offers a one-year warranty so that you can use it without worrying too much.


The ball provides an extremely soft touch due to having a deluxe cushioned cover. Even the kids can practice headers and chest lobbing because of the soft cover. Unlike the cheap soccer balls, heading or kicking it won’t feel like hitting something hard.

The slightly heavier weight reduces its bounce and produces a quite authentic movement when you do aerial shots and crosses. For this reason, the bending is also reasonable, not too much nor too less. The Mikasa ball will give you the experience of playing with a premium-quality product without spending that much money.

11. Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

Who does not want to buy a high-quality soccer ball that does not only look good but also goes easy on the wallet?Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball The Pitch Team soccer ball from Nike has a nice design, ensures quality, and asks for a reasonable price at the same time. Available in three different sizes, you can use the ball for private practicing and backyard soccer games.

Design & Construction

The unisex style Pitch Team soccer ball is available in three different colors – white, yellow, and electric green. All the three versions have patches of a dark color on them. The Nike logo has complemented the design and gives the ball a complete look.

The colorful casing makes the ball easy to spot on the field. Besides, the colors are vibrant and fun, so the kids will really love them.


The ball has a solid feel and construction due to the TPU casing, butyl bladder, and the machine-stitched binding. Butyl bladder is excellent for retaining the original dimensions. It also does not require you to pump up the ball every day.


The traditional 32-panel design and TPU casing allow the players to have a soft touch on the go and draw accurate flight from the flying shots. The smooth machine-stitched surface retains consistency throughout a game but the polished cover can skid on hard grounds.

The Pitch Team soccer ball makes your gameplay easier with truer flight and a reasonable bend. You can curve it for a great shot, kick it for an accurate pass, and control it with your chest and head. It holds air for a long time and the soft cover is suitable for even kids to play with it. The ball will give you the closest feeling to an authentic match ball. And, when it wears out, you can replace it easily as it is pretty inexpensive.

12. Nike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball

The top brands produce plenty of replica balls these days. It’s a nice way to allow the fans and aspiring players toNike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball keep in touch with the soccer balls used in professional leagues. Also, these replica products are cheap, so that any soccer enthusiast can purchase them without spending a fortune. The Nike Mercurial Fade soccer ball is one such replica product. Available at less than $30, it a great option for training and backyard soccer games.

Design & Construction

The ball features a red design on a black background. The white Nike logo seems to complete the design. It has 26 panels instead of the traditional 32 panels. The TPU casing is machine-stitched to the lining that encases a strong butyl bladder.


It will not provide you the resilience and longevity of an official match ball but it will survive for a long time given that it is well maintained. The TPU casing provides strength to the structure and softness to the touch.

The butyl bladder is harder than the latex bladders. So, it will be more consistent with the shape and water retention but at the expense of softness. A header on a long clearance will not feel good, especially for the children.


The bold graphics and colors help with better ball tracking in the air and on the field. Its glossy casing may feel a bit skiddy and difficult to handle at wet conditions at first but it will roughen up over time.

The 26-panel design offers true trajectory and accurate ball flight. The butyl bladder relieves you from the duty of pumping up the ball every day. It holds the shape and air very well. The ball greatly helps with honing your soccer skills by providing you the quality and features found in a high-quality ball.

13. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

The Traditional soccer ball from Wilson will delight lots of soccer purists with its traditional black and white design.Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball It’s a great ball for starting your soccer practice or playing matches in the park for fun. Available in three sizes (size 3, 4, and 5), the prices of the ball fall in the affordable range.

Design & Construction

The classic black and white panel design is bound to evoke nostalgia. The casing is synthetic leather that is attached to the structure with machine stitching. The butyl bladder is what you need for such a mid-range soccer ball. You can kick it around as much as you want without worrying about changing the shape.


The synthetic leather casing is high-quality but you have to maintain it properly to enhance its lifespan. Proper and regular cleaning is the only way to keep the leather unscathed for a long time. Avoid playing the ball on rough surfaces as it can wear out the cover.

The machine-stitched panels keep the casing attached to the inner structure. The bladder is supposed to give a good performance by holding air for an extended period of time.


The synthetic leather exterior cover makes the ball soft to touch and kick. As the ball holds its shape perfectly, it shows stable behavior in the air and during long-distance shots.

The weight and the dimensions are just perfect bending it to the accurate trajectory in the air. It offers good rebounds that help with learning passing, dribbling, and shooting. If you are serious about enhancing your soccer skills, Wilson Traditional ball is one of the most affordable as well as quality options.

14. Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Select is a fantastic brand that manufactures quality soccer balls. The America Numero 10 model is a value-for-Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ballmoney in their inventory. It’s a budget ball that you can use for indoor and outdoor practice sessions. However, it will be a mistake to compare it with the cheap products in the market. It offers a fantastic playing experience and is likely to last for a few years if taken proper care of.

Design & Construction

The ball’s graphic and design composition will ascertain the dedication of the designers at Select. The detailed patterns on the cover come in nine different colors including some truly vibrant shades. The bright colors are perfect for dark turfs and poorly lighted places.

More and more companies are designing soccer balls with fewer panels but Select has stuck to the traditional 32 panels. In fact, it was the first company to create that design, which they believe help in holding the perfect soccer ball structure and producing true flights.

The exterior casing is an FPUS 1500 synthetic leather and the panels are machine stitched to the inner structure. The bladder is latex that is very soft and gives the ball a premium feel.


The ball is soft to touch but the thick exterior material makes it durable for longer drill sessions and frequent match days. The 1.5mm thick PU cover and the zero-wing latex bladder are meant for quality and high-level of performance.

The ball is both NFHS and NCAA approved. In addition, Select offers a two-year warranty to give you the peace of mind.


The PU casing is so thick that you can hurt your leg if played barefooted. However, it will become really soft to touch after some breaking in. the zero-wing latex bladder may need regular pumping but it is excellent for enjoying the maximum touch and bounce.

You will find the ball highly responsive to touch. It also shows some good bending and true flights in the air. The making and design are suitable for drawing great resistance and control on artificial turfs. The graphics on the cover are spot on as they help a player to figure out the way the ball is spinning when in the air.

15. Hetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball

If you are looking for a cheap soccer ball for playing in your leisure or a quick match with friends or family, theHetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball Waterproof soccer ball from Hetoo is something that you can count on. Available at less than $20, the ball comes in three sizes so that everyone – from kids to adults – can use it for fun or learning soccer drills.

Design & Construction

The ball features beautiful and colorful graphics on the background of a white cover. Hetoo claims that the ball is designed with according to the official size and weight.

It is an eco-friendly product because the polyurethane used in its making is free of toxic PVC, phthalate, and cheap rubber. The panels are attached to the inner carcass with a machine stitching process.

The ball comes with a ball bag and a pump needle, which is definitely a plus point because no renowned brands will give you these tools for free.


The ball is made of PU that is safe for the environment, convenient to handle and has a long lifespan. The tight stitching keeps the panels together and the butyl bladder ensures durability and consistency.

The soft but strong enough to endure thousands of kicks. There’s a buffer liner that absorbs much of the blow and creates a cushioned impact.


You can train with the ball anywhere you want because it is not only durable but also waterproof. The less than 3% water absorption rate makes it suitable for playing in rainy seasons too.

Hetoo has engineered the ball for retaining its true size and shape. You will find no deformation or expansion even after an intense training session. It’s also a well-balanced ball that has its weight centered to its core. The proportional distribution of weight is helpful for having a better performance in the air.

Does the Price Determine the Quality?

Yes. Soccer balls are available from $20 to $150. The premium products are expensive and they will provide you the best performance. Their overall construction is better than their cheaper counterparts. You will get true flights from them and they are strongly bonded for retaining the original shape and absorbing less water.

It can be frustrating to have a tight budget when purchasing a soccer ball. However, if you are an amateur and want a ball to play on the streets or in the park, a cheap one will do just fine. Also, spending a three-figure for a ball does not make sense if you are not a professional player.

How Does the Construction Affect the Performance?

The construction and the materials of a soccer ball determine how it is going to behave on the pitch. Everything from the panel construction to the way of stitching, the cashing material, and the bladder component determines the ball’s behavior. The renowned soccer ball manufacturing brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and others always try to engineer soccer balls with advanced technologies so that they can produce excellent flight and great performance on the field.

How to Care for Your Soccer Ball?

With good maintenance and proper care, a soccer ball will last for a long time. Even if you use it on a regular basis, you can keep it in a good shape for multiple seasons. The things you can do are:

  • Clean up the ball and dry it every time after you use it because dirt and sand slowly wear out the casing. It may seem a little bit painful to keep up with that routine but it will keep the ball in a good shape.
  • Always try to maintain the right inflation level. There should be a number next to the inflation valve indicating the correct inflation for the ball. However, something between 9 and 10.5 pounds of air is the right inflation for most soccer balls.
  • Keep the ball away from extreme heat and cold. These conditions can change the bladder’s shape and affect the performance as a result. Don’t keep them in the car’s trunk in hot summer days.
  • Never sit on the ball. It is not designed to carry such a huge amount of weight. It can warp the ball’s shape pretty quickly.

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