Top 15 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2022

Perfect passes. Precise shots. High-flying dunks. Basketball is all about spirited, fiery, and adrenaline-rushing Top 15 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2022performance. What do you need to perform in the court in a professional manner? Proper gear is important but one of the most vital parts of the outfit is a pair of shoes.

The right pair of basketball shoes can push you from the bench to take the court by storm. Women’s basketball shoes are designed with comfort, performance, and style in mind. But, how do you find the pair that fits your game-playing style? Read our latest guide about the best women’s tennis shoes.

Ofttimes, especially in the past, women used to purchase men’s shoes because of the wide range of options, styles, and features they offer. But, more and more brands are now interested in manufacturing women’s shoes. Having a broad variety of choices is not an issue anymore.

The Importance of Wearing Good-Quality Basketball Shoes

Finding a pair of fitting shoes with the right features is important for the comfort and support you need during the game or practice. It will be unfortunate to have an ankle sprain or injury due to shoes that do not have proper ankle support or feel too tight or loose to your feet.

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You cannot just wear a pair of basketball shoes and sprint into the court. The wrong ones can ruin the game and Top 15 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2019leave you with serious injuries. A high-quality pair prevents injury and helps players to hone their skills.

In a basketball game, a player needs to jump frequently. You need something to provide adequate ankle stability to guard you from those high-frequency landings. Good-quality shoes are durable and they provide proper grip, traction, and ankle support. With these properties, they aid you gain better positioning, improve your defense, and advance other related skills.

Some of you may think of using sneakers or running shoes at least at the time of practicing. But, these don’t provide the kind of design and support needed for a fast-paced and challenging sport like basketball. The basketball shoes are bulky and durable with thick, rigid soles. They buffer the pressure that your feet have to endure during a game.

The Design of Basketball Shoes

Having good knowledge about the overall design of the basketball shoes will help you to pick up quality products when shopping.

The shoes have three main sections – the upper, midsole, and outsole. Each section has to possess certain qualities to make the whole structure better.

The upper could be made of hard or soft materials that offer their own unique benefits. The top could be high, mid, or low in height. The players have to choose the design that suits their playing style best.

Made of either a foamy or polyurethane material, the midsole is what forms the footwear’s cushioning. The forefoot and heel are also parts of this section and these play a big roll in determining the comfort and support factors of the shoes.

The outsole is the exterior part that meets the ground. Made of rubber or synthetic materials, it is responsible for the traction and grip. It also helps with your balance when you run on the ground.Top 15 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2019

The footwear’s looks and styles are also important because it is women’s basketball shoes we are talking about. Something colorful and stylish will definitely boost your confidence and make a fashion statement. However, the aesthetic does not matter much when the shoes are capable of producing a high-quality performance.

Characteristics of Best-Quality Women’s Basketball Shoes

In a competitive sport like basketball, you need to make use of all the advantages you get. A good pair of shoes can make a world of difference in your performance. These can give you the agility and speed, improve your defense skill, and add so much power to your flying dunks.

Look for these properties when you are shopping for women’s basketball shoes:

Design & Materials

As you already know, the footwear has three sections and the materials in each part contribute to the overall support and comfort.

Soft uppers offer breathability, comfort, and easy mobility while rubber or synthetic uppers give more support and durability. A material that falls in the middle of these two types is likely to provide a more balanced coverage.

The midsole could be EVA foam or polyethylene (PU) or a combination of both. EVA is light but PU is more durable and thicker. In addition, a layer of a stiffer material prevents inward rolling. Extra cushioning in pressure points like the heel and forefoot is always welcoming.

The rubber or synthetic outsole has to be wide and flat to give your footing the much-needed balance. The sole with hexagonal or herringbone patterns helps with the grip, allowing the feet to have a secure landing on the ground.

Support & Comfort

The materials that go in the making of the shoes play a part in determining the support and comfort factors. In addition, the heel collar and shoe height are also important.Top 15 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2019

You have to decide on the height you feel comfortable with. A high-top design goes above the ankle and keeps it wrapped up to provide the best support. These shoes tend to be a bit bulkier because they are designed to be stronger and hard-wearing. High-top cut suits the centers the most because of the stability when scurrying to get a rebound.

Perfect for most occasions, mid-top sits between the high and low uppers. It provides some ankle support along with sufficient mobility to move around with agility. Low tops are built for speed and agility and suit best for guards. They keep the ankle exposed but make it easier performing quick cuts.

When it comes to choosing a pair of basketball shoes, you should put emphasis on comfort. Without having comfortable shoes, it is difficult to perform to the best of your ability. Also, cozy fitting shoes feel natural on the feet and protect from injuries. Poorly fitting shoes lead to long-term medical issues like shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Extra Protective Features

Most basketball shoes have mid or high-tops. For this reason, the heel collar should be padded to protect your ankle from rubbing and irritation. An ideal heel collar is crucial for achieving stability and comfort.

Also, the uppers must have laces, straps, zippers, or hook-and-loop so that the shoes stay on your feet despite running and frequent jumping.

Laces have been the most popular of all the closure techniques because of their simplicity. They secure the shoes without much fuss but untied laces can cause the players to trip or lose the ball.

The footwear can have other techniques or a combination of laces and other closure fixtures for added support and protection. A combo of two closure systems is useful for creating the best support for the ankle, especially in high-top models. For example, if the shoes have both laces and straps, the Velcro or D-fasten belt of the straps will keep the laces in place. Each type has their benefits and downsides. Pick the one that you find the most suitable for your playing style.

Due to the male-oriented nature of the game, there has always been a huge market gap in the niche of basketball shoes for women. However, the situation has changed because of the popularity of women’s professional basketball leagues and tournaments. Manufacturers have grabbed this opportunity and started producing women’s shoes in various designs and styles.

To help you settle for a fantastic pair, we’ve curated a list of 15 basketball shoes for women.






1. NIKE Women’s WMNS Air Force 1 ’07 Mid Gymnastics Shoes

Thick rubber outsole

2. Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Basketball Shoes
EVA foam midsole$$4.8
3. Under Armour Women’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

Textile and Synthetic

$$ 4.7
4. NIKE Women’s Zoom Shift Basketball Shoe
Ventilated upper cover$$4.6
5. PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF Texture Wn’s Basketball ShoeShock-absorbing midsole$$4.6
6. NIKE W AIR Foamposite ONE Womens Fashion-Sneakers bstn_AA3963
Foamposite upper, rubber outsole$$$4.5
7. JIYE Women’s Breathable Flyknit Sneakers
Fabric sole$$ 4.5
8. Nike WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 Low Tb Womens 897812-001
TPU torsional plate$$4.5
9. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 Basketball Shoes
High-top padded collar$$4.4
10. AND1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Shoe
EVA midsole$$4.3
11. NIKE Women’s Court Borough Low Basketball Shoes
Leather upper$$4.2
12. PUMA Women’s Sky II HI Futur Minimal Wn’s Basketball Shoe
Toe perforations$$ 4.1
13. Reebok Women’s Zig Pro Future-M
100% Leather and synthetic$$4.0
14. adidas Women’s Pro Model Basketball Shoe
Added ankle padding$$4.0
15. adidas Women’s Cf Superhoops Mid W Basketball Shoes
Cloudfoam cushioning$$3.9

1. NIKE Women’s WMNS Air Force 1 ’07 Mid Gymnastics Shoes

The Nike WMNS Air Force 1 ‘07 takes the top spot in this list not just because of the brand value but for its sheer NIKE Women’s WMNS Air Force 1 ’07 Mid Gymnastics Shoesquality. They were released in 2007, hence the number “07” on the label, on the 25th-anniversary edition of the original Air Force 1. The model is suitable for both street and professional play.

Design & Material

The design inspiration of the shoes is the Air Force One – the aircraft that carries the President of the United States. It gained soaring popularity after its release. Players like Charles Barkley and Moses Malone wore it on the courts and paved its way from the hardwood to asphalt and the heart of the hip-hop culture.

The Air Force 1 these days are made of a synthetic material. The massive midsole, synthetic outsole, and the soft, springy cushioning help it to stay true to the roots. A distinct identifying sign of the footwear is the medallion with the “AF 1” inscription at the bottom of the laces. It was quite circular in design in the previous models but redesigned as rectangular in the ‘07 model.

Available in black and white color options, the mid-top shoes with thick sole provide high-quality support and protection.

Support & Comfort

The shoes provide decent support to the players in terms of ankle support. The upper material with padding on the heel collar wraps around the ankle with its all-enclosing design. The design works great for flexibility of the movement. All-around players can take the most advantage of these shoes.

The PU midsole offers lightweight cushioning and gives the sole of the foot proper rest and support. The perforated toes ensure aeration and less bad smell. The rubber outsole with grooved circles on the bottom makes sure that the players get proper traction on all surfaces.

The WMNS Air Force 1 runs a bit wider than the Freestyle Reebok. They are a relief to the players who cannot wear the narrow-fit Reebok because of having wider feet.

Extra Protective Features

The Air Force 1 ‘07 offers extra protection with a combination of lace and strap closures. The collar has a connected Velcro strap for customized support.


  • Mid-top padded collar
  • PU midsole
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • Perforated toes
  • Closures combine laces and Velcro straps


  • Limited color options
  • Expensive

2. Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Basketball ShoesUnder Armour Women's UA Jet Basketball Shoes

The UA Jet shoes from Under Armour are considered to one of the best products in the current market. They are expensive but they have only a handful of competitions when you are looking for all-around protection.

Design & Material

The shoes have a simple design and interesting color combinations. The black footwear has gray stretch marks across the body and hot pink accents. The laces and some parts of the bottom sole are hot pink, offering a nice contrast to the dark body.

The construction and build quality are excellent. The exterior is a mix of leather and synthetic materials, helping the shoes to hug around your feet. The midsole is EVA foam and the outsole is rubber. A synthetic material goes into the making of the mesh upper.

Support & Comfort

The overall design and build give the shoes a nice fitting. These will stay wrapped around your feet till the last buzzer.

There are small holes in the toe area for better breathability. The mesh part of the upper keeps the feet cool and smell-free by quickly absorbing sweat. The compressed foam EVA midsole feels soft under the foot and absorbs the pressure of rough landings. The rubber outsole provides good traction with grooved designs on the bottom.

The shoes are low-top but the ankle collar is high on the front and there is padded cushioning all around the ankle area. The UA Jet model provides support and flexibility and works great for players playing in the shooter or point guard position.

Extra Protective Features

The low-top shoes have a lace closure system. The laces spiral up to the collar of the upper, helping with a more secure and tight fit.


  • Looks nice
  • Ankle collar support with padding
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Good traction
  • Breathable upper


  • Lace closure system only
  • A bit pricey

3. Under Armour Women’s Jet Mid Basketball ShoeUnder Armour Women's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

The Jet Mid from Under Armour is certainly a nice-looking pair of basketball shoes. You can’t beat this style and it is certainly not possible to beat the price point at less than $100. The brand always strives for fueling the passion of the athletes through better design and relentless innovation of their products. The Jet Mid is designed to be the best companion of the players in the court.

Design & Material

The Mid Jet comes in black color with a white outsole and Under Armour’s logos in white on the back and tongue. There is a white version too that has a black sole and black accents across the body.

The shoes have been made of a mixture of textile and synthetic materials. The meshed upper is soft and breathable. The rubber sole effectively buffers impacts and shocks.

The outsole is glued together to the upper part, which may not be the most durable method but these parts will hold together for a long time. The shoes have been designed to help players excel in the court.

The heel loop on the back makes it easier to pull on without damaging the heel counter. It extends the footwear’s life and helps its stay fitting snug for a long time.

Support & Comfort

The Jet Mid shoes are lightweight and do not need any break-in time. You can wear them across the year not for only playing and training but for running and casual wear.

The support and comfort features of the Jet Mid will definitely impress you. The compression molded EVA midsole is highly responsive while the die-cut EVA sock liner offers underfoot support.

The ankle collar cushion prevents rubbing and blisters and molded heel provides stability by locking the feet in place. The rubber outsole and the grooved bottom help with keeping the feet steady when you run and land from jumping while the mesh midfoot keeps feet dry with proper ventilation. The arch support is simply mind-blowing, saving you from pain even if the training goes for long hours.

Extra Protective Features

The fitting is perfect. The shoes are true to fit and there is no need to go for a larger size. The lace closure is fine but there could be one or two more shoelace holes for better support around the ankle.


  • EVA midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Great arch support
  • Perfect fitting


  • Traction could be better
  • There should be more shoelace holes

4. NIKE Women’s Zoom Shift Basketball ShoeNIKE Women's Zoom Shift Basketball Shoe

Nike is always known for manufacturing stylish, good-looking footwear. If you want a pair of basketball shoes that not only performs well but also looks chic and smart, go for the Zoom Shift. The price is too reasonable if not inexpensive.

Design & Material

Available in three different color combinations, the Zoom Shift will definitely catch attention. It looks just like other footwear models but little details and add-ons are the things that make it something better.

The mid-top design has deep side cuts and there are pull-on loops on the tongue and ankle side. The shaft measures nearly four inches from the arch.

The premium materials are one of the best features of the Zoom Shift. It dons a light textile upper, breathable exterior cover, fuse overlays on the high-wear zones, and neoprene at the tongue area.

The materials are high-quality and they come together to make the shoes some top-grade products. The pair holds up well against toe drags and regular wear and tear.

Support & Comfort

Built for the players who need to be quick and highly active in the court, the Zoom Shift is light and responsive. The engineered mesh upper and the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot combinedly provide responsive cushioning underfoot. The exterior heel counter is excellent for supporting the entire ankle region.

The rubber outsole with the diamond-plate like bottom patterns offers decent traction. The gray zone provides a nice grip but the black pods collect dust at a rapid rate.

The Phylon midsole is quite disappointing. The forefoot Zoom Air unit is also as not luxurious as it is supposed to be. These are not the shoes if you are looking for foamy comfort and flexibility. However, players who are playing as guards will enjoy its responsiveness. The overall setup is solid and reacts to the moves without any lag.

Extra Protective Features

The small protruding TPU wings that house the last shoelace hole are there for increasing the support. But, they end up just being a showpiece. Nevertheless, when you strap up the laces, the wings secure the heel as like a seat belt.

The Zoom Shift runs true to the size. Even the narrow-footed players will have a snug fit but going a half size up will be better for those with wide feet.


  • Stylish
  • Mid-high upper
  • High-quality materials
  • Decent traction
  • Ventilated upper cover


  • Inconsistent traction
  • Almost nonexistent cushion

5. PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF Texture Wn’s Basketball ShoePUMA Women's Sky II HI SF Texture Wn's Basketball Shoe

The Sky II HI is the classic basketball shoe from Puma. First introduced in 1980, the brand recreates the high-profile shoes here. These modified versions are versatile – ever ready to jump from the hard court to streets and vice versa. The less than $50 price range seems more than reasonable.

Design & Material

The retro style Sky II HI SF is ideal for the hardwood floors and for chill out nights. The shoes are the savior when you are looking for a package of style and functionality within a budget.

The shoes feature perforated detailing on the sides and toe with the iconic Puma Stripes. There is Puma callout at lateral sides and logo label at tongue.

The shoe is made of 100% textile while the midsole is cushioned and the outsole is rubber. The shaft’s length is nearly 4.75 inches from the arch. The high-top profile stays in place with the dual hoop-and-loop closure.

Support & Comfort

The Sky II HI SF is more like casual boots but without the painful, lengthy break-in period. The padded insole ensures a comfortable walking and running experience. The high-top design along with the padded collar guards the ankle during kickflips without compromising with movements and flexibility.

The shock-absorbing midsole decreases tension so there is less strain on the feet when you wear the shoes for several hours a day. The foam lining wrapping around the ankle hugs the feet securely and prevents twisting and turning the ankle.

The sole is burly and thick, which does not wear off quickly. Also, the tread design grips on most surfaces, preventing skidding and slipping.

Extra Protective Features

The Dual hook and loop straps bring back the memory of classic basketball shoes. The lace closure provides a snug fit while Velcro makes sure that it stays that way.


  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Double hook and loop straps
  • Thick sole
  • Short break-in time


  • Not suitable for professional sports
  • Limited color options

6. NIKE W AIR Foamposite ONE Womens Fashion-Sneakers bstn_AA3963NIKE W AIR Foamposite ONE Womens Fashion-Sneakers bstn_AA3963

The Nike W Air Foamposite One has gained more for its look than for its performance. Nowadays, people use it mostly for casual wear. Some male players including Nick Young and Anfernee Hardaway have given some of their best performance while wearing it. But, can it bring the same result for female players too?

Design & Material

People once used to call the Foamposite shoes ‘alien’ sneakers due to their futuristic color and design. The lock has been changed over the years but it still has a chic, space-age feel. The sleek lines and curves and the snazzy color options make them look more stylish than you may want in a basketball court.

The Nike W Air Foamposite One is made of the Foamposite upper, rubber outsole, PU midsole, and Zoom Air sole unit. The upper is foam material but it is extremely hard and needs a long period of time to break in. The materials and the entire structure are so solid that the shoes are practically indestructible.

Support & Comfort

The rubber outsole and herringbone traction patterns allow the players to enjoy excellent traction on the hardwood. However, the bottom draws dust like crazy and the traction seems to work best from front to back and vice versa. They are not suitable for outdoors and dirty floors. Indoor courts are fine only if the floor is perfectly clean.

The ZOOM Air-Sole framework is hard as a rock, requiring a long break-in period. The shoe never becomes soft enough even after the break-in. You can give it the full marks for rock-hard support because the material itself is stiff and unyielding, but not for the cushioning. For this reason, comfort is the weakest point of this model. The overall fit is great as the shoes just mold the contour of your feet.

Extra Protective Features

The shoes have loops at the tongue and ankle making it easier to pull on without damaging the heel counter.

It would be better to have another closure system along with the laces but the lacing seems enough since the shoelace holes go all the way up to the ankle, providing a snug fit.


  • Futuristic design and look
  • Rock solid support
  • Good traction
  • Great fit


  • Not very comfortable
  • The sole attracts dust
  • Expensive

7. JIYE Women’s Breathable Flyknit SneakersJIYE Women's Breathable Flyknit Sneakers

The Flyknit sneakers from Jiye are suitable for both sports and casual occasions. The lightweight shoes could be your trusted companions in the courts or during running, training, and walking. The price range is more than reasonable.

Design & Material

With four different color combinations, the Jiye Flyknit sneakers are attractive. They are likely to draw the attention of the audience no matter wherever you go.

The upper is made of a textile material while the insole has an EVA layer. The outsole is a combination of fabric and rubber. The sole thickness is medium, making the sneakers a great wear for all seasons except for it is extremely cold or snowing outside.

The shoes give you the confidence to release your inner athletic spirit. The materials are supporting and comfortable while the design is charming enough to encourage you to flaunt.

Support & Comfort

The knitted mesh material upper is fashionable, light, and breathable. It keeps the feet dry and comfortable after workout and training. The comfortable insole and high-elastic heel support make powerful cushioning – encouraging the players to move with more confidence. For the coziness and adequate support, you won’t feel foot fatigue even after wearing for a long time.

However, the shoes are not suitable for professional sports but it’s fine to wear them for light training and casual occasions. Rigorous use can rip the upper at the seam where it meets the sole.

The sole is durable and the bottom has flexible grooves for preventing skidding. But, the traction is not great to hold you steady on basketball courts. The indentations on the bottom are small that will be filled with dust pretty quickly.

Extra Protective Features

The Flyknit sneakers have heel loops both at the tongue and ankle. They make it easier to pull on the shoe without bootie lining. The lace closure offers a great fit but the fabric D-rings may not have a long lifespan.


  • Fashionable look and colors
  • The upper material is light and breathable
  • Padded collar
  • Heel loops
  • Comfortable midsole and outsole


  • Unsuitable for professional sports
  • Not adequate traction
  • Fabric D-rings

8. Nike WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 Low Tb Womens 897812-001Nike WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 Low Tb Womens 897812-001

The WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 from Nike carries the legacy of an iconic basketball shoe series. If you are an aspiring basketball player, you definitely won’t want to start your game without this signature model. The price range is also reasonable compared to some other expensive Nike models like the W AIR Foamposite ONE and WMNS Air Force 1 ‘07.

Design & Material

There is nothing fancy about the WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 shoes. The black upper nicely contrasts with the while sole. There are Nike’s logo on both sides and a rubber patch on the ankle featuring the brand name. The plain but classy look makes them your go-to shoe for any occasion.

The upper is synthetic material featuring an engineered mesh knit. The material is functional and works just fine but you can go for the Flyknit edition if luxury is what you are after.

The low-top and deep side-cut design are not ideal for ankle protection. But, the shoes are ideal if you want flexibility and speed in the court.

Support & Comfort

The WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 is a great choice to wear in the court. Its one-to-one fit, support, responsive cushioning, and nice traction are standout features for a pair of basketball shoes.

The engineered mesh upper keeps the feet drying during the gameplay. It requires little or no break-in time but can easily be damaged. The midsole is foam but it is one of the most resilient foam cushions that you will ever found in basketball shoes. Hard, firm cushions help with maintaining agility in the court but not every player need that kind of speed.

The bottom grooves are not in herringbone patterns but they are even better. It looks like the hollows are mapped according to the pressure points of the feet. The traction may not excel the Kobe 9 Hall of Fame but it comes close.

Extra Protective Features

The WMNS Hyperdunk 2017 fits true to size but wide footers should purchase at least a half size up. The lace closure with enough eyelets makes the shoes hug your feet.

Like the fit, the heel counter and the TPU torsional plate work together to protect your feet from external force and strain.


  • Simple but classy design
  • True to fit
  • Exceptional traction
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Firm cushioning
  • Mesh upper is prone to damage

9. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 Basketball ShoesNike Women's Hyperdunk 2016 Basketball Shoes

The Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 from Nike looks like boots but offer all the comfort and support of sneakers. Equipped with some standard features, the shoes are built to give a stellar performance on the slick, hardwood floor. These are one of the best options for indoor courts.

Design & Material

The Hyperdunk 2016 has all the security of the high-top collar and the flexibility of the low-cut design. It features a wide base, Phylon midsole, and midfoot shank. The outsole is rubber and the long ankle collar is well-padded.

The upper is made of fused mesh – a combination of fabric and synthetic materials. The entire upper is almost a one piece with the tongue folding from the outside. For this reason, it provides a great fit although getting the foot on it could be a struggle.

Support & Comfort

The Zoom cushion embedded in the Phylon midsole is a balanced combination of comfort and responsiveness. It will push your feet back as soon as they sink in, cutting any drag time.

Nike tries a new bottom design than the traditional herringbone patterns. Featuring curved and straight lines and exposed Zoom windows in the ball and heel areas, the sole equips the shoes with better durability and more stopping power. However, the rubber, patterns, and Zoom windows are not suitable for outdoors.

Extra Protective Features

The Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 comes with a lace closure. It has a tongue-wrap design that works with the Flywire to tighten the shoes around the forefoot, toe, and ankle. The Flywire provides more support and keeps the foot locked into place. It hugs the food for a cozy and supportive fit.

Lengthwise, the shoes run a bit long. Narrow footers should go a half size down while the wide footers are likely to have them true to size.


  • Zoom cushion
  • Flywire offers fit and comfort
  • Ankle support
  • Excellent traction
  • High-top padded collar


  • Indoor use only

10. AND1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball ShoeAND1 Women's Overdrive Basketball Shoe

The AND1 Women’s Overdrive basketball shoes are built to set your game into a high gear. Featuring a bold and aggressive style, the shoes are meant to perform in the court and catch the eye of the audience. The less than $100 price tag is reasonable if not inexpensive.

Design & Material

The Overdrive celebrates a strong, distinct style with a high-top design and black upper with a couple of bold accent colors including two shades of purple and bright yellow.

The upper is mesh and synthetic materials and the outsole is rubber. The EVA midsole with padded collar and PU reinforcements on vital areas is there for support and coziness.

The shaft measures almost 5 inches from the arch. The Overdrive could be the perfect choice for training and amateur players.

Support & Comfort

The rubber sole and radial herringbone patterns on the bottom offer better traction and more control on the rotations and turns. The thin-ribbed treads enhance the grip on all kinds of indoor courts – be it blacktop or hardwood.

The synthetic and hybrid mesh upper is good for ventilation. But, the synthetic strips on the sides do not seem firmly attached to the mesh layer. The glued strips can come out if soaked in water or after extensive use.

The EVA midsole and the internal bootie improve the cozy feeling and provide a better fit.

Overall, the shoes offer a solid setup for guards who need to be responsive and quickly react to the moves of the forwards.

Extra Protective Features

The shoelace holes go up to the ankle to provide a better, customized fit. There are PU reinforcements on the tongue and at the back of the ankle for improved safety and support.

The shoes are true to fit so there’s no need to go up or down with the size.


  • Bold style
  • High-top design
  • EVA midsole
  • Bottom with herringbone patterns


  • The upper synthetic strips may come off

11. NIKE Women’s Court Borough Low Basketball ShoesNIKE Women's Court Borough Low Basketball Shoes

Nike keeps it simple but professional with the Court Borough basketball shoes. The low-top shoes are considered to be the best for beginners and extensive training. If you want to start with a pair of Nike shoes but don’t have enough money to splurge on Air Force 1 or W Air Foamposite One, buy the Court Borough.

Design & Material

The Court Borough has an uncanny resemblance to the Air Force 1 – from the perforated leather upper to the low-cut design and a Swoosh logo on the side panel. You will have them in only two colors, black and white. A few versions feature a couple of accent colors.

The high-quality shoes are durable and don a sporty look. The leather upper and rubber sole combination looks traditional and classy. The vintage tennis shoe look matches well with shorts and various styles of clothing.

The shoes need some time to break in for a cozy fit. Also, the synthetic upper can crease after extensive use.

Support & Comfort

Although the Court Borough is a sports shoe, you can wear it for daily walking or casual use. It is lightweight and the moderate arch support is perfect for regular use.

When you are playing in the court, the low top makes it easier to move the feet without injuring the ankle. The padded collar balances the body by providing adequate cushioning.

The synthetic leather upper does not feel much hot because of having toe perforations. They aid with ventilation and do not let the inside become too hot.

The rubber cupsole with rounded patterns on the bottom help you stay stable on the court. However, the shoes are not the best choice for professional use.

Extra Protective Features

The low-cut design protects your feet with padded cushioning around the ankle. There is a heel loop at the ankle area. The lacing system allows you to have a customized fit.

The Court Borough is true to fit and you don’t need to go up or down with the size. However, a half size up will help if you need plenty of toe room.


  • Padded collar
  • Toe perforations
  • Rubber cupsole
  • Good traction
  • Suitable for daily, regular use


  • Need time to break in
  • The leather upper can crease

12. PUMA Women’s Sky II HI Futur Minimal Wn’s Basketball ShoePUMA Women's Sky II HI Futur Minimal Wn's Basketball Shoe

Puma is known for the high-tech creation and radical design. There is nothing revolutionary with the Women’s Sky II HI Futur basketball shoes but they will impress you as a budget purchase. They are a package of comfort, performance, and style.

Design & Material

The Sky II HI is the classic basketball shoe from Puma. First marketed in 1980, it promotes a blend of athletic and casual lifestyle. The current Futur version is based on that classic model with a few bells and whistles here and there.

Many will find the shoes in bright, vivid colors obnoxious while many others will absolutely love them. It is hard to find colorful and cute sports shoes for women. The Sky II HI Futur surely fills a gap in this sector.

The design and color palette are out of the box and the quality is also impressive. The upper is 100% synthetic material with faux snakeskin texture. The sole is rubber and there is a lacing system with dual hook and loop closures. The shaft is nearly 4.4 inches from the arch.

Support & Comfort

The high-top silhouette with padded collar provides great comfort when you are playing in the court. The synthetic upper and cushioned footbed provide cozy comfort although it may take some time to break in the shoes.

The textile linings and toe perforations keep the inner temperature in check. Your feet will have proper ventilation even if it is hot outside.

The rubber outsole and patterned grooves on the bottom prevent slipping on the court. However, they are not suitable for outdoors as the rubber sole will wear out quickly and the bottom will draw dust like crazy.

Extra Protective Features

Traditional lace-up closure gives a snug fit while the hook-and-loop Velcro straps offer additional fit around the ankle.


  • Colorful and bold design
  • Padded collar
  • Hook and loop Velcro straps
  • Toe perforations
  • Textile linings


  • Inapt for outdoors

13. Reebok Women’s Zig Pro Future-MReebok Women's Zig Pro Future-M

Built on the ZigTech platform, the Zig Pro Future-M from Reebok is a successor of the ZigSlash shoes. The natural extension of the ZigSlash can please any budget-minded shopper with its less than $50 price tag. The shoes will keep you active and safe in the court.

Design & Material

The low-cut shoes are available in several different colors to feed your inner fashion sense. The upper is made of 100% leather, synthetic, and mesh materials. Other features include the synthetic ZigTech sole, DMX Shear cushioning, ortholite foam insole, and TPU heel clip.

The upper has multiple layers of leather patches and strips. The leather panels form the most of the upper including around the heel and the medial side of the collar. There are small mesh areas on the tongue and both sides of the collar.

The Zig Pro Future-M has only the foundation with the ZigSlash. Other than that the two models don’t have much to compare. The latest model shows a subtler look and design compared to the flashy patterns of the ZigSlash.

Support & Comfort

The shoe has a close-fitting structure and leather is not flexible. It needs a considerable break-in period to give the peak of its performance. In fact, the tight construction helps the players who have to perform a more aggressive role in the court.

The ZigTech sole is highly responsive and handles rough movements well. The herringbone patterns on the bottom provide good traction though it could be uncomfortable to land on the sides. The heavy-footed players will get the most of the traction and stability on hardwood floors.

The thick, cushioned insole offers some comfort against the rock-solid footbed. The mesh patches and perforations throughout the body enhance breathability.

Extra Protective Features

The lacing system of the Zig Pro Future-M is unique. Small leather panels hold the first four lace loops and the final three eyelets are on the collar, being housed on leather reinforcements. As the laces go up to the ankle, you will enjoy a customized support and fit.


  • Available in several colors
  • Cushioned insole
  • ZigTech sole
  • Good traction
  • Sole is responsive


  • Breaking-in needs time
  • Uncomfortable side landings

14. adidas Women’s Pro Model Basketball Shoeadidas Women's Pro Model Basketball Shoe

Adidas launched the Pro Model as performance shoes but they gained popularity as a street-style classic. These are not cheap shoes and meant for real performance in the court. However, you can use them for casual wear too for the classy style.

Design & Material

The Women’s Pro Model brings back the vintage charm of the 70’s basketball shoes with its mid-top profile and a few classic details like the rubber shell toe, all leather build, and mesh patches.

The street-wear style matches with the nice color combo – a red body with white strips and patches here and there. Except for the rubber toe, the upper is made of 100% synthetic leather. The outsole is rubber and the midsole is lightweight EVA.

The shoes are made of high-quality materials but the leather upper can crease against extreme force and upon extensive use. Otherwise, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Support & Comfort

The Women’s Pro Model is a pair of durable, well-padded shoes. The padded ankle collar, tongue, and cushioned insole provide extra protection and warmth. The stylish shoes can give you the much-needed warmth during the winter months although the small mesh patches and perforations on the upper save the inside from being too uncomfortable in hot weather.

The non-marking outsole features herringbone patterns for good traction on hardwood floors. The sole is almost similar to the one found on the Superstar model. It grips well on almost all types of surfaces. However, you still should not use the shoes outdoors because the rubber sole can wear out quickly.

Extra Protective Features

The shoelace holes extend up to the ankle, providing a highly snug, customized fit. There is a padded extension at the ankle that acts as a heel loop.


  • Vintage design
  • Colorful look
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Leather upper
  • Added ankle padding
  • Provide warmth in cold


  • Feel hot in summer
  • Need some time to break in

15. adidas Women’s Cf Superhoops Mid W Basketball Shoesadidas Women's Cf Superhoops Mid W Basketball Shoes

The Women’s Cf Superhoops Mid W is another mid-range basketball shoes from Adidas. They are a good choice for warm-ups, running, training, and casual wear. Being a combination of good looks and comfort, the footwear could be the ideal choice for fashionable but practical-minded individuals.

Design & Material

The minimalistic retro design looks cool on feet. The style matches well with every occasion – no matter whether you use them in the court or for casual purposes. The color combination is cute featuring three shades of gray and subtle hints of baby pink.

The mid-cut shoes come with a synthetic leather upper featuring suede overlays. Three strips of leather are stitched on both sides and the brand’s name logo is imprinted on the heel.

The Cloudfoam cushioning, rubber sole, and the toe perforations make the Women’s Cf Superhoops good supportive and comfortable shoes for every occasion.

Support & Comfort

The comfort feature that will really impress you is the lightweight profile. Most basketball shoes are so heavy that you feel like carrying the weight of two concrete blocks on your feet.

The leather upper and padded areas like the heel collar and tongue provide high-quality coziness and support. Adidas enhances the comfort feature of these shoes with the Cloudfoam technology – similar thing to be found on the Cloudfoam Superhoops Mid. The Cloudfoam cushioning protects your footbed for strain and soreness.

The rubber cupsole with curved lines underneath the outsole grips well on most surfaces.

Extra Protective Features

The lacing system provides a good fit due to the two lace holes on the leather reinforcements at the ankle. The heel pull tab makes putting the shoes on and out easier.

The Women’s Cf Superhoops fits true to size. But, go a half or one size up if you are a wide-footer.


  • Cute color combinations
  • Retro design
  • Cloudfoam cushioning
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Rubber cupsole


  • Upper is not genuine leather

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