Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2022 – Complete Guide

`Most of us tend to be hooked to buying sunglasses. When you intend to do so too, you need to understand the Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2022 - Complete Guidereasons as to why you are buying it. If you are looking for the best sunglasses for tennis, the selection criteria and specification is a whole lot different.

Here, we are going to familiarize you with a befitting buying guide for sunglasses for tennis. When you know the features to look out for, the points to check and the top picks, your decision would be better and easier to take as well.

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Why should you buy sunglasses for tennis?

If you are wondering as to what are the key reasons which cement the need to buy sunglasses, here are some of them.

UV Protection Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019

We are all aware of how harmful the sun’s radiation can truly be. It is known to cause skin cancer, cataract, and other problems as well. This is why choosing to wear sunglasses especially when you are playing outdoor sports is a great way to protect your eyes.

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The harmful end of the solar spectrum

In the solar spectrum, you should try and steer away from long term exposure to the violet and blue range of the light. This is known to enhance the rate of muscular degradation. By choosing to wear sunglasses, you can shield the eyes from the harmful end of the solar spectrum and thereby enhance their smooth functioning.

Better vision

When the sun is overhead and the rays of light seem to be too strong to help you see properly, most of end up squinting our eyes. This too is likely to lead to headaches in the long run. By choosing to wear sunglasses, you can shield the strong sunlight and see clearly via the tinted or colored glasses.

Dust and debris Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019

Finally, wearing sunglasses end up saving your eyes from the dust and debris which is likely to be scattered everywhere. There is no doubt that with the rising levels of air pollution, we are getting more and more exposed to dust and dirt. Using sunglasses prevents us from getting directly exposed to dust and dirt.

What to look for while buying sunglasses for tennis?

Now, let us take a look at the top factors and features which you should keep an eye out for when you are looking to buy sunglasses for tennis.

UV Protection

This is the foremost reason which contributes to the buying decision. So, essentially when you are looking to buy one, you need to see what kind of protection the sunglasses can offer.

UV rays can be broadly categorized as UVA rays and UVB rays.

  • UVB rays are much more intense and are mostly responsible for sunburns, and even cancer. They are also dangerous for the eyes.
  • The UVA rays, on the other hand, contribute to about 95% of the total radiation. They aren’t as intense but they too can lead to skin cancer.

So, when you are looking to buy sunglasses, you should choose the ones that offer you both UVA an UVB protection. The lenses should be so designed that they can reflect these harmful rays rather than simply blocking them.Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019

The material of the frame

Of course, the kind of frame you choose assumes gargantuan importance too.  There are several different options which you will get; ranging from plastic to metal, titanium, polycarbonate, nylon, acetate and more.

You need to understand which one is best suited for your use and make the right choice accordingly.

  • Plastic is best preferred by those who need something that is likely to last long and is light in weight.
  • Acetate is similar to plastic but much stronger and flexible.
  • Similarly, metal too is popular owing to its property of being resistant to corrosion, but they tend to be on the heavier side.
  • Titanium is used for premium glasses and would be scratch resistant but they are likely to be expensive.

So, weigh the different options and choose the one that suits you best.

Lens type Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019

The lens material too offers you a whopping variety and this is why you need to know what you are getting into.

Some of the different kinds of lens material are as follows

  • Optical glass: These are polished lenses which offer the best kind of distortion-free vision. They also help in offering glare reduction.
  • NXT polyurethane: These fall in the premium segment and mix the best of optical glass and polycarbonates. They are usually very expensive but their top quality is lightweight nature. The kind of optical clarity which you can get is brilliant too.
  • Acrylic lenses: This is by far the cheapest option and the optical clarity offered isn’t too impressive either. It is meant for casual use only.
  • Polycarbonate: This is usually the preferred choice for tennis players and any other outdoor sports gamers. The glasses tend to be resistant to scratches and shock and also coTop 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019me with anti-fog nature too. Further, the optical clarity you will get is going to be great too.

So, check out the variety, find the best size, the right fit and of course, the sunglass which seems to be at par with your style sense and then choose the best design.

The benefits of wearing sunglasses for tennis

If you are still wondering whether or not you should be wearing sunglasses while playing tennis, here are some of the reasons to convince you to do so.

  • Protect your eyes: There is no doubt that we all want to protect our eyes and do not want to turn blind anytime soon. By choosing to ward off the unwanted end of the spectrum, you can prolong the good health of your eyes.
  • Better clarity: With some of the sunglasses tailored exclusively for tennis, you might actually be able to enjoy much better clarity which will help you spot the tennis ball with improved accuracy.
  • Fashion sense: There is no doubt about the fact that sunglasses have become a style icon and so if you too want to improve your fashion sense and styling, buying a pair of stylish sunglasses might be the right thing to do.
  • Polarized power: If you choose to wear polarized glasses, you may succeed in completTop 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2019ely blocking the light. This will help you reduce the strain which would otherwise occur on your eyes and also help you get clarity of image and optimal protection in the sun. Some of them are also photochromatic which means that they adjust as per the outside light levels.

So, there are endless befits as to why wearing sunglasses while playing tennis seems like a good thing to do. Now, that you are aware of the specifics, we should shift our focus on what are the top variants, the features they offer and thereby analyze the best choices we have as far as spotting the right pair of sunglasses is concerned.

Of course, you will eventually have to make a balanced trade-off between quality and price. The key always is to make an informed and justified choice.

Top 15 Best Sunglasses For Tennis in 2022





1. Oakley Half Jacket XL Polarized Sunglasses

100% UV protection coating

2. Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses
Lens width: 62 millimeters$$4.8
3. Smith Optics Approach Max Sunglasses
9 Base Lens Curvature$$ 4.7
4. Oakley Men’s Jupiter Polarized Square Sunglasses
Plastic frame$$$4.6
5. Underarmour Zone 2.0 Sunglasses
6. Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses
Lens width: 38 millimeters$$$4.5
7. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses
Non-Polarized$$ 4.5
8. Tifosi Golf- Veloce Unisex Sunglasses
Grilamid TR-90 frame$$4.5
9. Nike Skylon Ace Sunglasses
1 Year Warranty$$4.4
10. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses
Flash mirror Coating$$4.3
11. Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra Polarized Sunglasses
Lens width: 61 millimeters$$$4.2
12. Nike Eyewear Unisex Adult Skylon Ace Sunglasses
Durable, high tension hinges$$ 4.1
13. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses
leg length:140mm(5.51 inches)$$4.0
14. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

100% UV protection coating

15. Tourna Specs Blue Tint Sunglass
Good optical clarity$$3.9

1. Oakley Half Jacket XL Polarized Sunglasses

Hailed to be one of the best selling models of 2019, this sunglass is made from polycarbonate and come with the composite Oakley Half Jacket XL Polarized Sunglassesframe and composite lens. It ranks very high as far as the style rating is concerned. At the same time, it will help you enjoy better comfort and performance with the right kind of clarity as well. The main aim is to completely wrap your vision in the best kind of clarity giving you high definition optical clarity which can aid in better focusing on the tennis ball.

Form factor

The frame material is stress resistant and made of O Matter. It is durable and is likely to last even with rough use. It also has several unobtanium components which help in increasing the grip when you are sweating profusely. The accents are made of metal.

The lens

This model of tennis sunglass comes with interchangeable lens design which means that if you so desire, you may take out the polarized one and use a different colored lens along with it. Further, it is made from true Plutonite which means that these glasses can completely filter out the UV rays and thereby protects the eyes in the best possible way.

The fitting

This sunglass by Oakley is definitely a clear winner as far as the fitting is concerned. It has a small design and the arms are well sculpted. This infers that the placement of the sunglass and the way it sits behind the ears is spot on and perfect.  However, those who have a wider face may find it a little difficult to use this sunglass. It might not sit well on the nose and can be little unruly.

High definition optics

This sunglass by Oakley makes use of high definition optics. The HDO is mainly a blend of several modern day technologies and different patented innovation to ensure that you can have a sharper and much more accurate vision.  Further, it has been seen that this sunglass filters 100% of UVA, UVB and even UVC rays as well. It also cuts down the blue light up to 400 nm.


  • Composite frames and lenses
  • Best quality of polarized lenses which completely blocks UV rays
  • Great form factor
  • Requires less maintenance and sustains rough use


  • The interchangeable lens feature is likely to be redundant
  • There is scope for improvement in polarization
  • Not well suited for people with wider faces

2. Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

Yet another popular choice when it comes to sunglasses for tennis, this one comes in a lot of different frame color. Not only this,Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses even when you take a look at the variety when it comes to the lens color, you are surely going to be impressed. The frame is top notch, composite and non-polarized. No doubt, the style rating of this glass seems to be impeccable and it helps in revving the fashion sense a great deal too.

Form factor

These sunglasses have been military inspired and come with the best kind of impact resistance as well. They adhere to the most stringent impact requirements and come guaranteed with high mass and high-velocity impact protection. The frames too come in several colors and they have been designed to offer the highest strength and durability levels.

UV Protection

The glasses have been designed to cut through the glare and give you a good and clear vision. It helps in cutting down the eye fatigue without leading to any distortion in color. Further, it comes with 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC ray protection coating.

Clarity and vision

This sunglass makes use of the advanced lens technology so as to make sure that the optical clarity offered is really precise and on point.  It makes use of thoroughly and meticulously engineered polycarbonate lens. The kind of image which you will see is definitely going to be the very best.

Grip and fitting

It comes with an auto grip which means that it can auto adjust without the need for any pressure points. Further, this sunglass also comes with a multi-position nose pad which can be customized as per the desired fit and comfort. This means that you can have the sunglasses tailored as per your face size and style.


  • Good glare reduction
  • Ample variety for frame and lens color
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good quality of the frame
  • Light in weight and hence comfortable to wear even for a long duration


  • The nose pad could use some improvement
  • Absence of polarized glasses

3. Smith Optics Approach Max Sunglasses

Another great option as far as sunglasses are concerned, this one too seems to boast of massive variety in its offered selection. Smith Optics Approach Max SunglassesOne can find the frames in several colors ranging from green to black to tortoise as well. Not only this, even when we are talking about the lens, the color options are quite massive as one can choose from brown to gray and even green as well.

Form factor

This model of sunglass looks decent and has a modest fit.  It is ideally suited for medium to large coverage and comes with TR 90 frame material which isn’t bad at all. If you are looking for something loud, quirky and funky; you can opt for the green colored frame but it tends to be too loud mostly.

Fit and design

This sunglass comes with 2 position adjustable nose pads. This gives it a better grip and makes it easy to wear, even for different face types. You also have the hydrophilic nose and the temple pads too which together help in offering the best kind of fit one could ask for.

Optical clarity

The clarity offered is quite decent. The polarized platinum lenses are actually mirrored on the outer surface. This means that they do give you a very good view and at the same time, your eyes would be visible even when you are wearing it. As the size is large, the lenses offer quite a good amount of coverage and even when it comes to the peripheral field, you will be able to enjoy a good vision altogether.

They do lack the photochromatic adaptation but in the end, they offer you a decent view in comparison to the price charged.


  • Adjustable nose piece seems to be a handy feature
  • They come with the option of changing the lenses
  • Comes in several different colors
  • Good peripheral vision as well


  • The frame material seems to be a little cheap
  • Lacks photochromatic lenses
  • Changing lens could be difficult for novices

4. Oakley Men’s Jupiter Polarized Square Sunglasses

Oakley is without a doubt one of the most preferred brands when it comes to sunglasses. They have several entries in this Oakley Men’s Jupiter Polarized Square Sunglassescategory and the Jupiter polarized square sunglasses looks like one of the popular and trending choices. They are available in different lens colors and you can pick the one which seems to suit your preference the best. It is a plastic frame and comes with a 100% UV coating.

Form factor

Those of you who are on the lookout for the best kind of stylish glasses should definitely check this model out. Despite having a plastic frame and plastic lens, these sunglasses stand very high as far as the style rating is concerned. They have a neat and polished look and are 2 inches high and 3 inches wide. It has been designed for all day use.

Optical clarity

The lens offered in this model is prism polarized. This means that you will be able to block the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and get a great view as well. The UV coating blocks the unwanted end of the spectrum. Overall, the clarity and vision which you can get while wearing this sunglass seem to be pretty decent.

The grip and fitting

While they lack any kind of nose pads this sunglass definitely comes with temple pads which are made from unobtanium. The handles of this frame are known to be inspired by switch knives and they do offer the right kind of grip and support. Owing to their lightweight nature, they are very easy to handle and carry all day long.

Ease of use

The glasses have been designed to be scratch and impact resistant. As they are made of plastic, we do not suggest you to be overly rough with your use. However, they do seem to have a great build and can be worn for different activities like biking, riding, tennis, boating and so on.


  • Light in weight
  • Polarized lens
  • Good clarity


  • Made of plastic hence isn’t too durable
  • Lacks nose pad

5. Underarmour Zone 2.0 Sunglasses

Yet another choice from Under Armour, this sunglass too comes in several color options; both for the frames and the lenses as Underarmour Zone 2.0 Sunglasseswell. Both the frame and the lens are made from plastic and while it is a decent choice, you should not be expecting a great deal from these glasses either. They look decent and come with a protective coating.

Form factor

A stylish piece, this frame is light in weight as it is made of plastic. There are several different lens options when it comes to color and the yellow lens are apt for dim light while you can use any other color for the bright light.

The lens

The lenses used in this sunglass are actually mirrored and have multi-reflection property. Whenever the sunlight is strong and intense, the light transmission is lowered and you will be able to enjoy an extra layer of protection. Further, it is polarized which helps in cutting down the glare. This, in turn, gives you a precise vision and you can see the sharpness of the image.

They offer complete protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation and thereby offer the right level of protection to your eyes.

Fitting and design

Like most of the UA glasses, this one too comes with the right kind of auto grip. This means that it has been engineered to fit on your face regardless of the face cut and type you have. They have been made to be ultra light, stable and be comfortable even for all-day wear.

Further, they come with adjustable nose pads as well which can give you the best custom fit as per your requirement.

Optical clarity

The armour sight lenses are so designed that they can give you the best enhanced peripheral vision as well. There is no reported image displacement and they are likely to be 10x times stronger than the regular polycarbonate lenses.


  • Light in weight
  • Polarized glasses to cut down glare
  • Good optical clarity


  • Frame material made of plastic
  • This model seems to be fragile

6. Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses

When we have talked of tennis sunglasses or even sunglasses in general, there is no way we can miss out on Oakley. It is the Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglassesbrand which needs no prior introduction. The undisputable leader in the field of sunglasses; this model is yet another non-polarized edition that seems to be doing the trick for the buyers. It has a composite frame and lens and offers good viewing clarity. They come with a great hard case and a soft bag too. You should handle them with care as the lens isn’t scratch or impact resistant.

Form factor

This sunglass has been designed to offer you great form factor. It is stylish and has a sleek and modern design. It comes in two different lens color namely prism golf and state iridium. The overall fitting is smooth but you need to know that the lenses aren’t scratch free so you should be gentle with your use.


This model comes with a non-polarized lens but they still offer you good vision. They have been designed in a way that it can fine-tune your vision to help you view the surrounding elements with a good level of depth and clarity. You do have the option of purchasing the polarized lens separately if you will like to further cut off the glare and get even better vision.

Great for outdoor use

No matter whether you are going out for cycling, trekking, or even biking, this sunglass seems to be a perfect company. They will help you shield the intense sun rays and at the same time, give you a great optical performance to aid in proper vision.


  • The lenses are really easy to change
  • You can buy the polarized lens separately
  • Light in weight


  • The lens is prone to scratches
  • The frame size can be a little small in comparison
  • Some users complained of improper peripheral vision

7. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

If you are on the lookout for the kind of sunglass which appears to have a slightly premium finish, we definitely recommend Tifosi Jet Sunglasseschecking out Tifosi Jet sunglasses. They have been designed to be fashionably forward and offer you a really cool look. They come in several color combination of frame and lenses and you can choose whatever combination you deem fit for your personal use.

Form factor and design

Tifosi has come up with this sporty and aggressive design which mainly caters to athletes who want to be at the top of their fashion game too. They tend not to slide around even in sweaty conditions. They are made using the Grilamid TR-90 nylon material which infers that the frame is amazingly light and at the same time durable.

Ease of use

It is both chemical and heat resistant and will be able to offer you complete UV protection. The sunglass has been designed for all day long use and is really comfortable to wear. They also come with soft nose pieces for additional grip and stability. The nose piece is mainly hydrophilic rubber which helps in offering a custom fit.

Further, there is also a hinge which helps in ensuring that your sunglass won’t slip off even when you are thrusting your body forward while playing a shot of tennis or when you are out in the woods riding your bicycle.

Optical Clarity

The lens used is polycarbonate and comes with a 100% UV coating. They are non-polarized but will shield your eyes from any of the unwanted radiation and at the same time, give you amazingly great vision.

Overall, the performance of this model by Tifosi seems to be on point.


  • A great stylish piece of sunglasses
  • Light in weight and likely to be durable
  • Shatterproof and scratchproof surface
  • 100% UV protection coating


  • It is non-polarized
  • It lacks the photochromatic effect and won’t actively adjust in varying light conditions
  • The lenses can’t be interchanged with other models by Tifosi

8. Tifosi Golf- Veloce Unisex Sunglasses

Those of you looking to own a stylish piece of sunglass should definitely keep an eye out for this pair of sunglasses. Made by Tifosi Golf- Veloce Unisex SunglassesTifosi, they look really fashionable and come with some stylish specification as well. They are available in a single color that is matt black but there are three different options for lens color namely green, smoke, and purple as well. They come with the right kind of optical clarity and are a great choice to wear when playing tennis.

Form factor

The frame is made of plastic and is therefore light in weight. It does come with 100% UV protection coating. The frames are actually made from Grilamid TR-90 nylon material and thereby they are most likely to be durable too. The material of the frame also makes it chemical and heat resistant too. Designed to be used all around the day, they can be worn during any sports or outdoor activities.

Fitting and design 

The frame comes with hydrophilic ear pads which are made of rubber. This is a great feature because it allows the sunglass to stay put regardless of the type of face thereby giving a great custom fit.

It also has an adjustable nose piece as well which too is made from hydrophilic rubber. This enhances the grip more so when you are sweating profusely.

The lens

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and offer great optical clarity. Tifosi makes it a point to bend their lens as it helps in preventing the fogging which may otherwise occur.  Further, the makers made sure to eliminate any possibility of image distortion and also undesired magnification as well. This has resulted in great optical clarity.


For those of you who are looking for a great gifting option, you need to know that these glasses come in a great zippered shell case along with a cleaning bag as well. The packaging is top notch and also a great way to gift it to someone.


  • Light in weight
  • Polycarbonate lens that offers good clarity
  • Adjustable nose pad and earpieces for better grip


  • The frame material could use some improvement
  • It lacks the photochromatic effect and won’t actively adjust in varying light conditions

9. Nike Skylon Ace Sunglasses

One of the premium sports brands, Nike has always managed to stick with the best of quality guidelines. This sunglass is no Nike Skylon Ace Sunglassesdifferent as it comes packed with the right set of features. They are very stylish and offer a great comfortable fit as well. They are available in a signal frame and lens color but the bluish tinge of the lens coupled with the black frame looks perfect.

Form factor

The frames have been amazingly designed and this wraparound sunglass comes with ventilated nose bridge. This helps in cutting down the glare which would have otherwise occurred and at the same time, they also enhance the comfort level while wearing it.

Along with this, this sunglass also has spring hinge temples as well. This feature adds to the custom and precise fitting which can be enjoyed by the users for comfortable all day long wear.

The lens

The sunglass comes with Nike max optics technology which means that you will be able to get a crisp and clear image from all angles. The polarized lenses work like magic and it helps in giving you a great peripheral vision as well. The lenses also protect you from UV rays as this model comes with UV ray protection coating to offer the best results.


  • Great stylish design
  • Decent optical clarity
  • Ventilated nose bridge for a custom fit


  • Lack of color variety
  • The frame material isn’t the best you can get

10. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

Are you looking for a classy piece of sunglass which seems to be on point and offer you good clarity too? This Bolle Bolt sunglass seems to redefine clarity and style sense as it looks every bit perfect, just the way you want.  It comes in several different frame Bolle Bolt Sunglassescolors ranging from the classy black to even funky color like yellow and red and more. Even when it comes to the lens variety, you will have plenty of different options to play with. So, based on which combination you like best, you have the option to pick your preference.

Form factor

This model is definitely stylish. It is mainly a wrapped frame and comes with a flash mirror and anti-fog coating. They are small sunglass style but large enough to fit most faces.

Design and fit

This sunglass by Bolle has been designed to oleo/hydrophobic. This infers that not just dirt and dust, but the lens have been designed in a way that none of the foreign bodies will be able to latch on to the surface. It is therefore likely to give you great viewing clarity too.

Further, it has been designed with an anti-fog coating which makes it chemical and scratch resistant. At the same time, even after repeated cleaning over the years, it is likely to stay the same and there is minimal or zero fogging.

Anti-reflective design and UV protection

The lenses are polarized and this model comes with 6 base polarized Bolle lenses. So, it will not only protect you from all kinds of UV rays but at the same time, it will do the best to cut down the glare and intense ray of the sun. The anti-reflective coating offers great vision and shields your eyes from the harmful range of the spectrum.


This model of sunglass comes with anti-slip nose pieces and also adjustable nose pads. The wrapped frame and temple design mean that you are likely to get one of the best fit you could ask for. It will stay put on your face even when you are engaging in different kinds of outdoor activities and sports.


  • Great custom fit
  • Massive variety in color for both frames and lens
  • The anti-slip nose piece and nose pads for a custom fit


  • The lens lacks special tinting and might not be very comfortable while playing tennis

11. Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are designed to be high on style and fashion rating and at the same time, offer you great optical clarity. They Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra Polarized Sunglassescome packed with some of the smart specifications and the frames too come in varying color options as well. While the frame and lens are made of plastic, it still looks decent and is a great choice for tennis players looking to shield the unwanted sun rays.

Form factor

The glasses surely have a great style rating. They are designed to be comfortable for all-day wear. The frames are made of plastic and it is ideally optimal for those with large face profiles as it would fit them seamlessly.


This sunglass comes co-injected with Rhyno-tuff airframes which help in offering a seamless grip and ensures that the frames can stay put in place.  It also comes with cushinol nose pad which gives it a great fit regardless of the shape or size of your nose. Along with this, the temple tips too help in offering the best possible grip.


The lens is made of lightweight polycarbonate and this makes it shatterproof and at the same time, it resists any dirt and dust particle too. They also come with hydrophobic coating too. This, in turn, helps in cutting down the effect of both sweating a condensation, making it anti-fog.

Along with this, Native lenses are designed to filter out the spectrum of light which is most likely to create image distortion and thereby offer you great crisp and perfect images. They also have the right kind of polarization efficiency. They filter out the unwanted rays and cut down the glares too, giving you a near perfect vision.

Interchangeable lens

This model of sunglass has been so designed that you can quickly change the lenses based on your need and changing ambiance. You also have the option of quickly adapting to changing light conditions as well.


  • Great optical clarity
  • Easy to change the lenses
  • Cushinol nose pad offers a custom fit


  • The nose piece begins to shred after repeated use
  • The frame isn’t as durable as users expect it to be
  • Not suited for rough use

12. Nike Eyewear Unisex Adult Skylon Ace Sunglasses

Another sporty and fashionable choice by Nike, this sunglass comes with the finest set of specifications and features. They are Nike Eyewear Unisex Adult Skylon Ace Sunglassesdesigned to be rectangular and come in a single color combination of frame and lenses. They offer great vision and are a perfect choice for those who are playing outdoor sports like tennis.

Form factor

These sunglasses are durable and come with an ergonomic design. They look really stylish and have a wrap-around design. The temple arms which are present in the frame help in adding an extra layer of stability to the frame which helps in keeping it put. It also comes with high tension hinges which are designed to last long.

Optical clarity

These lenses are designed with the max optics technology which helps in providing the right kind of optical clarity from different kinds of viewing angles. It also helps in shielding the eyes from bright light and cuts down the glare a great deal too.

Fitting and design

They come with a ventilated rubber nose bridge. This not only offers the right kind of grip but at the same time, it cuts down on the fogging effect significantly. Therefore, it aids in clearer vision.


  • Best suited for use in bright light
  • Good optical clarity
  • Stylish form factor


  • Frame material isn’t durable and can break easily
  • Lenses are not very comfortable to be used in dark light

13. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If you are on the lookout for a cheap yet stylish piece of sunglass that is robust, lightweight and durable, this definitely fits the Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglassesequation seamlessly. It gives you a rare combination of amazing style and great performance backed with affordable pricing as well. Available in a plethora of different colors, you have the liberty to pick whatever it is that you deem fit for your preference and personal styling.

Form factor

The frame is designed to be super light and durable. While being stylish at the same time, as it is light in weight, it is suited for a plethora of activities apart from tennis which includes racing, trekking, cycling, biking, and more. The frames have been designed to be impact and scratch resistant and they are definitely durable and are likely to last really long even with quite rough use.

The frames and lens also come with lifetime breakage warranty but check the complete terms and condition in details.

The lens

This model makes use of TAC polarized lens which also offers you 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC ray protection. They are made from Germany polycarbonate material.

Not only this, the lens makes it a point to filter out the unwanted blue end of the spectrum and also cuts down the image distortion which occurs because of scattered or reflected light. It also eliminates the glare perfectly and thereby the kind of vision you will get is spot on.


The glass comes with nose pieces. They are soft but not adjustable. It is good for the small and average sized head but the lack of adjustable nose pieces means that they won’t be able to give you a custom fit.


  • The frame is extremely light in weight
  • Good optical clarity with polarized lenses
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Nose piece lacks the adjustability factor
  • The lenses tend to scratch easily
  • Improper peripheral vision

14. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

If you want a smart piece of sunglass that can help you project the right impression and comes packed with the right features, it Tifosi Jet Sunglassesis this model that seems to be one of the best fit for you. It comes with a stylish case as well. Though it has non polarized lenses, it does offer good clarity and great image as well.

It comes in several different color combination of frame and lens and based on your own style preference and choices, you can choose the combination you deem fit.

Form factor

These glasses are stylish and they are made of Grilamid TR-90 nylon material. This makes them extremely light in weight and even durable. Further, they have been designed in such a way that they can beat the heat and are therefore appropriate for all day long wear.


These glasses come with an integrated hinge. This is a great design feature which helps in offering a great fit. Further, the makers also made it a point to integrate soft nose pieces as well. These are designed to be hydrophilic rubber and thus they give you a custom comfortable fit. They are also so made that no matter how much you sweat, they are guaranteed to give you a great fit.


This model comes with a single lens which is designed for multiple uses. Made from polycarbonate, they come with 100% UV polarized coating. This infers that using this sunglass will shield your eyes from the unwanted and harmful UV rays which can otherwise damage your eyes. The lenses though are not polarized yet they still manage to offer a decent image.


  • Great custom fit
  • Adjustable nose piece for good grip
  • Ample color options to pick from


  • Lacks polarized lenses so it fails to cut the glare completely
  • The fit could have been better

15. Tourna Specs Blue Tint Sunglass

An amazingly stylish piece of sunglass, this one comes in a single variant. It helps in seeing better even when playing different Tourna Specs Blue Tint Sunglasskinds of sports including tennis, golf, or baseball. It is feature rich and will give you amazingly nice clarity that is bound to enhance the image appeal.

A lot of tennis player prefers to wear it as it looks stylish and it helps them perceive the ball quickly and easily even when the rays of the sun are too intense to keep your eyes wide open.

Form factor

The frame has been designed to be ultra light and is very comfortable to wear. This frame is impact resistant and is therefore not likely to shatter easily even with rough use. It is also UV coated which means that you will be able to protect and guard your eyes against the harmful end of the UV radiation. Further, it comes with an anti-fog coating and is scratch resistant as well.

Fitting and design

This model of sunglass comes with great fitting. It had been designed to have ½ inch adjustable temples. This has been done to give it a custom fit and to ensure that the glasses would stay put even when you are engaged in any kind of sporting activities. Further, it also has brow guard cushions which are basically soft elastomers.


The lens is made from polycarbonate and gives you a great and unparalleled view. Most tennis players have reported that they could perceive the ball much more easily by wearing this and it can help you enhance your game level. It has good optical clarity too.


  • Good optical clarity
  • Good custom fit
  • 100% UV coating and protection


  • Lacks color variety as it comes in a single color choice
  • The nose pad could use some enhancement

So, now that you are familiar with all these varieties their specifications and more, you are better poised to make a right and informed decision.

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