Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2021

A watch is a timepiece intended for people to wear it on their wrist, even when doing sports. The design of the watch is such that it helps to function Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2019irrespective of the movement of the motions caused by the wearer. The progress of watches started in the 17th century, although the first creation of timekeeping device began in the 14th century that functioned using the power developed from spring mechanism. In most of history, as we speak, a watch is a mechanical device powered by the mainspring.

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Types of Sport Watch Movement

Movement of the watches is a device that measures the time elapsed and displays the time. Other possibilities include the display of date, month, and year. Movements are mechanical, electronic, and blend of both mechanical and electronics. Most of the watches currently available use a computerized system to measure the time and features while they use mechanical hands to display the same.

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The accuracy of mechanical watches is less when compared with electronic watches. Furthermore, there are highly sensitive to temperature and position which causes an excess error in seconds per day. Likewise, the manufacturing cost is also high. Irrespective of these negatives, the category attracts people, especially watch-collectors.Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2019


In electronic watches, there are fewer moving parts when compared with mechanical watches. These watches function using quartz crystal that vibrates utilizing the principle of piezoelectric effect.


Automatic mechanism functions on the movement of the wearer’s body. The motions help rewind the mainspring of the watch mechanism.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are useful for people making their career in the field of sports. A sports watch features rugged construction and used water-resistance material to ensure its durability and functionality irrespective of the conditions. Additional features include alarm, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, compass, tachymeter (a rotating bezel that helps in calculating the speed), tide indicator, and thermometer.

Although there is plenty of history to the watches, the evolution along the progress helped in come up with sports watches. In the beginning, the sports watches were available in analog and digital models. However, with the technological development, especially in computers and micro-mechanics, it was possible for watch designers and manufacturers to offer computer-based smartwatches that provide the same features as before but with additional features such as the installation of apps that help in tracking the activities of the sportsmen or sportswomen.

Types of Sports Watches

Sports watches provide detailed information about different things as required for an athlete. Therefore, companies have come forward to offer the best features and also add a bit of fasTop 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2019hion to the design. Companies are offering sports watches keeping in mind about the requirement of the users and demand for several models in the following categories:

  1. Analog sports watch

As the name reads, an analog sports watch is a design consisting of features of a stopwatch and mechanical display of the time. Analog is a retronym added to watches to make them distinguish from the digital watches. Analog sports watches have extreme durability, rugged construction, and are water-resistant. A few models may also come with the shockproof feature. Originally manufactured in black, they are now available in numerous colors.

The watches available under this category are broad because of the options that are available – right from choosing the number of hands to the color of the strap. The design is such that the knob is present on the right side of the watch, which is helpful in adjusting the date, time, and other parameters.

  1. Digital sports watch

Digital sports watch runs on quartz crystal using the piezoelectric effect. A small battery included in the mechanism powers the crystal, which in turn causes a change in the shape using other electronic components. The resonance is at high frequency and helps in displaying accurate time. Most of the watches available in this category come with either liquid crystal display unit or mechanical hands.

The battery supplies the power to the crystal continuously and runs for an extended period. Sometimes, users have to visit a service branch to replace the battery, which is especially the case for water-resistant watches, because they require special tools to open the hub. Lithium batteries are standard nowadays because of non-usage of mercury batteries due to environmental reasons. Many of the recent developments saw companies offering solar-powered sports watches that use rechargeable batteries. These watches use light and heat to energize the battery.

  1. Smart sports watch

A smart sports watch is a wearable computer. It comes in the form of the wristwatch design and features a touch screen. While the early models Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2019had basic features such as digital time display, calculations, and game playing, models released from 2010 saw a change in the setup. Most of the models are similar to that of smartphones and users have the chance to download applications suitable according to the need. For instance, one can download a tracking application that helps in keeping a record of activities carried out in a day.

Speaking about the hardware, most of the watches have a different setup. However, the display is either LCD or OLED. Both the screen technologies consume plenty of battery, and hence it is essential to recharge them from time to time. On the other hand, quite a few companies are offering watches with a display that use electronic paper to lower power consumption. The applications include monitoring heart rate, calories burned, kilometers covered, apps related to diving, and those that measure altitude, weather condition, and more.

The latest models arrive with many advanced features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and the ability to store audio and video files. Users can play them using Bluetooth headset. A few models also have cellular functionality, which allows the user to make calls.

Given the advancement and development in technology, it is quite common for a people belonging to the next generation to pick up a stylish digital sport watch over the other two categories. The primary reason is the features the digital sports watch offers over the other two. Nonetheless, there are plenty of takers for both analog and digital sports watch.

Keeping in mind about the demand and the growing needs of customers, watch companies are bringing in new models and styles. Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2019Furthermore, most of them have unique features and more advanced technologies that one would expect to contain. A sports watch is essential for people in the field of sports who like to keep track of all the activities and records with ease. Likewise, these watches are helpful for coaches, timekeepers, and all those working in a similar field.

With all the diverse variations to pick from it is always tricky to pick the best sports watch from the competitive market. A better way is to consider all the features and requirement before finalizing the decision. With new companies venturing into the digital watches and offering affordable models, it has further become challenging to pick the best. The information ahead consists of reviews about several watches. Going through it will be helpful for anyone to understand the importance of the watch, the features, and both pros and cons. The immense data will make it easy to sort out the variations and pick the right one from the lot.

Top 20 Best Sport Watches For Men in 2021





1. Garmin D2 Delta PX

store and play up to 500 songs

2. Withings steel HR sport Smartwatch
Operating temperature -10 to 45 degree celsius $$$4.8
3. Garmin instinct outdoor watch

water resistance (rated to 100 meters)

$$$ 4.7
4. Huwaei watch GT Sport smartwatch
24/7 Heart Rate Monitor$$$4.6
5. TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch
Good accuracy with heart rate monitoring$$$4.6
6. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist smartwatch
Case size: 45mm; Band size: 22mm$$$4.5
7. Garmin Vivoactive 3
Display resolution:240 x 240 pixels $$$ 4.5
8. TomTom multi-sports GPS watch
Simple and easy to use interface$$$4.5
9. Garmin forerunner 235
Battery Life 11 Hours Training$$$4.4
10. TomTom Runner GPS watch
Ultra-slim, lightweight, and waterproof$$$4.3
11. Garmin forerunner 35
12. Casio Men’s G-Shock classic
Auto-repeat function, Hourly Time Signal$$ 4.2
13. Fossil men’s Nate quartz stainless steel watch
Black plated stainless steel case$$4.2
14. Suunto core wrist-top computer watch

Operating temperature: -20° C to +60° C / -5° F to +140° F

15. Casio men’s G- Shock quartz resin sport watch

48.5 millimeters resin case with mineral dial window

16. EZON outdoor sports watch with pedometer
164 feet (5ATM/50M) Waterproof.$$4.0
17. Casio men’s G- shock DW5600E-1V
Shock Resistant, 200 Meter Water Resistant$$ 4.0
18. Timex Ironman classic 30
Countdown Timer & Alarm $$3.9
19. KXAITO men’s sports outdoor waterproof military wrist watch

ergonomic, comfortable to wear

20. Fanmis Mens military multifunctional watch

Waterproof: 164 Ft / 50 M water resist


1. Garmin D2 Delta PX

The D2 Delta PX is a premium watch from Garmin under the aviator watch category. The best part of the timepiece is the inclusion of Garmin D2 Delta PXthe GPS with the flight navigation system that helps pilots and flight enthusiasts. The D2 PX is available in three different sizes and accents to keep with the daily requirement.

High flying aviators

The watch features a full-size form factor. It even comes with diamond-like carbon bezel and bracelet style band. The glass is scratch resistant and offers extra durability. It delivers real-time GPS flight system that helps one to provide a reliable situational reference.

Oxygen saturation

The significant addition is the Oxygen sensor. The light beam present on the device helps in calculating the percentage of hemoglobin and display the saturation level. The result depends on several health factors including breathing rate and current activity.

Automatic flight logging

The watch works quickly with automatic flight logging by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone. The watch records the change in altitude as soon as the flight takes off along with total time and route.

Radar overlay

The watch functions wireless with compatible smartphones to keep updated about weather. It is possible to track the meteorological reports and terminal reports that include wind, precipitation, dew point, temperature, barometric pressure, cloud cover, and more. A shortcut key opens the high-resolution map on the screen.

Customizable features

Customization is easy and helps the user to make changes according to the requirement. It includes current GPS, GPS track, distance from airports or waypoints, groundspeed, estimated time to reach a destination, and other parameters. The watch also vibrates when one reaches the destination or goes off course.

Advanced multisport features

Apart from flight features, D2 Delta PX offers fitness, training, and outdoor navigation tools. One can tap into various metrics such as running dynamics, fitness tracking, and more. All these help in monitor workout sessions, heart rate, measure progress and avoid injuries. A few unique preloaded apps are available for running, biking, swimming, rowing, skiing, and golfing.


Whether in the air or participating in an activity, one can always listen to music from the device – thanks to the internal storage memory that can hold up to 500 songs.


  • Diamond-like-carbon finished bezel
  • Oxygen saturation sensor
  • Radar overlay
  • Customizable features
  • Advanced multisport features
  • Stores 500 audio files


  • Altitude sensing is not dependable
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues with several smartphones

2. Withings steel HR sport Smartwatch

This smartwatch by Withings comes in two different colors and is packed with the right set of features. It also has a workout mode and Withings steel HR sport Smartwatchgives you ample option to assess your fitness levels. It comes with a connected GPS feature too which means that it would be your go-to choice to stop getting lost on the roads. If you are looking for a feature filled smartwatch, this one seems to cut the deal.

Smart notifications

The watch offers the best of smart notifications as you can check the details of app notification; call records, text details and even events right from the watch itself. This prevents the need for peeping on your phone every time it buzzes with a new notification alert.

Quick charge

It takes nearly 2 hours for the watch to charge fully and in an hour’s time or so; it shoots up to 80%.  If you use the workout mode, your watch may last for as long as 5 days without charge. Overall, the charging speed and capacity are decent.

Water resistance

The watch comes with a water resistance of up to 50m which is good enough. However, we do not recommend wearing it for the different deep-sea underwater sports activities.

Fitness levels

When using this watch, you will be able to assess the different fitness levels in a meticulous manner. You can check your cardiovascular capacity when you are running based on the V02 max estimation which is a part of this model.

Further, those who want to be sure that they can make the most of their fitness and training would benefit significantly from this watch too. It comes with a heart rate tracking feature that can help the user with in-depth reporting and also overnight HR facility too.


  • Good form factor ‘
  • Easy to set up and sync
  • Great battery backup
  • Decent accuracy offered with heart rate monitoring
  • Easy to track the different notifications
  • The display screen can be customized as per need


  • The band which comes with the watch isn’t too comfortable especially when you are sleeping
  • The watch doesn’t offer any movement reminders

3. Garmin instinct outdoor watch

Garmin is by far one of the popular brands as far as smartwatch wearables are concerned. This one comes in a range of exciting and Garmin instinct outdoor watchvibrant colors and is a feature-rich product offering excellent heart rate monitoring, 3 axis compass and more.

It has been mainly designed to withstand the most rugged of environments and has been constructed as per the US military standards.

Form factor

This Garmin watch scores well on the form factor front. It is shock, water, and thermal resistant. It comes with a fiber reinforced polymer case which aids in the addition of durability and strength. Further, the display is scratch resistant and come with high contrast too.

Easy and efficient monitoring

This watch can monitor a lot of different parameters with remarkable ease. You can estimate the heart rate activity and even the stress on your body all across the day. There are several activity profiles which come preloaded in the watch and these can come in handy for swimming, biking, running and more.

Good GPS feature

Garmin smartwatch is loaded with the best GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite network capability tracks. Not only this, but the watch also comes with a built-in 3 axis compass and a barometric altimeter too.

If you are looking for precision on the road, you can make use of the TracBack feature so as to navigate back to start and see the route traversed.

The software

This watch comes with built-in software and it doesn’t support 3rd party watch faces or even apps that you could otherwise download via the connect IQ. However, despite this bottleneck, the features which are a part of the watch already seem to be good enough for your use.


  • Good battery life and the watch charges up quickly
  • Great tracking details especially for outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • The tracking sensors seem to be accurate
  • The buttons are recessed which prevents any accidental pressing


  • Focuses mainly on the rugged use
  • The LCD display is old school (black and white) and could use some improvement

4. Huwaei watch GT Sport smartwatch

With an AMOLED touch screen measuring 1.39”, this smartwatch by Huwaei is available in two different colors.  The watch comes Huwaei watch GT Sport smartwatchwith the option to constantly monitor the heart rate and is suitable for outdoor use. The readings are precise and the display too seems to be on point.

The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Build and form factor

The watch has been designed to be resilient to scratches and accidents as it comes with a stainless steel shell and DLC coating. The AMOLED screen makes for a great design and overall, the watch is slim and offers an easy and comfortable fit.

Promising battery life

This watch by Huwaei comes with a powerful battery. It makes use of the very first double chipset architecture and this ensures 2-week battery life provided only the heart rate monitor is on.

GPS system

This Huwaei watch comes with the modern GPS integrated into it. There is 3 satellite positioning system which is supported namely GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO. In order to ensure that the details are accurate and even faster which comes with precise positioning too, it makes use of the best trajectory optimization. Most users have complimented the precise GPS and location detailing offered by this smartwatch.

Swimming special

If you love swimming, this watch deserves a special mention. It is 50m water resistant and can not only recognize but also help you improve your strokes. It gives an automated SWOLF score when you complete the swim. However, make sure to remember that the leather rubber strap which comes with the GT classic version is not suited for swimming.

Activity tracking

It comes with Tureen 3.0 which aids in precise heart rate monitoring. For the sleep tracking feature, it makes use of Trustee 2.0 which has been designed in collaboration with Harvard medical school’s CDB center.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Preloaded workout modes seem to be good for use
  • Accurate heart monitoring and sleep detection
  • The user interface is simple and interactive


  • Pairing and unpairing of the watch could be simplified
  • No provision to respond to notification
  • The Bluetooth range could use some improvement too

5. TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch

Those who are on the lookout for a simple watch with no fuss design and limited but useful features should keep an eye out for this TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watchmodel. It features an extra large display face. The watch does come with its share of features but lacks a lot of advancements and detailing found in the competitors’ brands.

Form factor

If you are looking for a really fashionable and stylish watch, this one may be cut for you. The display is pretty large so viewing is great but overall; the watch comes with average to decent looks. It is found in a single color (black).

The features and functions

The heart rate monitor seems to be quite decent and does a good job when it comes to tracking the heart rate. It also shows you the number of calories burned when you are in between a workout. You can check the calorie details in between your mode by bringing up the screen or also study it later based on your preference.

It also tracks the elevation and then graphs it as well which is a great feature to be present in a smartwatch.

GPS accuracy

Like most smartwatches which people use for the GPS, this one too seems to be right on the mark. The readings are accurate and it is very handy for those who are looking for a great GPS enabled wearable.

The TomTom software

The software has been upgraded and it is definitely better and improved than the previous version. You can integrate it directly with MapMyFitness which is great as far as analyzing your workouts are concerned. However, the software in itself seems to be limited as far as feature and functionality are concerned.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Big large display which makes for easy reading
  • Good accuracy with heart rate monitoring


  • The strap seems to be a little bulky and it is neither too stylish nor too comfortable
  • The design isn’t too attractive
  • Lacks advanced features
  • The watch may feel a little clumsy

6. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist smartwatch

Fossil is a brand which needs no introduction. This smartwatch from the powerful brand comes in a lot of different exciting colors. It Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist smartwatchis power packed with a lot of exciting features which makes this smartwatch one of the must buy product in the market. With promising battery life, swim-proof design, great form factor; it stands as one of the popular choices among buyers.

Form factor

The watch scores really high as far as the form factor is concerned. You can personalize the dial and have your own watch faces by choosing the best of your photos from social accounts like Facebook and Instagram. You also have the option of swapping the dials as and when you want. Not only this, this watch has been designed to be swim proof and you can wear it while taking a shower or diving deep in the pool as well.

Easy notifications

This smartwatch makes use of Bluetooth technology for the sake of staying connected to the phone. There is a gentle buzz for every notification and they pop seamlessly which means that the buyers can stay connected even without the need to dive into their phone every moment.

Precise GPS

You do not need to take your phone along when you want to get the GPS navigation. This watch makes use of unmetered GPS for the sake of tracking the distance which you have run. You can also play the music on your watch even without having close proximity to your phone. However, it would only play the stored music via a connected headset.

Heart rate tracking

Whether you are busy learning yoga or running, the watch has been designed to measure your heart rate all across your workout. It does so with meticulous precision and is a great piece for those who are looking to work on their fitness levels.

Additional features

There are several other additional features which the watch offers like using Google Pay, operating with the aid of Google assistant, controlling the music, setting custom goals, changing the different time zones and regulating the alarms and so on.


  • Feature packed smartwatch
  • Good battery life
  • Amazing form factor


  • Lack of call feature
  • Lacks compatibility with Apple music
  • Cannot snooze or dismiss alarms from watch interface

7. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Yet another smartwatch by Garmin which seems to be a popular pick among buyers, this one too seems to be packed with the best Garmin Vivoactive 3kind of promising features. It is available in several different variants and also has built-in sports apps as well.  It further offers the feature of contactless payment solutions which is becoming an increasingly in-demand feature.

Form factor

The phone comes with a smart design and it is free to be used even in adverse weather as it has been designed to be safe for use in turbulent condition. It is also swim proof and you can wear it even while taking a shower. Corning Gorilla glass has been used to give it extra durability and strength.

Sports app

This watch is mainly catered towards sports freaks as it comes with 15 preloaded sports app. You also have apes for running yoga and swimming which means that it is a great wearable for those who are looking to stick to their fitness goals with the right level of seriousness.

Fitness support

It is integrated with VO2 max and fitness made support. The heart rate monitoring is quite accurate and you can also track the way you handle different stress levels as well.


The watch seamlessly connects to your mobile and will give you easy notifications on the watch face. Not only this, the data can easily be uploaded to Garmin connect and you can also integrate it with Live Track and more.


The battery life too seems to be promising as it lasts for 7 days in the smartwatch mode. If you put the watch in the GPS mode, it can last for as long as 13 hours.


  • The customizable watch face and attractive form factor
  • Swim-proof and can also be used in adverse weather
  • Offers contactless payment solution
  • Preloaded sports app for improved fitness results


  • Lacks built-in music player
  • Cannot pick calls on the go
  • Not all credit cards can be linked on Garmin pay

8. TomTom multi-sports GPS watch

For those who love to cycle, swim and even go on long runs; this is the perfect accessory to have on the go. It gives you the required TomTom multi-sports GPS watchmetrics at a glance and comes with good accurate measurement to keep you motivated in achieving your running goals.

Form factor

Like most of the TomTom watches; the form factor isn’t really attractive. However, it is ideal for those who are looking for a large display to easily pick the readings. The screen comes with a high resolution and high contrast display which further enhances the ease of viewing.


The watch connects to the sensors with the help of the wireless technology. You can have all the notifications on the go and seamlessly on the watch.

Easy navigation

You can navigate through the menu with reliable ease as this watch runs with intuitive one-button control. Operating this watch seems to be a piece of cake.

The graphical training partner

This watch comes with integrated support of TomTom graphical training partner which can help you monitor and assess your training goals and tune them further to achieve the right success and results with relatable ease.

Good battery life

This model comes with a good and decent battery life as in the GPS mode it could run for 10 hours straight.

Extra features

It does come with a lot of extra features which include the altimeter, swim sensor, speed sender, indoor tracker, quick GPS fix technology and a whole lot more. The cardio feature and the heart rate monitoring too seem to be good enough.


  • Feature-rich wearable
  • Promising accuracy during workouts
  • Simple and easy to use interface


  • Extra large watch display
  • Lacks open water capability
  • The watch software could use some major improvements

9. Garmin forerunner 235

One of the prime leaders in the field of smart wearable, Garmin has come up with yet another winning smartwatch which has Garmin forerunner 235managed to hit the right chords with the buyers. Available in a single color, this watch comes in different styles and configuration thereby giving the buyers plenty of options to pick from.

Display and form factor

The watch has a sporty look but it looks attractive and catchy. It has a 44% larger screen than the predecessor and the display is quite decent too.

Heart rate monitoring

It makes use of the wrist-based heart rate sensor which is Garmin’s own technology and this helps it in tracking the heart rate 24/7 which means that the average reading is quite accurate.

Smart notifications

The watch can show emails, social media alert, calls, and other smart notifications as it connects seamlessly to your phone sans hassles.

Advanced features

It makes use of VO2 max estimate which helps you in assessing the maximum volume of oxygen which you can use during any activity. It is a great way of analyzing your workout and using it for the best benefits.

It also has the option of showing the current weather condition and forecast by making use of the wireless connectivity of the app.

Activity tracking

It helps in keeping track of calories burned; distance traversed through the course of the day and even counts your steps. It is a great tool for knowing the net progress made on the day.

Not only this, but you can also automatically upload the data to Garmin connect and thereby analyze it with much more minute precision and study it later too.


  • Comes with the provision to customize the watch faces
  • Supports downloading of different applications from connect IQ
  • Good battery life
  • Seamless support of notifications and alert


  • The strap is made lo silicone which might not be comfortable for all
  • Wrist-based HRM might not be very reliable as reported by a few users

10. TomTom Runner GPS watch

Another new variant by TomTom, this watch does a lot of great things. It is packed with several features together and it is mainly TomTom Runner GPS watchdesigned for runners. With a waterproof design and an extra large display, it surely wins among the buyers.

Form factor

The watch comes with an extra large display like most of the TomTom watches. The resolution and contrast are high enough to offer good visibility. It prides itself on the ultra-slim design and is really lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear. Further, the watch has been designed to be scratch resistant and is impact resistant too.

GPS technology

It makes use of quick GPS Fix. This ensures that you can easily find your precise location which will help you get started with the run.  Most users have reported the accuracy of GPS to be decent enough.

Training and challenges

You can race, challenge and pace yourself while using this variant by TomTom. You can compare the current run with the previous performances using the real-time analysis offered by this model. Further, you can set your calorie or distance goal and challenge yourself. Ultimately, there is the option to pace yourself too but you will need to connect the heart rate monitor via Bluetooth technology separately.

Ease of use

The watch is really easy to use and it features a single button control. You can operate it with remarkable ease and tap the different features simply by the push of a button. The watch also sends vibration alerts from time to time to keep you on track with the different progress results.


  • Compatible on several online community platforms thereby helping you store your data with ease
  • Good large display for easy viewing
  • Comes with the provision for indoor tracking too
  • GPS mostly accurate


  • There is no built-in heart rate monitor and you will have to connect the accessory separately
  • Disappointing battery life

11. Garmin forerunner 35

One of the handy and easy to use watches, this one too seems to be packed with the best kind of features a runner would need. It has Garmin forerunner 35good design and comes in several exciting and vibrant colors as well. With an updated resolution and better display, this watch is surely emerging as the new popular choice.

Form factor and design

With good size and attractive design, the display has been updated to keep in touch with the new modern standards. It features high resolution which is apt for both indoor and outdoor viewing. It comes with a water rating of 5 ATM.

Smart connectivity

The watch comes with the option for auto uploads, smart notifications, live track, automatic software updates, and even music controls as well. It is also compatible with Garmin Connect mobile which means you could analyze the data and do a whole lot more.

GPS accuracy and HRM

The watch has a built-in GPS which helps it in quick acquiring of satellites. This ensures easy and rapid tracking even when the run is taken amidst a canopy of trees.

Along with this, it also has the option of 24/7 heart rate monitoring and you do not need any additional strap even if you wear the watch at night and sleep for the sake of monitoring the heart rate.

Running metrics

You can have several details of your running trek preprogrammed right into your phone. From knowing the distance to calories, pace, and a lot of other metrics; you will be able to put in the right kind of fitness and training in place.

You can make use of interval programming and even virtual pacing to make the most of your fitness goals and challenge yourself to either achieve the goal or even do better!


  • Built-in GPs and HRM
  • Easily uploads data automatically to Garmin connect
  • The watch has the provision of all-day activity tracking
  • It comes with the wrist-based heart rate technology


  • No connect IQ support
  • Lacks color display
  • The watch takes time to catch up to your pace change

12. Casio Men’s G-Shock classic

A simplistic watch which has the “rugged men” look etched to it, this one is a clear winner among too any buyers. It is hailed by manyCasio Men’s G-Shock classic as one of Casio’s simplest and affordable entry in the smartwatch category. It has immaculate and very minute precision and is packed with a flurry of features. However, it lacks the features offered by other smartwatches and doesn’t count calories and tracks miles and more.

Form factor

With both rugged and casual look, it comes with a segmented resin band, the watch has been designed to be water resistant, shock resistant, and has an anti-magnetic design too. There is a sharp and striking shock logo on the bezel and the dial too features minute detailing. One can look at the chronograph, dual time display, luminosity, shock resistance, and the stopwatch on the display panel.

It is also water resistant up to 660 feet and thereby can also be used for scuba diving too.


The watch has been designed to be versatile. It can be used in adverse conditions and does require any kind of maintenance whatsoever.

Training and tracking

It is designed to be the simplest of G shock watches and thereby lacks any kind of training and tracking feature. There is no heart rate monitor or even GPS tracking, you can, however, set the time and choose a time zone. However, it doesn’t have any countdown timer or auto EL.


  • Simple and minimal design
  • Meant for rough use


  • The display isn’t great in a dimly lit environment
  • Lacks the feature of a smartwatch like tracking fitness, counting calories and more
  • Setting the time could be a headache
  • The afterglow feature is pretty useless as it glows only for a short period of time and takes hours to get charged again

13. Fossil men’s Nate quartz stainless steel watch

Available in two different colors, this watch by Fossil ranks really high as far as the style and fashion rating is concerned. It is classy Fossil men’s Nate quartz stainless steel watchand has a sophisticated look which makes it a hit among fashion-savvy buyers.  There is a lot of detailing on the surface of the watch which gives it a powerful look. It is suited for the shower and recreational swimming but not meant to be worn during deep sea diving.


The company makes it a point to use the best quality of leather which is known to be soft and is suited for long time wear. It also has a feel-good factor and looks great as well.

The stopwatch functionality

This is a multi-function watch and it has one of the best stopwatch functionality. The chronograph setting is so done that it can be separated into the sub-categories which are for the hours, minutes and seconds.

Water resistance

This watch comes with a water resistance of 100M which makes it suitable for activities like bathing, swimming, and even snorkeling. However, you are not recommended to wear it for deep sea activities like scuba diving and more.

Customize on the go

For those who want to make their watch much more personalized or even give it a makeover from time to time, they can easily change the straps without any fuss. There are several straps that are available and one can shuffle it by simply using the quick release pins.


  • A great masculine design which looks cool and stylish
  • Easy customization options as you can change straps quickly
  • Remarkable precision for the stopwatch


  • Doesn’t glow well in the dark which makes it tough to see the time
  • The watch may be a little too clumsy for people with average sized hands and wrist

14. Suunto core wrist-top computer watch

Available in a single color, this watch has a sturdy and masculine design and seems to have a feature-rich dial. It comes with an Suunto core wrist-top computer watchaltimeter which helps in tracking the vertical movement and also has a compass for showing you the right direction. It comes with several additional features which can be very helpful for watch users. The watch also has a water resistance of 100 feet and it works in the temperature range of -5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Altimeter watch

This is mainly designed to be an altimeter watch and even when you happen to stand near a bridge or maybe a creek, it will alert you with respect to your elevation. The detailing and precision are quite good. The built-in altimeter which comes with the watch helps in displaying the current elevation and it will also give you the details of how much you have climbed or even descended. These data can be crucial for studying the specifics of your trek.

Storm alarm

The watch comes with an intelligent storm alarm which has been appreciated by many. It helps in sensing the adversity in the environment as it can notify you about the approaching squall or every time there is a drop in air pressure, the system goes into action. This is a great way to know the weather and be updated regarding it.

Even the barometer helps in predicting the alteration in weather with good accuracy.

Additional function

There are several other additional functions which include dual times, date display, alarm, sunrise and sunset prediction times, depth meter for accurate water depth readings. It also has support for several languages. The stopwatch feature is impressive and the countdown timer too seems to be a good option. There is temperature compensation, bearing tracking, guided calibration, log graph, logbook function and more.


  • Great storm prediction system
  • Works in adverse environment conditions
  • Packed with several features
  • Accurate compass


  • Poor battery life
  • The strap could have been better

15. Casio men’s G- Shock quartz resin sport watch

This watch from Casio’s G-Shock range comes with an electro-luminescent backlight and has the shock resistant feature too. Further, Casio men’s G- Shock quartz resin sport watchit has several other features including the likes of precise stopwatch, alarms, auto calendars, and more.

Form factor

This watch has been designed to be shock resistant and has a sturdy and versatile look. It is available in a single color and has a rugged look. It is versatile and has been designed even for rough use. The dial is made from mineral crystal, and it comes with the eclectic luminescent backlight with the afterglow too.

The watch is also water resistant with a rating of 200 meters.

Alarms and stopwatch

The watch comes with a stopwatch that has the precision to measure 1/100 second. At the same time, there is also the feature of countdown alarm too. One can set daily alarms, set hourly time signals, change the time format from 12 hours to 24 hours or use the auto calendar thing to ensure that the days are never wrong in the watch. You also have the option of turning the auto repeat function on as far as the alarms are concerned.

The band

The band is made from resin and has a length of 9 inches. It comes with a buckle clasp and it is mostly comfortable to wear and most users didn’t report any glitches or discomfort with its use.


  • Good battery life
  • Sturdy mineral crystal on the dial that prevents scratches
  • The backlit display seems to work smoothly
  • Precise working of the stopwatch
  • Can handle all kinds of weather


  • Original bands might be too short for people with moderately large hands
  • The side buttons seem to be a bit unruly
  • The design could use some improvement to make it more stylish

16. EZON outdoor sports watch with pedometer

If you are looking for a watch to help you with your running efforts and to give you amazing accuracy as far as counting steps and EZON outdoor sports watch with pedometerdistance is concerned, this might be one of the finest choices for you. It comes with a great built-in pedometer which helps you keep track of the steps taken.

Form factor

This watch has been designed to look attractive and fashionable. The best and high quality of materials is used for designing the watch. The watch strap is made of special silicon and it is flexible and soft as well.

It has a water resistance of 5 ATM/50 meter. This means that you do not need to bother about opening the watch while taking a shower or when you head for swimming. Another great thing is that you do not need to charge this watch as the built-in CR2032 bottom means that it offers 22 months of standby. You can simply replace it when it runs out.


The watch is feature packed and we are going to discuss some of the different functions which you can enjoy if you choose to buy this watch. From counting the calories to keeping track of the BMI index, using the calendar, setting an alarm, checking the exercise records for the past week and many more; you can enjoy all of these. The stopwatch and pedometer are definitely two of the top promising features.

Data handling

This smartwatch is equipped with the provision to record the data of how long do you exercise, calculate the details, keep an eye out for the calories consumed and even measure the speed and distance as well. You also have the option of making the different adjustments to the readings to ensure that the overall data analysis ends up being much more accurate, specific and useful as well.


  • No need to charge the battery often
  • Great pedometer function
  • Data storage and analysis is a great feature


  • Data can only be stored for a maximum of 10 days
  • It cannot track pace per mile. It simply tracks the steps per day
  • Side buttons tend to be pushed accidentally

17. Casio men’s G- shock DW5600E-1V

For those who are looking for a powerful and versatile rugged watch, this G-shock version seems to be cut right for it. The watch Casio men’s G- shock DW5600E-1Vdoesn’t seem very great as far as style and fashion are concerned, but it is apt for all those geeky fitness sports lovers who are looking for something too sporty and rugged for their everyday wear.

Form factor

The watch has a large display and is large in its size too. It is shock resistant and also has 200-meter water resistance too. It comes with EL backlight and also has the afterglow too. This makes for easy and enhanced display even in low light or darkly lit rooms.

The dial window is made of mineral and is therefore robust and versatile and is likely to last long even with minimal maintenance. The band arterial is made of resin and the length is 9 inches.

Alarms and stopwatch

The watch comes with a multi-function alarm and setting the date and time isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. The alarm also has an auto-repeat function and you can set the hourly time signal. You also have the option of using the auto calendar and there is a countdown timer too.

The stopwatch is accurate and it can measure 1/100th of a second.

Changing details

When you are looking to alter the time and set it, the instructions are simple. However, you need to understand the timekeeping mode and the easy controls to be used for reflecting the change. It is important to note that the navigation buttons have been purposely designed in a way that you will have to push harder to evoke the movement.


  • Great stopwatch accuracy
  • Variety with alarm options
  • Sturdy watch design
  • Great backlit display
  • Likely to last long with minimal maintenance


  • Side buttons need to be pushed hard to evoke movement
  • The design isn’t very stylish as it is meant for rough and robust use

18. Timex Ironman classic 30

Available in a wide array of different colors, the Timex Ironman Classic 30 flaunts the best iconic design. It has a resin strap which Timex Ironman classic 30comes with buckle closure. The watch has several features and it has a sporty look. There are buttons on the very top face which gives it a masculine look. It isn’t that great on the style and fashion rating though.

Form factor

It has been designed to be lightweight so it is easy and comfortable to wear. It has the iconic five bottom design which gives it a neat and sporty look. At the same time, it is sealed for water resistance and it has the Indiglo night light as well. It comes with a large display which makes it easy to read and operate.

There are three variants of this model, namely classic 30, 50 and 100 with classic 100 being with the highest set of features.

Easy access buttons

Like we mentioned, the watch has the iconic five button designs. So, it offers you direct access to the different timers and alarms and thereby setting the alarm or turning it off is all easy and within the reach of the flick of your fingers.

Feature rich

You have the provision to set up to 2 time-zones in the watch and you can set as many as 15 occasions reminders. It has a 100-hour chronograph with 99 lap counter. Along with this, one can also opt for laps and total time as well.

Customizing option

You can set as many as 3 customizable alarms and there is an option for daily and weekly options too. You can also set 5-minute backup. For the ironman classic 100 version, you can set 5 such alarms. There is also the option to set 24-hour countdown timer which can repeat a sum total of 99 times.


  • Large display for easy viewing
  • Quick and easy access buttons for controlling alarm and more
  • Easy to operate
  • Ability to set the dual time zone


  • The band may get deteriorated quite easily
  • The dial could use some refinement

19. KXAITO men’s sports outdoor waterproof military wrist watch

Available in an endless variety of different colors and variants, this watch looks stylish and extremely masculine and is a powerful KXAITO men’s sports outdoor waterproof military wrist watchgear. With its clear cutting edge design, it is likely to win over too many people simply for its macho looks. The band design too is made ergonomic to ensure that users can wear it easily and for long hours as well.

The form factor

The watch comes with a glass mirror which is scratch and wear resistant. It exhibits high hardness quality. The band too has a reinforced resin look which adds to the comfort factor while wearing it. The watch face is key scratch resistant as well and it is also designed to be shock resistant thereby making it suitable for indoor and outdoor wear too.


The display is large enough to facilitate easy reading. It comes with LED backlight which is a great way to ensure easy reading even during the dimly lit conditions.  The watch is also water resistant up to 5 ATM which means that you can swim while wearing it.

Calendar and alarm

The watch has the dual timing display window and it gives you the option to set alarms and even check out the calendar. The movement is multifunctional quartz which means that you are not going to be bothered as far as the accuracy of the reading is concerned.

You can choose between 12 hours and 24-hour time zone section and it also has the stopwatch option incorporated in it too.


  • Great style and design
  • Precise quartz movement
  • Large display for easy reading
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof


  • There is a compass design but it doesn’t seem to work
  • Size can be a bit too clumsy for regular use

20. Fanmis Mens military multifunctional watch

Yet another sports watch which comes with several buttons and tons of functions, this is a high-end watch which seems to be popular Fanmis Mens military multifunctional watchamong those who are looking for a specific something that comes with advanced feature and functions.

Form factor

The watch has an excellent sporty design and it has solid stainless steel back cover. It has 7 colors led backlight and comes along with comfort band strap as well. It is designed to be 50m waterproof and can be worn while taking a shower or even swimming. The backlight offered enhances the viewing capability even in the dimly lit environment. It is designed to be shock resistant making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Alarm and calendar

You can set your alarm in this watch and it has the date and week display. There are colorful light functions and you also have the stopwatch in it which is quite precise. The movement is controlled by Japanese quartz and it runs in both the 12 and 24-hour format.

In order to offer precise and very accurate timekeeping, the watch makes use of imported digital electronic movement.


The band material is great and the dual window material is acrylic. This means that you should be a little careful while using it as acrylic may get some scratches if not maintained well. The band is 24mm thick and offers the right eases of use and comfort.


  • Stylish design
  • The great accuracy of movement
  • Stylish backlit display


  • There is a compass window given but it is for decoration purpose only
  • Not suitable for deep sea activities
  • The dial is prone to scratches over a period of time

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