Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2022

Whether your family had a trampoline, or you asked your parents to go to your friends’ place, a trampoline was Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2022perhaps an enjoyable part of your upbringing. Now, as an adult, you have a family of your own, and certainly want to give your kids something exciting but safe to bring smiles on their faces.

That’s why trampolines are a magnificent way for kids to get workout, broaden motor control skills, spend time outdoors, and burn off energy. They simply need to be installed correctly and used according to guidelines, otherwise accidents like cuts, pinches, bruises, sprains, strains, fractures, head injuries or concussions can and do occur.

While choosing a backyard trampoline for your family, consider what shape will best match the user’s needs, so think of age, weight or skill level. Nevertheless, before purchasing anything, ensure you’re getting the top trampoline for your requirements – one that’s safe, well-built, and long-term; read on through these 20 top product recommendations that fit the bill. Happy jumping!

Types Of Trampolines Based On Shape & Composition

Many people deem that all trampolines are normally the same. Do they just bounce up and down? Though they look identical to any untrained eye, trampolines come in diverse shapes/sizes, and are built for particular purposes.

Round TrampolinesTop 20 Best Trampolines in 2019

Growing in reputation, these are the most common trampoline shape in the market today. Highly suggested for users of all ages, they are the safest. Innovative security accessories and design developments are continuously developing for usage in round trampolines.

These are economical as they need less steel for frame which absorbs forces applied every time a person jumps. The decreased quantity of weight required to create a strong frame results in safer device. The lightweight round shape is easier to ship/assemble/disassemble/move than other customary trampoline models.

It enables steady force distribution. The circular nature causes springs around full circumference to consistently stretch, rather than irregular force distribution with rectangular trampolines.

It effectively provides a rebound reaction throughout centre of jump-mat. The trampoline pushes user towards centre if they get close to edges.

Rectangular Trampolines

It’s chiefly used by trained gymnasts and expert trampoline users. This shape is powerful because extra springs act in same direction, giving the user a bigger rebound with augmented height.

Thick, sturdy, solid steel withstands impact rebound. These fit satisfactorily in a backyard corner, or to one side. Their methodical appearance is very attractive and naturally complements rectangular shape of backyards.

Square Trampolines

These combine the best of both worlds being big and safe. They offer a bit special bouTop 20 Best Trampolines in 2019nce than round trampolines and suit part-time gymnasts.

Unlike round trampolines, which have inadequate bouncing capacities, and put jumper back to center of mat, these trampolines are all about height.

Octagonal Trampolines

Octagonal trampolines have large surface area. When you have many users bouncing at once, owning this model is rather sensible. Adhere to the weight capacity restrictions! Depending on size, you experience dissimilar types of bouncing. A slightly compact octagonal model allows for tighter and higher jumping.

Some octagonal models are aimed at kids. Choose octagonal trampoline if getting more usable space for bouncing matters to you for recreational needs.

Mini/Rebounder Trampolines

One of the tiniest trampolines around is the rebounder/mini-trampoline. These petite, compact trampolines are used indoors by one person and elevate heart-rate through energetic movements. They can be hidden-away in closets or underneath a bed if not in use, making them a wonderful choice for users living in a small house/apartment.

Springless Trampolines

Springless trampolines are a safer option as you won’t injure yourself on springs and focus on having fun. These use a different technology to bounce. Instead of springs, they use stretch bands or other methods to obtain the same result.

Inflatable Trampolines

Water trampolines are inflatable pads that people jump onto. These are regularly large and propel people high into Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2019air.

These trampolines are used in big natural bodies of water. Often, people use them with water slide. Someone slides down the water slide and onto trampoline. The person lying on the other side of trampoline is propelled into air by the landing impact.

Ensure you have good swimmers on hand. It’s a fine way to enjoy a hot summer day with proper safety precautions. People can bounce normally or perform impressive jumps into water.

Trampolines With Enclosures

These trampolines have a potential to offer both kids and adults many hours of enjoyment without being propelled off or getting injured. Trampoline cages/enclosures allow for a much safer bouncing experience.

The mesh cage is made of safe materials. It’s possible to tighten safety enclosure easily. When you tighten it correctly, it won’t come loose. The weight limit is 330-1,000lbs to stay safe.

Trampolines For Toddlers

Tailored precisely for the youngest, toddlers’ trampolines are considered safest, as health of your little tots is achieved through numerous innovative solutions, from additionally-padded & soft frame to finest enclosure systems.

Bungee Trampolines

Bungee trampolines are a little unusual and are frequently seen at fairs or big events. There are bungee cords attached to a structure or some kind of crane. The bungees let the jumpers to go higher than backyard trampoline and they feel safe while doing so with sufficient amounts of thrills.

People who try this trampoline are experienced with trampolines. The bungees keep pTop 20 Best Trampolines in 2019eople safe, and staff on hand keep an eye on everything.

Professional/Olympic Trampolines

Olympic/professional trampolines are a class apart. These large trampolines are purposely designed to offer athletes with utmost performance with enormous quantity of power and propulsion. Many are specially designed for Olympic Games and gymnastics clubs, and are luxurious, costing over $10,000. Due to amplified power and performance, these are recommended for trained individuals.

Olympic trampoline jump mats are like netting and are highly porous than standard backyard trampoline jump-mat, providing better reactions to force.

Due to height gained from these 14’x7’ trampolines, safety-padding around frame edges is considerably thicker than recreational trampolines. Gyms position padding adjoining the trampoline frame and ensure they are utilized under vigilant supervision.

Understand The Advantages: How Can A Trampoline Fetch Major Benefits?

Trampolines are an investment to be enjoyed for long, so learn about the benefits cautiously!


Recreational backyard trampolines are classic childhood memories and latest technological advancements make them secure, more pleasurable and widely available. These trampolines are inexpensive and space-saving, making them a wonderful recreational tool for whole family! As a popular aspect of backyards, there is a huge variety available.

Health Benefits:

A low-impact bounce helps alleviate stress on feet and legs typically associated with Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2019high-impact activity like running. It improves balance, synchronization, and blood circulation. It’s great for users who have joint pain, poor muscle tone or blood circulation.

It’s a type of cellular exercise involving all voluntary/involuntary muscles. The stabilizer bars assist in retaining balance.

Easy Workout:

It’s an economical addition to any workout program! Many trampoline-fitness enthusiasts enjoy this high-intensity cardiovascular exercise to stay in shape. With cardio benefits, a trampoline workout fortifies vital muscles.

What Are The Features To Look For While Buying Trampolines?

Trampolines offer fun, strength, and much required time outside for kids and adults alike! If you think so and are considering investing in one for your house, consider these traits.

Size & Construction

Manufacturers use tubular steel in building trampoline frames. These frames usually are constructed of durable metals and don’t rust. Galvanized steel and powder-coated galvanized steel is normally used in construction to eradicate rust and offer longevity.

The size is an enormously important decision. Consider short-term/long-term goals of your family’s investment.

Do you have two or four kids? Maybe you have five kids who will certainly invite all their friends over. It’s vital to consider how kids/parents will use the trampoline mostly.

It’s vital to consider backyard situation. Do you have adequate space to support a 15-footerTop 20 Best Trampolines in 2019? With any spacing issues, check for any overhanging obstacles like wires/tree branches.

Round, rectangle, square, octagonal, or oval? There are many shape options to sort through.

The round trampoline is most traditional; providing jumpers with softer and deeper bounce. Rectangular trampolines with firmer and tougher bounce are reserved for gymnasts. The oval/octagon hybrid shapes act similar to round counterparts. Square trampolines are intended for fitness uses.


High-performing enclosure nets can decay over time, so know how often you should replace. You may simultaneously buy a second net as you’re buying trampoline.

Enclosure net must be attached to jumping mat as foam pad moves if a jumper falls, and limbs might get caught in springs.

If enclosure isn’t correctly attached, jumpers may fall sideways and fly off. This happens if a jumper crashes into safety net and ends up in space amid net and jumping pad then falls on floor/grass/concrete.

For gaining performance, choose best fabric and replace often because when you put surplus pressure and it’s exposed to elements for too long, it gets feeble. A jump with too much swiftness can make it break.

The metal gauge, length of springs and number of heavy gauge rust-resistant galvanized steel springs used play a role in good bounce of a trampoline. A superior number of springs offer a highTop 20 Best Trampolines in 2019er jump. Longer spring length provides extra bounce.

Most brands have jump mats and spring padding made of long-lasting and soft materials. The jump mats are UV-resistant to withstand years of element exposure. They are made of woven polypropylene and have UV-resistant reinforcing fabric layer around perimeter to extend mat life.

Spring padding primarily protects user from falling on springs. They are made from high-density foam covered with UV-resistant vinyl/polyester.

For top performance, ensure all components are firmly attached. Space around trampoline must be clear of impediments like walls/poles/fences/branches/walkways. Set trampoline on a level surface to improve bounce and reduce the probability of tipping over.

Safety & Durability

Trampoline safety is the number one factor. Get one including safety enclosure! Springless trampoline ensures safety. The springs give bounce, but increase injury risk. Even with enclosure which prevents users from hitting the edge or falling off, it can’t prevent limbs from getting caught in the gap.

With sufficient jumping, some injury occurs. And that’s why spring-free trampolines are top-rated for safety. Know how long trampoline net lasts, warranty span and when to replace net before it Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2019decays.

Inclement weather can wreck havoc on investment. But longevity issues are avoided with regular care and maintenance. If you stay in an area with harsh winter, invest in a plastic tarp which adds years to your investment.

Keep trampoline indoors (or dismantle) if it snows. Constant moisture might cause joints to rust and jeopardize safety. Keep out of direct sunlight. Check which weather-resistant fabrics perform best in your local climate!

Top 20 Best Trampolines in 2022





1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk TrampolineRust-resistant coating$$$4.8
2. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure
Reinforced t-bracket construction$$$4.8
3. Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure netNo-gap Jumping Mat Design$$$ 4.7
4. Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net
80 tightly-coiled springs$$$4.6
5. Exacme Trampoline with Safety Pad, Enclosure Net and Ladder All-in-one Combo SetGST and UV tested$$$4.6
6. Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure
Weight Capacity   330 Lbs.$$$4.5
7. Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring64 tightly-coiled springs$$$ 4.5
8. Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net
Foam Sleeves- Safety enclosure netting$$$4.5
9. SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety NetUV resistant safety pad$$$4.4
10. Merax 12FT Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net
Galvanized rust resistance steel construction$$$4.3
11. Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular Trampoline
Top Flex Pole Enclosure System$$$4.2
Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Safety Enclosure12. Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
Heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder$$$ 4.2
13. North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline Set with Safety Enclosure and Ladder
Premium Polypropylene Mesh Material$$$4.2
14. LANGXUN 5Feet Outdoor & Indoor Trampoline with Enclosure net

Heavy gauged 4 inch springs

15. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure
140 heavy duty 10 inch springs$$$$4.1
16. BestMassage Kid Trampoline Exercise Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
Four U-shaped solid feet$$$4.1
17. Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
Rust resistant steel$$ 4.0
18.  Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop-Trampoline
Weight Limit 220lbs$$4.0
19. Bounce Master Round Trampoline with Enclosure

72 galvanized steel springs

Monxter 14 Foot XT9 Trampoline with Double Enclosure20. Monxter 14 Foot XT9 Trampoline with Double Enclosure
jump mat tested for 5000 hours of UV light $$$3.8

1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk TrampolineSkywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Get energetic workout with Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net!

Show off your basketball skills with Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with enclosure net with added safety features!

Size & Construction

Measuring 108.3”x180”x180”, 190lbs Blue 15’ trampoline permits kids to be stars of the court when they leap, shoot, and dunk to victory. The multipurpose basketball hoop design allows mounting on either inside/outside of trampoline, letting kids waiting to get the opportunity to practice.

Parents feel safe as this 15’ trampoline has a patented no-gap enclosure structure, the framework is constructed of weather and rust-opposing galvanized steel, and basketball hoop is constructed of soft material to keep kids secure while dunking.


15” trampoline has 200lbs weight limit. This kids’ trampoline is a grand addition to a backyard along with diverse playground equipment like swing sets, jungle gyms, or monkey bars.

Safe play basketball hoop is constructed of soft materials with a hook-and-loop breakaway rim to minimize force on enclosure net/poles and maximize performance; it includes 2 foam basketballs.

Enclosure system has vertical foam-padded poles for additional stability. Every pole is angled at top to keep net away from poles for additional security while jumping.

Safety & Durability

All Skywalker products are methodically tested for security and durability; they meet/surpass all ASTM standards.

Safety is Skywalker’s #1 priority and patented no-gap enclosure structure removes hazardous gaps between enclosure net and jumping plane. By attaching net at all springs, kids are safe from risky pinch-points and openings.

It has 3-year limited warranty on frame and 1-year limited warranty on all additional materials. Make sure two warning decals align with both T-joints.

96 tightly-coiled springs, 6.5″ long are placed around outside of enclosure net for additional safety. Each spring is constructed of steel, and has a rust-resistant coating for a long-lasting life.

The enclosure net has a twin zipper and latch-clip closure structure to keep kids safe during jumping. High-quality polyethylene netting is firmly woven to prevent fingers/toes from getting trapped.


  • 15’ trampoline
  • Patented no-gap enclosure structure
  • Versatile basketball hoop design


  • Springs aren’t large
  • Frame/padding is fairly thin

2. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and EnclosureSkywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure

Get hours of enjoyment with Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad!

Bring bouncing enjoyment to your backyard with Skywalker Trampolines 12-feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad.

Size & Construction

Measuring 45”x20”x10”, 99lbs Green 12-feet round trampoline is great for all jumpers and with ground-breaking security features and a weighty, galvanized-steel, heavy-gauge, rust-proof frame, your children will have years of secure and enjoyable jumping.

Reinforced welded T-sockets secure and stabilize upper enclosure frame to trampoline frame removing structural twisting. All 6 W-shaped legs offer added bouncing stability.


Enclosure net interlocks to the jumping mat attaching the enclosure netting to the jumping surface at each V-ring eliminating gaps. Extra-wide UV-protected spring pad is filled with 1-inch wide foam padding for comfort and sturdiness.

Tie the straps once enclosure is put up, stand on trampoline to achieve this, or employ a ladder. This high-performing trampoline has more bounce and space to jump on.

Stay-Put enclosure net structure utilizes a button-hole feature interlocking enclosure netting straight to jump mat far from springs and frame making a gap-free jumping setting without ropes to thread.

Safety & Durability

There’s 3-year limited warranty on frame and 1-year limited warranty on other materials when purchased from an authorized retailer. Trampoline is very well-made & sturdy. You can install it with minimal help in a few hours.

The expected longevity varies by local demographics. If it’s shaded, expect it to last much longer as sun is a trampoline’s nastiest enemy.

The arched heavy-duty enclosure frame dangles enclosure netting away from frame and is padded with spongy foam for additional protection. All materials are UV-resistant for additional durability.


  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Reinforced T-sockets
  • 6 W-shaped legs for stability


  • Trampoline is prone to being picked up by rough winds

3. Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure netZupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net

Enjoy outdoor fun with Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TU- Approved Trampoline!

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV-approved trampoline with enclosure net is the safest bet for any family looking for some outdoor workout.

Size & Construction

Blue-colored 2019 newest-upgraded Zupapa trampoline with Safer Unique No-gap Jumping Mat Design removes gaps amid jump mat and spring pad, making Zupapa safety superior than TUV standards.

You get trampoline, trampoline ladder, enclosure net, trampoline rain cover, 2 T-hook, 2 pairs of gloves for installation and 6 wind stakes.

Trampoline total height (with net enclosure) is 8.8ft. Steel tube of frame is deep galvanized.


Zupapa improves coordination, balance and agility. With assembly videos and thorough assembly instructions, you can assemble it easily.

Real heavy-duty frame contains much longer net poles and dual steel joints, each pole and leg are bungled securely at two places making it safer and firm, averts structural twisting!

Wind stakes are made of galvanized weather-resistant steel that’s easy to ground in grass. Weight limit is 330-375lbs.

Safety & Durability

It comes with rain cover for jumping mat; it protects trampoline and jumping mat during rainy, dusty, sunny days.

Hot-dip upgraded galvanizing process makes frame and net pole last decades as it protects the steel underneath from additional corrosion. UV absorber UV-9 is added to material/pad/mat/net to extend trial life to two years.

Zupapa trampoline offers safer jump surface while providing better space for activities. There’s free extension warranty ranging from 1-6 months automatically.


  • Hot-dip galvanizing process
  • Cover for mat
  • 330-375lbs weight limit


  • Blue tarp material could be nicer

4. Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure NetSkywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Train as a gymnast using Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net!

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline with enclosure net is a long-lasting gymnast trampoline with added safety features and its shape offers great bounce and solid performance.

Size & Construction

Green Skywalker rectangular trampoline for kids is a grand addition to any backyard along with other available playground equipment. Its high-quality polyethylene netting is firmly woven to avert fingers/ hands/feet/toes from getting trapped thereby averting accidents.


The safety net is already attached to mat for fine performance. The netting goes to top of poles and a cap goes over to hold it all in place. You have to install screws through cap and pole. It takes about 2 hours to assemble.

As far as performance is concerned, kids find it convenient owing to excellent bounce, sturdy design, and good looks. It holds 200+ lbs just fine. The safety enclosure fits fine and has first-rate padding all around.

Safety & Durability

It’s systematically tested for safety and sturdiness; it meets/exceeds all ASTM standards. It has patented no-gap enclosure structure removing perilous gaps between enclosure net and jumping surface. By attaching net at each spring, children are protected from unsafe pinch-points/openings.

It includes 3-year limited warranty on frame plus 1-year limited warranty on all extra materials.

80 tightly-coiled springs, 7″ long are situated around enclosure net’s exterior for added safety. Each spring is made of rust-resistant coated steel for longer life.

The enclosure net has a dual zipper and latch-clip closure structure to keep kids secure while jumping. Enclosure system has vertical foam-padded poles for additional steadiness. Each pole is angled at top to separate net from poles for additional safety while jumping.


  • 80 tightly-coiled springs
  • Dual zipper, latch-clip closure net
  • Meets/exceeds ASTM standards


  • Have to drill a few additional holes in net poles

5. Exacme Trampoline with Safety Pad, Enclosure Net and Ladder All-in-one Combo SetExacme Trampoline with Safety Pad, Enclosure Net and Ladder All-in-one Combo Set

Get awesome family fun with versatile Exacme Trampoline with Safety Pad, Enclosure Net and Ladder All-in-one Combo Set (Available: 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 13 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft)!

Sturdy and durable Exacme T-Series Trampoline with Safety Pad, Enclosure Net and Ladder All-in-one Combo Set is obtainable in 7 sizes (ranging from 8’-16’). T-Series far surpasses the competition with weight limit up to 398lbs.

Size & Construction

PP jumping material of Exacme gives advanced jumping capacity. Industry-grade rust-proof galvanized springs offer a wonderful bounce that won’t degrade over time. Heavy-duty hot-dip galvanized ladder with slip-proof rungs help children climb on/off it safely.

It includes high-density net, 0.6 ” thick EPE closed-cell foam inside for shock-absorbent platform. W-shaped legs with steel bracing present reasonable contact points, providing additional steadiness and security than additional leg configurations (8ft contains 3 W-Legs, 10ft contains 4 W-legs, 12-16ft models have 6 W-Legs).

It’s made with tough, rust-proof, galvanized-steel tubing, which is secure and long-lasting than usual welded trampolines. Frame cover is Blue PE+PVC Net with PE mesh netting.


Bounce with confidence using Exacme trampoline as it meets stringent safety and quality standards necessary to get TUV certification.

Heavy-gauge, 7” springs offer superior bounce and are rust-resistant; jumping mat is UV-protected (storing during winter will further augment performance/longevity).

Easy-to-assemble rust-resistant galvanized steel, heavy-duty frame; longer net poles give fine bounce. All trampoline zippers wear off. This zipper longevity is increased by reinforcing the adjacent netting and installing a wide-tooth zipper to avert jamming.

Safety & Durability

It has ultra-high weight limit (398lbs). Rust-proof, galvanized-steel construction with 12 contact points and steel brackets offer finer strength and support holding even teen/adult jumpers safely. The design’s safer and longer-lasting.

The net extends higher than comparable models and has resilient, high-density PE netting for safety. It goes through extensive TUV safety/quality certification process; it’s GST and UV-tested.

The frame features 3-year limited warranty, and there’s 1-year warranty for jumping mat/net/safety pad/springs.


  • TUV safety and quality-approved
  • Highest weight limit
  • W-Legs for optimal strength and support
  • Can support teens/adults


  • Quality of zipper, spring cover could be better

6. Upper Bounce Trampoline and EnclosureUpper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure

Let your kids enjoy with Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Equipped with The Easy Assemble Feature!

Upper Bounce is a business offering trampolines, replacement parts, with accessories to retailers. Upper Bounce presents a vast range of products, focused selection, well-timed shipping, and attention to detail so that customers’ needs are fulfilled.

Size & Construction

Measuring 53”x12”x20”; 126lbs 10-Feet ‘Upper Bounce’ Trampoline brings active fun to a backyard. Jumping mat, safety pad, safety enclosure net and foam sleeves are assured to be UV and water-resistant, offering you a safer lifelong fun investment!

It has 4 heavy-duty W-shaped legs, new easy assemble/dissemble enclosure poles. Pad has 450g PVC on top, 310g PVC on bottom, 310 PE bottom 1″ thick foam protector.

It includes rust-resistant galvanized resilient powder-coated steel frame, premium solid foam safety pad (spring cover) with twofold rubber ties for improved protection holding up firmly to trampoline frame.

Sleeve covers protect the foam covering surround posts for longevity, safety, and aesthetics. Push-button connectors attach surround posts to trampoline in a tough and safe bond.

Upper Bounce trampolines can be taken apart for protection during winter. Weather covers are available, making it rapid and simple to winterize trampolines.


The trampoline frame has a welded joint with opening for enclosure pole at every leg, so poles stand firm while connected to frame. Weight capacity is 330lbs.

The enclosure design eradicates unsafe gaps between enclosure net and jumping surface by attaching net at every V-ring spring clip. Net edges are toughened with dual material for extra performance, resulting in a tougher, longer-lasting lifespan.

Safety & Durability

It has 1-year warranty. Heavy-duty rust-resistant anti-crack galvanized springs boost bounce! It won’t break from cold weather, which guarantees long life.

High-quality PP mesh jumping mat from premium material has 8-row stitching which offers additional security that averts mat from tearing.

Safety pads protect jumper from falling on steel frame or getting hurt from springs, these strong pads contain the finest shock-absorbent, elevated-density, closed-cell foam that won’t soak up water, mildew, or lose shape.

Each enclosure has double closure entry with zipper, buckles, and the net has utmost resilience with 100% finest Terylene mesh material, and additional security by small and negligible gaps.


  • Powder-coated frame
  • No-gap enclosure system
  • Rust-resistant springs


  • Quite big and heavy

7. Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with SpringSkywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring

Get adequate workout with Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring!

Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and enclosure with spring keeps you healthy and safe all through your outdoor exercise regimen.

Size & Construction

Measuring 53”x22”x11”; 105.5lbs Green Skywalker Trampolines 10’ round trampoline with enclosure has exciting fun and top-of-the-line safety features. It fits nicely into any yard/play area. It has resilient heavy-gauged steel frame construction.

The trampoline and safety enclosure frame assembly utilizes toughened, welded T-sockets at frame joints, creating a steady Uni-bodied trampoline and enclosure frame.

The patented stay-put enclosure plan has a buttonhole feature to attach the enclosure net straight to jumping mat at each v-ring, offering security for jumpers by eliminating spaces. Enclosure net has dual-zipper and latch-clip closure structure.


Trampoline is 31″ off ground making it simply accessible for smaller kids. Children can jump higher/softer with trampoline’s 64 rust-opposing heavy-gauge springs. The extra-spacious, UV-resistant frame pad is filled with 1” thick foam for additional padding and comfort.

The first-rate polyethylene netting is securely woven to keep fingers/toes from getting trapped. Enclosure system has straight foam-padded poles for additional stability. Each pole is angled at top to prevent the enclosure net touching the poles that are topped with pole caps for safe net attachment.

Safety & Durability

Extra-thick spring pad is fade-resistant. There’s weather and rust-resistant galvanized steel frame construction. Jump mat is constructed of UV-protected polypropylene, woven to avert slipping. It meets/exceeds standards put forth by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It has patented no-gap enclosure plan eliminating perilous gaps.

The trampoline frame has a 3-year limited warranty and other materials have 1-year limited warranty.

Reinforced rust-resistant galvanized-steel T-sockets at leg and enclosure joint increase frame strength averting structural entwining, extending trampoline life.

64 securely-coiled rust-resistant steel springs, 5.5″ long are situated around enclosure net exterior for additional safety.


  • Rust-resistant galvanized-steel T-sockets
  • UV-protected polypropylene
  • Foam-padded poles


  • Foam protectors could be sturdier

8. Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure NetGiantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net

Get athletic ability with Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad Ladder!

Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump comprising safety enclosure net w/spring pad ladder helps you and your kids stay safe while jumping.

Size & Construction

13 FT Giantex has 4 U-shaped Legs arranged and assembled consistently under trampoline base. They offer adequate steadiness and support for whole trampoline.

It has safety enclosure net and foam sleeves. Safety enclosure netting is completely attached to steel tubes connecting enclosure net with spring cover. This removes gaps between mat and net to guarantee safety while jumping on mat.

Trampoline comprises steel frame, jumping mat, safety enclosure combo, and ladder. It’s trouble-free to assemble. All parts comprising hardware are listed/numbered in instructions. The specific assembly steps are illustrated.


Springs need lubricant. Safety netting screen surrounding the trampoline is sturdy and feels protected by preventing the little ones from accidentally falling out. It has a zipper on netting to ensure safe performance.

Weight capacity is 375lbs. Heavy-duty PP jumping mat is stitched absolutely well. All springs/top rails are created for fixing the quiet trampoline. It offers you a sense of secure and convenient feeling while you jump.

Safety & Durability

This trampoline goes strong in 10” snow. The kids have no injuries, no twisting frames or weakening springs. The trampoline itself stays in perfect condition and gives great bounces.

The frame has solid galvanized rust-resistant steel. They are hard-wearing and rust-proof offering longer service life for trampoline. 80 springs are designed for fixing the entire base.


  • Sturdy trampoline
  • Heavy-duty PP jumping mat
  • Large weight capacity


  • Ladder is uncomfortable to bear weight as it’s rounded
  • Springs are squeaky

9. SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety NetSkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety Net

Prepare your budding athlete using SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety Net & Top Ring for 2018!

SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline features wonderful bounce, finer rust protection, and industry-leading warranty making it a faultless trampoline for users (ages 6+) looking for a trampoline that lasts by guaranteeing maximum fitness.

Size & Construction

With Push-pin technology, SkyBound Stratos has lightning-quick patented enclosure system installation without bolts/screws/brackets/braces/pole caps. The trampoline features powder-coated, black steel frame, 6 W-shaped legs, concave enclosure net, 12 black, curvy enclosure poles, black, vinyl-coated foam sleeves, 2-piece PVC trampoline pad, big 8.5″ rust-resistant gold springs.

The high-density, UV-proof concave safety enclosure net keeps users safe preventing contact with foam-padded poles. The thick, UV-opposing safety pad provides additional protection layer.

The wide steel frame is powder-coated black to prevent corrosion, particularly in wet, moist environments.


Enclosure system comprises 12 steel enclosure poles for augmented structural steadiness and utmost user safety. The enclosure poles and pad are shielded by SkyBound’s proprietary mix of vinyl PVC material & pole foam for great performance.

Trampoline promotes healthy, energetic play. US-designed SkyBound Stratos trampoline outperforms other brands in safety, toughness and top-of-the-line bounce quality and performance. The concave safety net design keeps users safe, 8.5-inch springs allow for amazing bounce.

Safety & Durability

84+ 8.5-inch rust-resistant springs plated in yellow-zinc give additional safety and prevent untimely rusting, oxidation, and deterioration.

It’s ASTM safety-certified and free from lead and toxic chemicals. Expect it to last for years due to the vinyl safety pad’s grade, fine stitching on jumping mat and rigorous quality control process. There’s 10-year frame warranty.


  • High-density, UV-resistant concave safety net
  • Patented easy-installation design
  • Black paint prevents corrosion
  • 10-year frame warranty


  • Inadequately written instructions

10. Merax 12FT Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure NetMerax 12FT Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Stay extra safe using Merax 12FT Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net!

Merax 12FT Kids Basketball Trampoline with safety enclosure net is ideal for physical training or activity for whole family indoors or outdoors.

Size & Construction

12FT Green Merax trampoline has 5 foam-padded poles and 1 extra-chunky pole to hold UV-proof safety enclosures for utmost safety while jumping. Heavy-duty 4-step galvanized steel ladder presents proper maneuverability in/out of trampoline.

It has PP-mesh jumping mat material, resilient waterproof PE pad, high-quality enclosures to defend you from sun and untimely material fading and rust-proof galvanized steel frame with 6 W-shaped legs. No complicated hardware is required.


Double the dose of enjoyment with basketball hoop for jumping/shooting actions! It’s a great choice to keep your kid energetic and entertained. There’s 330lbs weight capacity.

Robust 72 galvanized springs firmly attach securely-woven jumping mat and frame simultaneously, offering better-quality and impressive bounce. Don’t fret about getting your hands/feet caught in gaps as they are covered with hard-wearing green frame pad.

Safety & Durability

Rust-proof design ensures its capability to withstand long-standing use, even in humid/snowy/wet weather.

Safety is top priority when it comes to kids. Merax Trampoline has heavy-gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel structure with 6 W-shaped legs for additional stability to guarantee safety.

Warranty is 3-month on parts, and 6-month on frame.


  • Basketball hoop, ladder
  • BV-certificated
  • Maximum safety while jumping


  • Could be taller

11. Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular TrampolineUpper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular Trampoline

Jump high and securely with your Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular Trampoline!

Upper Bounce is devoted to making the highest quality of service and giving an enormous array of products at most competitive value; this rectangular trampoline allows you to jump higher for most fun and strength! You get a thrilling experience while installing into your backyard!

Size & Construction

Spacious rectangular trampoline measures 85″x20″x33″ and weighs 133.5lbs. Moreover, rectangular trampolines endure due to thicker frame along with less pressure exerted on springs. The weight capacity is superior to round trampolines.

It’s designed with a pole enclosure mechanism too. The frame is constructed with tough, rust-proof galvanized steel; net covers the top ring to guarantee the highest stability and a stronger assurance for durability. The trampoline provides your family with pleasant and safe entertainment in the ease of your own backyard.


This rectangular trampoline is well-known for its enormous bounce due to the separately working springs that work at dissimilar rates giving you the maximum lift, plus giving jumpers to have superior power over its height and landing.

It moreover includes Ultra-bounce heavy-duty galvanized springs for powerful strength and superior bouncing experience.

Safety & Durability

While you pick the Upper Bounce trampoline, you are getting premium trampolines, also replacement parts and accessories constructed to bring fun and safety for the family.

It’s designed with tough black-coated steel for added durability. It also includes welded sockets on top of the surrounding of trampoline that seizes upper enclosure poles, therefore avoiding the frame from twisting, with strengthening the link between poles and frame.

No difficult hardware is required for assembly; it’s easy to assemble/disassemble.


  • Trouble-free to assemble/disassemble
  • Durable frame structure
  • Rust-resistant springs
  • Poles are enclosed with foam, vinyl material


  • Slightly less bouncy

12. Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Jump high like a kangaroo with your innovative Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline!

Kangaroo Hoppers is a specialized manufacturer of both indoor and outdoor trampolines that feature pioneering safety design for jumping entertainment and finest of the market with its wonderful product quality.

Size & Construction

The trampoline has a fully-galvanized steel frame for superior resistance to corrosion; exclusive curvy legs design for superior stability and safety, it has a max weight limit of up to 250lbs.

It features wear-resistant and high-density anti-UV PP jumping mat withstanding to high pressure. It features 165mm/135mm of long springs for superior elasticity. The package comes with one trampoline, enclosure net, jumping mat, spring cover pad, convenient heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder for easy user experience and all installation tools.


The trampoline has the superior dense mesh for enclosure net making a safe room for your kids whilst playing; wide spring cover pad fully covers the frame tidily; mat and spring are designed to give excellent bouncing experience.

Safety & Durability

The enclosure system includes straight foam-padded poles for additional steadiness. Each pole is covered with a pole cap for protected net attachment. Spring is constructed with the high quality of steel and includes a rust-resistant coating intended for longer life.

Kangaroo Hoppers trampoline is carefully tested for protection and durability, TUV and ASTM. The product is backed with the assurance of 1-year limited warranty.


  • Durable solid steel structure
  • Experience better and superior bounce
  • ASTM certified
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Slightly flimsy frame

13. North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline Set with Safety Enclosure and Ladder

North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline Set with Safety Enclosure and Ladder

Bring home the convenience of North Gear 8 Foot Trampoline Set!

Space-saver North Gear trampoline provides all the features right in this model, small in size but backed with the complete quality of performance so you and your family will simply love it.

Size & Construction

This 8-foot trampoline is constructed with Galvanized steel frame that will stand firm, rust-free and provide an extremely sturdy base designed for your trampoline, letting it survive a long period of serious use. The durable built-in mesh safety enclosure is included; ensuring that your family will be safe from bouncing off the trampoline by mistake and hurting themselves. Also, the maximum user weight tolerance is 220lbs.

The trampoline cover will shield your equipment from elements while it’s not in use. The convenience of a steel ladder has added a bonus to this product; this makes the trampoline easier for small children. It assists to guard against any accidents that could be occurred by attempting to climb up/down from trampoline.


High-quality trampoline set provides great bouncing performance fitting great in your yard, giving fun and exercise for your whole family; you will certainly feel the bounce that this trampoline offers. It will certainly improve your fitness, coordination, and balance with many other exercising benefits.

Safety & Durability

It’s manufactured with tough finest quality Polypropylene mesh material that will last for sure. It meets certification of GS safety guidelines.

With safety net, trampoline ladder with cover, this product is an excellent choice. This premium-quality trampoline set will work great in your backyard, providing complete pleasurable exercise for your family.


  • Galvanized steel construction for strength, rust protection
  • Trampoline meets GS safety guidelines
  • Durable premium range polypropylene mesh material
  • Trampoline ladder and cover


  • Craftsmanship could have been better

14. LANGXUN 5Feet Outdoor & Indoor Trampoline with Enclosure netLANGXUN 5Feet Outdoor & Indoor Trampoline with Enclosure net

Enhance your safety while jumping with LANGXUN 5Feet Outdoor & Indoor Trampoline!

LANGXUN trampoline has seamless design connecting enclosure and mat. Never be anxious that your kids will get trapped in the gap. The design is extremely unique, so the trampoline has more space and is attractive, durable and comfortable to use for longer period of time.

Size & Construction

This 5’ outdoor/indoor trampoline has a frame height of 47.2″ and frame diameter of 59″; the jumping surface area is 19 Sq.Ft.; it has 3 legs to give perfect balance to the trampoline.

It features galvanized steel frame in durable T-sockets to even out upper enclosure frame stopping structural twisting. The customized strong safety net is produced from high-density, tight-weave, PE thread, and UV-treated materials.

The yellow-color finish makes trampoline appear more athletic and vibrant. This trampoline is GS-certified. It includes every necessary tools and hardware for trouble-free and quick assembly.

Also, safety design of jumping mat and spring protection pad is a plus point. The maximum weight tolerance can be about 220lbs, making jump safer and keeps trampoline durable for a longer period of time.


The heavy-gauged 4″ springs offer greater bounce and are rust-resistant. It features a secure, gapless jump pad design that removes the gap among jump pad, spring pad. The trampoline comes with safer and advanced TUV standard; and superior zip design for added value.

Safety & Durability

The trampoline has jumping mat manufactured from heavy-duty, UV-protection polypropylene intended for strength and sturdiness.

The trampoline is completed with thickened 0.6” steel tubes that remain strong, durable and safer whenever you jump onto it. It’s backed with first-class springs that let children jump safer and comfily.


  • triangular support frame structure boosting stability
  • Springs meet German GS quality standards
  • Easy to install with no additional tools necessary
  • Suitable for cardio workout


  • Safety net is slightly shorter in size

15. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with EnclosureAcon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure

Get animated with Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure!

Acon trampoline is manufactured with timeless and classy design built for safety, sturdiness, and rigidity for its performance as making sure that no energy is lost in jumps.

Size & Construction

The all-black trampoline comes with 10×17 in dimension and rectangle enclosure; immense for professional trampoline users. It’s precisely constructed with optimized spring with mat dynamics. Complete black color finish with improved frame structure intended for utmost rigidity; the trampoline height is 40″; together with 126″ enclosure.

The galvanized steel frame pipes equally on inside and out; includes 140 durable steel 10″ springs;  features 10 times cross-sewed polypropylene UV-treated mat; includes trampoline ground anchors with spring puller instrument. For constant use, it’s suitable for all.


The product features ACON Air HD Synergy mechanism ensures that every spring is optimized to provide its complete punch, with Synergy mechanism helps them offer a vigorous, yet accurate bounce; experience a bounce that you’ll never find on an outdoor trampoline!

The trampoline design has to balance the springs for them to attain their full potential which you can witness in this trampoline.

Safety & Durability

Completely new quality trampoline for safe and high-class trampoline jumping! The product is designed to supply the best safety for jumps making no compromises in protection. The new, durable frame of the 16 Sport HD gives superior structural rigidity to withstand these forces.

This package comes with grand warranty: 10 years for frame, 5 years for jumping mat, 2 years for supplementary mat components, 2 years for safety pad, 5 years for the springs, 1 year for enclosure.


  • Galvanized steel frame pipes
  • Superior frame structure for maximum rigidity
  • Synergy design with optimized spring and mat dynamics
  • Black attractive design


  • Slightly bulky

16. BestMassage Kid Trampoline Exercise Trampoline with Safety EnclosureBestMassage Kid Trampoline Exercise Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Indulge your time while playing under the safety of BestMassage Kid Trampoline Exercise Trampoline!

BestMassage kid trampoline is a complete product that has a safe combination of protective equipment for your child giving the safest protection; thus, invite your little partner to have excitement on the exercise trampoline.

Size & Construction

Kid trampoline measures 66.93″x15.75″x8.46″ and weighs about 75.02lbs with a 14FT diameter. The trampoline is covered with 96 high-tension steel springs, giving extremely strong flexibility for the exercise. It has a safety fence manufactured of durable nylon. The safety fence includes steel pipe and joins the fence by spring cover.

This removes gap between jumping mat and fence. The frame is manufactured of durable galvanized stainless steel. It has four U-shaped stable feet at the bottom, which can separate the pressure consistently into four supporting feet, giving adequate stability and support.


Experience the smooth jumping performance as children play in this trampoline, they can jump higher. The high-elastic jumper can let your kid easily jump higher on the trampoline, certainly, in the safe protection.

You can moreover jump into the exercise trampoline and take pleasure in the happy time with your kid. The T-section can join each top rail securely and stably, and provide a solid foundation for the complete kid trampoline.

Safety & Durability

This kid trampoline is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel and a variety of accessories included for easy setup. They are tough and rust-resistant, and moreover provide longer durability.

The trampoline has been verified and tested thoroughly in the factory to guarantee its safety. The product is waterproof, thus you don’t have to concern regarding the rain, but you require clearing the water on the jump mat prior to next use.


  • 96 high-tension steel springs
  • High-strength nylon safety fence
  • Stainless steel frame
  • U-shaped solid foot


  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual

17. Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety EnclosureFashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Take the full action of exercising in your Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline!

The brand name Fashionsport OUTFITTERS brings you the economical yet the highest quality of trampoline that will become ideal for your toddler and give great trampoline experience by remaining safe from inside; this is a remarkable addition to your play area.

Size & Construction

The trampoline has attractive green color finish and a shipping weight of 39.7lbs. It has a 5FT diameter with a safety enclosure. The flexible construction makes this trampoline use conveniently.

It’s constructed with high-quality rust-resistant steel 3 legs intended for stability. It has extremely lightweight design to carry around the rooms or the yard. If it rains, you can with no trouble shift it inside. It has spring pad that is UV-Protected; the weight limit is 220lbs.


It is a preferred outdoor/indoor activity meant for both kids and all family; features enormous bouncing advantage as your kid can jump higher and higher. It’s also suitable to build muscle, the growth of fine motor skills, improve balance, boost flexibility, exercise, and mental encouragement.

Safety & Durability

The trampoline is easy to set up and it has all the tools required to assemble. It’s extremely sturdy design and superior construction being manufactured from the good quality materials. The suitable zipper is enormous for a child to safely come in/out from the trampoline while playing.


  • Rust-resistant steel legs
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Safety enclosure
  • UV-protected spring pad


  • Assembly is bit trickier

18. Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop-TrampolineLovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop-Trampoline

Spend some quality time exercising in your favorite Lovely Snail Trampoline!

The Lovely Snail brand is precisely designed; the trampoline with complete safety and durability. If you’re looking for the finest indoor trampoline brand that offers the best economical product to consider; also the added basketball hoop features give a more strong point as you make your purchase.

Size & Construction

This 5-feet diameter trampoline comes with shipping weight of 4.7lbs, this comes with basketball hoop, it has a weight limit of 220lbs and is intended for one jumper at a time however it is also a suitable size for assembly and can effortlessly fit in numerous backyards.

Because of its sensible size, it can be used outdoors or can be moved to indoors for constant use. It features the enclosure net that is manufactured with high-quality and extremely durable netting with a durable zipper letting you access the mat.


The trampoline features great bounce; follow safety measures as a child must be kept away from the springs. It’s trouble-free to move. This sports trampoline comes together with basketball hoop which assists kids to practice even as jumping.

Safety & Durability

It is trouble-free to shift whether moving its position within the yard or moving it into the garage or other big space within the house. Even as being an extremely essential kid’s trampoline, it gives the same jumping capability, the similar safety features and strength of professional device.


  • Basketball Hoop
  • Easy to move
  • High-quality and extremely durable netting
  • 5-feet diameter round trampoline


  • Assembly is bit tough

19. Bounce Master Round Trampoline with EnclosureBounce Master Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Bring happy sunshine to your backyard with Bounce Master Round Trampoline!

The Bounce Master trampoline will be your ideal companion for your backyard action that is all designed with eco-friendly materials to give maximum fun and secure familiarity for kids of all ages.

Size & Construction

The round trampoline comes with the dimensions of 144″x144″x106.3″ and shipping weight is 142lbs. Outfitted with 1.3″ of galvanized steel leg base, it is well-constructed for maximum sturdiness and stability. It comes with the weight limit of 220lbs. The trampoline also features enclosure to make sure you get best safety experience while playing in it. The product is ASTM-Certified and that makes the reliability of this product quite serious.


The trampoline is backed with performance when you first take your jump, users stay delighted with bounce it can offer; the trampoline has 72 galvanized steel springs for utmost bounce and fun. It also includes No-Gap technology and UV-resistant net separates the springs from the trampoline mat decreasing injuries and escalating the durability of the trampoline’s lifespan.

Safety & Durability

The galvanized steel leg base assures maximum durability; it also features added foam padding that covers the springs letting hands and feet stay safe and sound from any sort of pinching and slipping.

The upright poles maintain a distance as of the 6ft tall net helping maintain the net sturdiness to keep your children safe and protected yet during extreme play and accidents.


  • Comes with ASTM certification
  • Features galvanized steel leg base
  • UV-resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Zipper quality could have been better

20. Monxter 14 Foot XT9 Trampoline with Double Enclosure

Feel the difference of having fun while jumping with Monxter 14 Foot XT9 Trampoline with Double Enclosure!Monxter 14 Foot XT9 Trampoline with Double Enclosure

The brand name Monxter Titan trampolines are built to be stronger, safer and fetch more fun while jumping onto it with all requisite features coming with this package along with easy installation to consider.

Size & Construction

The 14-foot XT9 trampoline comes with the orange color finish, and it has the dimensions of 225.8″ x 134.9″ x 99.4″. The Item weight is 127.8 lbs. The trampoline is constructed with 3″ galvanized steel tube frame by way of 10″ springs that are double the dimension of competitor trampoline springs.

It features double netting enclosure along with rigid x-frame design to boost net tension and avoid falling out. It features the USA engineered Ten Cate Permatron of jump mat that is tested for 5000 hours of UV light. It also has foam padded enclosure poles along with thick foam padded spring cover to avoid leg and feet entanglement. There are water anchors as well to give more stability.


The springs are double the dimension of average springs used by competitors to guarantee a superior and higher bounce. A very well mesh netting comes with honeycomb-pattern netting arrangement together to put off entanglement upon impact and keep your children safe within the trampoline.

The titan XT9 also comes with the water anchors that are constructed into the four legs to protect your product in position. They are fast and trouble-free to use; simply add water! Once full, the water anchors include extra safety by providing a more stable construction.

Safety & Durability

The trampoline is built to last 6000 lbs of force, this trampoline maintains maximum safety with a 3″ high enduring powder-coated steel tube frame as well, and foam padded X-frame enclosure for added safety. The trampoline can withstand snowy, windy, and rainy environment.

Through the dual Zip-Up enclosure zipper, you and your children can securely close the netting prior to the use. Additional thick foam padding protects the springs to keep users safe both on as well as off the trampoline.


  • Features USA-engineered Tencate Permatron jump mat
  • Water anchors for extra stability
  • Comes with foam padded X-frame enclosure
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Slightly flimsy and light than other trampoline brands

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