Top 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2021

Can a pair of golf shoes transform a bad golfer into a good one? Can it improve a player’s techniques?Top 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2018


Then, why does anyone shall spend money on golf shoes? Well, good-quality golf shoes make it easier to apply skills. They also make the learning process smoother by providing stability, traction, and comfort.

Golf is a game where you have to stand and walk all the time. Golf shoes are specially designed for the game, making sure that the players have good balance, stable foundation, and solid grip on the ground to make precise swings.

Just like the men’s golf footwear, women’s golf shoes are vital to making a difference in the game. Read our latest guide about the best women’s tennis shoes.

The Necessity of Women’s Golf Shoes

During an 18-hole round, you may walk 4 to 5 miles and stand for a couple of hours on average. Having a pair of high-quality shoes is crucial to ensure that your feet can survive the ordeal.

Also, any athletic shoes won’t make the cut because golf shoes are designed with the unique needs of the sport in mind.

Read our complete guide about the best training shoes for women.Top 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2019

Here are some other reasons for buying golf footwear:

Get better swings.

You need plenty of traction to keep the feet grounded when you swing the club. The task involves pivoting and twisting, which are different than walking and running. Golf shoes are designed to keep your feet stable during the swings, especially on the grass.

Prevent injury.

A good number of athletes pick up foot and ankle injuries during the course of the game or training. The chance is even higher in golf because the feet endure downward pressure when making a swing. Golf shoes protect your feet from both lateral and rotational pressure. Wearing high-quality footwear safeguards your feet from the stresses and keeps them firmly planted on the ground.

Almost 25% of sports injuries are related to the ankle and foot. So, there is no further need to stress the importance of wearing good-quality shoes while golfing.

Protect from slipping.

What’s the recipe for making a terrible golf shot? Slipping the feet during the swing. How can you prevent that from happening? By wearing a pair of good-quality golf shoes that fits nicely and provides traction. No more losing the aim by trying to keep the balance!

Except for the pro golfers, not everyone playing golf wears golf shoes. Some prefer golf sandals because they are open and cooler than closed-toe shoes in summer. Some people suffering from arthritis or other foot problems wear tennisTop 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2019 shoes for added cushioning and support.

But, good-quality golf shoes can improve your skill. Getting them in the right fit will help you to get a more comfortable, enjoyable game.

Characteristics of Best-Quality Women’s Golf Shoes

How to recognize a pair of high-quality women’s golf shoes? Are high-priced products always the better ones? Well, not always. Look for these qualities in the golf shoes to ensure that they improve your game.

Design & Materials

Women’s golf shoes can have a traditional or athletic look with plenty of color options available. Traditional ones boast of a classic countenance and design. Mostly made of leather materials, the shoes are long-wearing, super comfortable, and waterproof.

The athletic golf shoes are for those who like lightweight and breathable sports footwear. They look almost like running sneakers or cross-training footwear but are specially designed for the game. They offer more style and color options than the traditional shoes. The athletic golf shoes could be the best option if you are looking for something flexible and comfortable.

Shoes that are made of Gore-Tex and mesh materials are breathable and prevent sweating feet. Leather and rubber materials are not good for absorbing moisture. Rubber outsoles are the most common while the footbed or insole can be made of EVA or memory foam.Top 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2019

Waterproofing or water-resistance is another feature that you should give importance to. Waterproof shoes come handy in wet weather and in the early morning when the grass remains wet with dew. The water-resistant ones just repel water from the surface. They are fine if you occasionally play on wet turfs.

Several factors – material, comfort, style, and design – determine the quality of golf shoes. Good-quality ones are suitable for using everywhere – on dry surfaces to rainy weather.

Performance & Support

The materials and design influence the performance, support, and comfort factors. You should prefer golf shoes that break in quickly and have ample padding in the tongue and around the ankle area. Thin padding may leave your foot aching and with blisters at the end of the day.

Also, lightweight shoes are more than welcome because you definitely don’t want to drag the weight of concrete slabs around your feet. Rubber soles are the best as they weigh less but are stable and provide solid arch support.

Another crucial performance factor is the traction that solely depends on the outsole and the bottom design. There are two types of soles – spiked or cleated and spikeless.

The spiked shoes have rounds of hard plastic (mostly) or metal (rare) cleats with nubs branching off and down from the rounds at key points on the soles. The cleats are replaceable so you can change the worn off ones with new cleats.

The spikeless shoes have ridges and mounds instead of spikes or cleats to offer the maximum gripping during taking a shot.

Spikes provide more grip and work great for big swingers with fast speeds. They are good for gripping on wet and hilly courses.Top 15 Best Womens Golf Shoes in 2019

Golfers who want to wear their shoes off-course, will want to stick with the spikeless design. However, spikeless footwear is more comfortable and works fine on dry turfs. Also, you can wear them off the course too due to their lightweight structure and flexible sole.

The support and comfort mainly depend on extra padding and the midfoot construction. The insole/footbed has to be comfortable and made of something that absorbs shocks and impact. The impact of the strokes falls almost always on the balls of the player’s feet. So, the midfoot support keeps your feet free from pain and stress, especially when you are swinging the golf club.

A good pair of women’s golf shoes should offer stability, comfort, and grip to make golfing an enjoyable experience. Here is a curated list of 15 best products in the golf footwear for women.






1. ECCO Golf Womens Biom G 2 Free
Hydromax water-resistant technology$$$4.8
2. adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe
Flexible adiwear spikeless outsole$$4.8
3. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe
Silicone footbed$$ 4.7
4. adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe
6-Spike thintech outsole$$4.6
5. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe
Goga max insole$$4.6
6. adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe
Microfiber leather upper$$4.5
7. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Pro Shoe
Padded underfoot$$ 4.5
8. New Balance Women’s Minimus Sport Golf Shoe
REVlite 4mm drop midsole$$4.5
9. adidas Women’s w Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoe
Wider midsole-outsole platform$$4.4
10. Under Armour Women’s Fade RST Golf ShoeClarino microfiber upper$$4.3
11. adidas Women’s W Adipower Boost BOA Golf Shoe
BoostAazA foam insole$$4.2
12. Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe
Rubber sole$$ 4.1
13. adidas Women’s W Pure Boost xG Golf Shoe
Full-Length boost midsole foam$$4.0
14. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major Shoe

Goga Matrix outsole

15. Nike Women’s Akamai Golf Shoes

Full-length Lunarlon cushioning


1. ECCO Golf Womens Biom G 2 FreeECCO Golf Womens Biom G 2 Free

The Ecco Women’s BIOM G2 is arguably the perfect specimen of the pinnacle of Ecco’s technical evolution. The shoes are the top pick in this list and rightly so because they are rich with features compared to other listings. Despite the hefty price tag, you should consider the BIOM G2 for the sheer quality they bring to raise your game.

Design & Materials

The BIOM G2 looks great – featuring a contemporary style with a nod to classic design. Available in multiple color combinations, the upper is always neutral but the use of a contrasting color on the laces and outsole is refreshing. The silver heel and patches around the toe are eye-catching without being overpowering.

The YAK leather upper is high-quality. It is strong but soft and breathable at the same time. The lather just molds around the contour of your feet even if you have bunions or other foot problems.

The soft leather does not trap sweat inside and the perforations in the tongue and sides make it more breathable. The Hydromax treatment on the upper makes it water-resistant, protecting from elements when the condition is wet.

Performance & Support

The BIOM G2 is equipped with an array of technical features to offer comfort and improve the performance on the turfs. The breathable YAK leather wraps around the foot and takes no time to break in.

The anatomically-shaped silicone insole prevents unwanted foot moment. The cushioned tongue and collar and breathable textile linings add more support and coziness. BIOM technology alleviates natural motion and brings the feel closer to the ground.

The SLIM-Lok fitting system with the CHAMP soft spikes keeps the feet cemented to the ground. You will get great traction on all kinds of surfaces. The cleats may wear out over time but you can replace them with new ones.

The BIOM G2 is great golf shoes without any major drawback. They are such high-quality that your feet will still be relaxed and comfortable even if your body is sore after long hours of golfing.


  • Stylish
  • YAK upper is soft and breathable
  • Hydromax water-resistant technology
  • Solid traction
  • Silicone insole


  • Expensive

2. adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoeadidas Women's Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

The Adidas Adipure Sport golf shoes give you the freedom of playing fierce while feeling fashionable and feminine. The cool look combined with lightweight profile and superior comfort makes the shoes a trusted companion on the course. The Adipure is not cheap but the quality makes up for the price.

Design & Materials

The design of the shoes will please anyone who has a penchant for classic and clean looking footwear. The Adipure Sport is available in plenty of color options, mostly consisting of a neutral upper and one or two accent colors in the tongue, around the neck, and at the bottom. The sober color combinations work with all kinds of outfits.

The upper is a mix of PU leather and textile fabric, which provides stability and also keeps the weight low. There are perforations across the upper, allowing the moisture to get out and your feet to stay dry.

The lower front end, wider forefoot, and rounded toe area offer the ultimate comfort and fit. Also, the PU coated upper and directly sealed outsole bond make the shoes fairly water-resistant. Your socks will stay dry even after a round in a dewy morning.

Performance & Support

The Heather textile upper with PU protective coating and perforations across the body attributes the shoes with every quality that you can ask for – lightweight, water-repellent, and breathable.

The padded collar and tongue and the fitfoam PU sock liner are there to offer extra coziness. The sock liner keeps a bit of heat in, making the shoes comfortable in the winter too.

The adiwear spikeless outsole combined with the pure motion lugs is excellent for the traction you need on grass turfs and other surfaces. The sole latches on to the ground firmly and keeps your foot stable throughout the game.

The Adipure Sport runs almost one to a half size bigger and the wider toe box saves the toes from being squished. People with narrow feet can use an insole for having the right fit. However, the center of the shoes is a bit wider than usual, which could be uncomfortable.


  • Neat, classic design
  • Lightweight
  • Spikeless outsole offers good traction
  • Fitfoam PU sock liner


  • Runs bigger than the true size
  • Expensive

3. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf ShoeECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

Ecco, a Danish shoemaker, has been manufacturing golf shoes for women for a couple of years. They are known for producing footwear that is of the highest quality, possessing all the features that the golfers want. The BIOM Hybrid is another addition to their lineup that focuses on quality.

Design & Materials

The BIOM Hybrid looks almost similar to the BIOM G2 but here only the laces and the bottom part of the outsole feature the contrasting color. The YAK leather upper is available in white and oyster colors and the silver patches in the heel and toe areas complete the beautiful look.

The premium YAK leather upper is stronger and lighter than cowhide leather. However, it is more breathable and flexible, allowing your feet to breathe while molding nicely contour. The silicone insole and rubber outsole further add to the quality of the shoes.

The Hydromax technology and the anti-stain formula make the upper repel water and safeguard the feet from the elements. The outsole meets the upper with a direct injected bond – creating a watertight seal.

The PU midsole and dual-density TPU outsole also add to the quality of the shoes.

Performance & Support

The BIOM Hybrid is equipped with Natural Motion feature. The shoes just contour around the natural shape of the foot to increase the support and comfort. The leather upper is soft and takes no time to break in. The padded tongue and neck enhance the cozy feel even more.

The silicone insole is made of premium material. It prevents unwanted foot movement during the swings. The bottom has no cleats but there are TPU molds on the sole, providing traction from more than hundreds of angles. You will get a superb grip even on the most testing turfs.

Due to the application of the unique BIOM technology, the shoes provide full-length foot support and help the golfers to enjoy a natural foot position. Adequate arch support and wide toe box make sure that you deliver a professional performance while having unrivaled comfort all day long.


  • Neat and sporty design
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Hydromax technology
  • Anti-stain feature
  • Silicone footbed for premium support
  • Superb TPU traction


  • Not suitable for rough courses
  • Expensive

4. adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoeadidas Women's W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

Adidas has designed the W Response Bounce golf shoes for the female golfers who want to look good without sacrificing the comfort in their footwear. The lightweight shoes are packed with premium features to improve your gaming skills. The W Response Bounce is not inexpensive but costs less than the Adipure Sport.

Design & Materials

The W Response Bounce does not have any fancy design and look. Available in a couple of color options, the upper is either black, gray, or white. The accent colors on the bottom and around the heel look cute.

The synthetic leather upper with climastorm protection and directly bonded rubber outsole repels water and keeps your socks dry when you walk on wet turfs. However, the shoes are not breathable due to the textile lining and absence of perforations.

The foam midsole, cloudfoam insole, and thintech EXP cleats on the bottom are all premium materials. They help you to give your best while playing.

Performance & Support

The microfiber leather upper is not quite breathable and takes some time to break in. But, it repels water and the climastorm coating protects your feet from weather elements.

The lightweight full-length Bounce foam midsole and the cloudfoam insole allow for a comfortable walk. The midsole is specially engineered with grooves that enhance stability and increases comfort – a recipe for the ultimate golfing performance. The cloudfoam insole is also there for ultralight cushioning and comfort.

The adiwear outsole offers greater longevity than regular materials. The highly durable non-marking rubber is wear-resistant and holds well even when exposed to high-abrasive areas. The 6-spike thintech EXP cleats offer improved traction and stability without destroying the green turfs. You can even replace the cleats when they wear out. Plus, their low-profile design keeps the foot closer to the surface – offering better traction and balance.

The shoes run almost true to the size and provide the best fit if your feet are slightly on the wider side. The wider forefoot design improves the fit and enhances the overall comfort.


  • Textile lining
  • Foam midsole
  • Lightweight insole
  • Adiwear outsole
  • 6-spike thintech cleats


  • Take time to break in
  • Not breathable

5. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf ShoeSkechers Women's Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

Spruce up your on-course look with the numerous color options of Skechers Go Golf Birdie golf shoes. You can rely on these shoes for enhanced stability and all-day comfort. It is pretty tough to find high-quality shoes at less than $100 but the Go Golf Birdie relieves the tension of the budget shoppers.

Design & Materials

The spikeless, lightweight Go Golf Birdie oozes sporty styling with knitted upper, nice accent colors, ‘S’ logo on the side, and lace up front.

The mesh/knitted fabric upper is super breathable. The moisture does not get trapped inside the shoes to make your feet hot. However, the breathability comes at the cost of water-resistance. The upper can repel water to some extent but there is no way it can hold out for long when the grass is dewy or the ground is wet. The Go Golf Birdie can be a great summer shoe for those who love walking and running.

Other materials used in the shoes are a cushioned midsole, Goga Max insole, and TPU outsole. There are synthetic overlays on the upper for enhancing the firmness while the tapered midfoot design is excellent for enhanced coziness while walking.

Performance & Support

The Go Golf Birdie provides all-day comfort, which dares golfers to venture 36 holes in a day! The shoes are comfortable and supportive with the breathable upper, cushioned neck, and fabric sock liner.

The lightweight 5GEN midsole offers responsive cushioning while the Goga Max insole also offers a snug padding for the feet. The TPU outsole and the traction lugs enhance stability. The synthetic heel overlay provides extra support during a swing. The spikeless bottom offers durable grip that helps anchor your feet through the swings.

The shoes are comfortable right from the start and do not require any time to break in. The upper with the roomy toe box just molds around your feet even if you have bunions. You can hit the ball, pitch, and putt all day long without feeling any pain in the foot.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent for walking and running
  • Roomy toe box
  • Goga Max insole
  • Lightweight 5GEN midsole


  • Not really waterproof

6. adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoeadidas Women's W Tech Response Golf Shoe

Good-quality golf shoes from a top-tier brand is quite rare. However, Adidas enriches the budget section with the W Tech Response. These shoes are an affordable pick without compromising with the quality. They are highly functional on the course and feel good on the feet.

Design & Materials

The W Tech Response dons a clean look with absolutely no fancy feature. With its classy countenance, it feels soft and comfortable to wear and provides long-lasting protection in the golf course.

The shoes are made of microfiber leather upper, cloudfoam EVA sockliner, and thintech outsole. The 6-spike design improves stability and traction.

Despite having a sock liner, the shoes are somewhat breathable due to the perforations in the front and sides. Adidas claims to make the upper with ClimaStorm water-resistant protection but it hardly resists water. One or two splashes and slightly dewy grass is fine don’t expect it to keep your feet and socks dry for hours.

Adidas offers a one-year waterproof warranty and 90-day comfort guarantee. So, you can ask for a refund or replacement if you are not satisfied.

Performance & Support

How many times have you felt the urge to switch back to your normal shoes after a round of golf? This won’t happen with the W Tech Response. You will find yourself driving home in these shoes simply because they are snug and comfortable.

The shoes are slightly wider in the forefoot region, which is deliberate to improve the overall comfort factor.

The microfiber leather along with the cushioned tongue and neck nice contours around the foot. The ultra-lightweight EVA sock liner creates a comfy environment under the foot. As a result, you get the maximum support and cushioning during the swings and walking on the turfs. It also offers a customized fit, which is important for reducing pain and stress. The outsole has adiwear abrasion-resistance feature and thintech EXP cleats. You will enjoy unprecedented traction on almost all kinds of surfaces.


  • Simple, classy look
  • Highly comfortable
  • EVA sock liner
  • Adiwear wear resistance
  • EXP cleats for great traction


  • Not fully waterproof

7. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Pro ShoeSkechers Women's Go Golf Pro Shoe

Cozy, chic, and designed to perform on all kinds of golf courses, there is no way to go wrong with these Go Golf Pro shoes from Skechers. The lightweight structure keeps your feet relaxed while the affordable cost saves you from stretching the budget.

Design & Materials

The Go Golf Pro offers a neutral design consisting of a single-shade upper with one or two accent tones. You can choose from four color options – black, gray, navy, and white. The simple styling with a hint of sporty vibe (due to the ‘S’ logo on the side and lace-up system) looks good with different types of outfits.

One minor problem is the upper looks like kind of plasticky in person. However, if you can ignore that, the shoes offer good value for money. Especially, the waterproof protection delivered by the H2GO shield is mind-blowing. They can survive a couple of rainy rounds without any issue.

In addition, the shoes feature Resamax insole with 5 GEN cushioning, sock liner, and a bottom traction plate with 6 cleats.

Performance & Support

You will just love to wear the Go Golf Pro shoes because of their cushioning comfort on firm fairways. Also, the traction and support allow you to have the full control while swinging the club at more than 100 mph.

The soft, padded feel underfoot and around the ankle offers exceptional comfort. The cleats under the sole create a solid platform for the player to hit the ball with full force.

The shoe is a bit snug so people with wide feet should choose a half size bigger. The only downside is that the shoes feel a little bit high off the ground, creating a problem for some people to maintain the balance. Apart from that, the dynamic traction plate offers a solid base and makes it easier for removing dirt.

However, the overall traction, balance, and comfort are on point. If you are playing in a 36-hole course on firm terrain, wearing these shoes will protect you from foot problems.


  • Neat and clean look
  • Padded underfoot
  • Good traction
  • Excellent protection from water


  • The upper looks like plastic
  • Feel a bit a high off the ground

8. New Balance Women’s Minimus Sport Golf ShoeNew Balance Women's Minimus Sport Golf Shoe

With the Minimus Sport golf shoes, New Balance has brought the technology of running shoes into the golf footwear. If comfort and flexibility are what you want in your golf shoes, the Minimus Sport is a perfect choice. The shoes are also highly stylish and have the right feature to improve your golfing skills.

Design & Materials

With a cute sporty styling, these shoes look like sneakers. They also possess the quality of running shoes so you can use them for athletic sports, running, and waking. You can choose from three color options – gray upper with pink accents, coral upper with white accents, and white upper with gray accents.

The synthetic upper is breathable due to having mesh fabric patches across the body. The mesh material wicks away sweating and prevents foot odor. The airflow and comfort provided by the shoes can be compared to many high-end products.

The shoes also have REVlite midsole, NDurance spikeless rubber outsole, and FantomFit support. Also, there is a textile sock liner and cushioning around the neck.

The upper is water-resistant and can survive a couple of dewy or rainy rounds. However, don’t expect to go home with dry feet and socks if you play on the wet ground for a few hours.

Performance & Support

The Minimus Sport shoes are primarily known for providing the comfort of running shoes. The REVlite 4mm drop midsole and the sock liner allow your feet to enjoy the maximum comfort. The lightweight cushioning and the excellent traction from the NDurance spikeless rubber outsole let you concentrate on your swings, rather than maintaining the balance.

The rubber outsole has plenty of nubs to secure your feet on the ground. The FantomFit support system further increases the snug feel and allows you to play for hours without aching your feet.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • REVlite midsole
  • Spikeless rubber sole
  • Comfortable like running shoes


  • Not completely waterproof

9. adidas Women’s w Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoeadidas Women's w Climacool Knit CblackD Golf Shoe

The W Climacool golf shoes from Adidas can be described in two words – super comfortable. Simply slip the shoes on and you can happily forget about their presence for the rest of the round. Considering the price and other features, the W Climacool is one of the most affordable golf shoes that don’t compromise with the quality.

Design & Materials

The W Climacool has a neat and clean profile. There is no extra patch or overlay except for the Velcro straps, a heel loop, and the brand’s logo on the tongue. The shoes are available in three colors – black, light onix, and energy blue.

Due to their modern styling and cute color combinations, the W Climacool has great appeal to people from various age brackets.

The Circleknit upper is 100% textile that stretches out and is super breathable. The material is specially engineered for golfing to provide lateral stability during the swings. You might be worried that the textile could tear at the joints. But, the shoes are well made and the material is not flimsy.

The W Climacool does not look or feel like the typical hefty golf footwear. These lightweight shoes are easy to slip on and off and you can even wear them as regular shoes.

The shoes are great and you can say goodbye to your foot pain because they take such good care of your feet. However, they do not resist water at all. Even the dewy grass can make them completely damp.

Performance & Support

The Circleknit upper material is specially designed for golf footwear for providing breathability, flexibility, and lateral stability. It stretches so there will be no breaking in period and no blister due to rubbing. Plus, the cloudfoam insole is there for stress relief. It offers responsive padding that reduces foot fatigue during long rounds.

If you are looking for stability, the wider-than-usual midsole-outsole platform and the spikeless outsole offer it. The puremotion outsole provides swing plane traction, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility and grip needed to reform your swings.

Many people will welcome the absence of laces because tying them is a bit of hassle. Instead, use the Velcro to get your desired fit.


  • Stretching textile upper
  • Cushioning lightweight insole
  • Puremotion outsole
  • Velcro lock-in system


  • Not water-resistant

10. Under Armour Women’s Fade RST Golf ShoeUnder Armour Women's Fade RST Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a pair of truly comfortable golf shoes with layers of cushioning, go for the Fade RST from Under Armour. You won’t need any break-in period and there will be no foot pain even if you finish the whole round in the same shoes.

Design & Materials

The shoes are available in three different color combinations – steel (with talc blue and white accents), white (with overcast gray accents) and white (with overcast gray and onix accents).

The Fade RST upper is Clarino microfiber and synthetic leather. The microfiber is breathable that keeps your feet cool and it has a waterproof membrane around the toe region so that you can play all the year round.

However, there is still a portion of the microfiber material that does not have the waterproof coating. So, your socks won’t be dry if it is raining or the grasses are tall and dewy.

The Fade RST also has an EVA footbed, rubber outsole, spiked bottom, padded collar, tongue loop, and a lacing system. The laces offer a locked-in fit to get a customized fitting and added support. Plus, premium details like stitching and perforations add to the shelf appeal.

Performance & Support

The Fade RST provides long-lasting comfort due to the microfiber upper, EVA footbed, and textile sock liner. The ample padding all across the upper cradles your foot.

The EVA insole contours around the shape of your footbed and alleviates foot pain. You can even remove it for making more room or inserting an orthopedic insole.

The spiked outsole provides lockdown traction and grip with the US Rotational Resistance technology. The soft cleats grip the turfs without doing any harm to the grass bed.

The Fade RST can easily be into the niche of footwear that players look into for a blend of performance and style. The properly padded and stable shoes are a good choice for both on and off the course.


  • Breathable microfiber material
  • Lightweight EVA footbed
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Superb traction due to the US Rotational Resistance technology


  • Won’t hold out rainy weather

11. adidas Women’s W Adipower Boost BOA Golf Shoeadidas Women's W Adipower Boost BOA Golf Shoe

The Adipower Boost is the heart and soul of Adidas golf footwear. This model with the BOA system can compete with any top of the line golf shoes. But, whether the BOA system is worth the extra money is debatable. The W Adipower Boost BOA golf shoes take the golf footwear to a whole new level with their progressive technologies and compelling design.

Design & Materials

The W Adipower Boost BOA is available in five different color combinations. All the versions have crisscrossed design on the sides and additional heel counter. It also has Boost midsole, PU sock liner, and TPU spiked outsole.

The microfiber faux leather upper is soft that embraces the contour of your feet. However, breathability can be an issue since the upper is synthetic material and does not have perforations except for around the ankle.

They are water-resistant though due to the climaproof technology. It makes the shoes eligible for all-weather performance.

The fit sleeve tongue, heel pull-on, and the BOA closure system make sure that you get a more comfortable, snug fit. The BOA closure ensures a more customizable and micro-adjustable fit without the fear of loosening up during the play. It sits on top of the tongue, making it easier to reach and make the adjustments.

Performance & Support

The faux leather upper is comfortable and breathable. The fitfoam PU sock liner and padded ankle provide adequate cushioning and support. But, the shoes can offer even more support and relief to your feet with the Boost midsole foam in the heel and midfoot regions.

Numerous TPU energy capsules go into the making of the Boost foam, turning it responsive and something that returns energy to the foot sole. Also, the responsive Bounce foam in forefoot aids garnering more power at impact. As a result, the player will get more trampoline effect than the regular EVA foam when putting pressure on the swings.

The external heel counter adds to the lateral stability, which is increased manifold by the advanced puremotion TPU outsole. The sole has 6 TPU cleats and strategically-placed gripmore traction so you feel steady and stable on the green.

The shoes have a slim fit and they are narrow in the toe area. Unless you have slim feet, order one or a half size bigger.


  • Stylish look and design
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Midsole is responsive
  • Heel counter for added stability
  • Cleats and lugs for superior traction
  • BOA closure system


  • Expensive
  • Breathability can be a factor

12. Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf ShoeSkechers Women's Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe

Why shall you choose the Go Walk 2 from Skechers? It is because there are only a handful of golf shoes in the market that offer these three things – classic look, loads of comfort, and reasonable price. The wide footers can rejoice because these are relaxed fit shoes.

Design & Materials

The Go Walk 2 looks more like sneakers than golf shoes. You can wear them for casual occasions and no one will bat an eyelash. Available in two versions – gray upper with blue accents and navy upper with black and pink accents – the shoes are casual but stylish.

The upper is Heather fabric material with synthetic leather overlays on the side, around the ankle, and toe. The outsole is rubber and the spikeless bottom has hard plastic nubs across the perimeter.

The interior has blue fabric sock liner, Goga Mat insole, and plenty of cushioning. The mesh upper offers a relaxing cool fit with the help of the extra wide toe box. The midsole offers a water-resistant protection, but don’t expect anything more than the capacity of withstanding a few splashes.

Performance & Support

The Go Walk 2 feels highly comfortable due to the Resalyte midsole and 5-gen cushioning. You can wear them all day long and move and bend any way you want without feeling any pain. The insole may not be as soft and cushy like a memory foam footbed but is still snug and supportive.

The synthetic overlays add to the lateral stability and protect the feet from elements. The shoes are great for those who have a high arch. Despite not being a high-top, the collar is high enough to support the ankle.

The outsole offers GOimpulse Sensors traction control technology with the help of the hard plastic nubs on the bottom. They improve stability on most surfaces but are soft enough to not leave any mark on hardwood floors.

The wide footers will like the Go Walk 2 because the toe box is roomier without making the ankle area wider than usual. However, order something else if your feet are slim.


  • Look like sneakers
  • Roomy toe box
  • GOimpulse Sensors traction
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for slim footers

13. adidas Women’s W Pure Boost xG Golf Shoeadidas Women's W Pure Boost xG Golf Shoe

The W Pure Boost xG will definitely win the best-looking section of any contest. The style is modern, the look is eye-catching, and the features are well-thought out. The price is slightly high but not too much for a pair of Adidas shoes.

Design & Materials

The W Pure Boost xG is amazing because it combines the comfort of sneakers with the quality of golf shoes. It has some serious styling too, being available in four lovely colors and flaunting a modern design.

The upper is made of CircleKnit fabric that stretches and offers the best comfort that your feet can ask for. The sock-like collar makes it an absolute cinch to pull on and off and there is a heel pull-on to make the process even simpler.

There are three stripes on each side and two small PU overlays housing the D-rings for the laces. There is a waterproof membrane coating the bottom half of the upper.

The CircleKnit fabric is super breathable and it also repels water and brushes off sand due to the water-resistant coating. However, it won’t survive a rain for sure.

Performance & Support

The CricleKnit fabric is specially engineered for golfing. It stretches and wicks away moisture. You can wear the shoes in the summer when almost all golf footwear feels like an oven.

The CircleKnit upper is already comfortable and the Boost midsole and cloudfoam insole further increase the coziness. The foam constructions are responsive to return energy and keep the feet fatigue-free after a long day. You will hardly find a better combo for the energy punch and unrivaled cushioning.

There is an interesting design tweak in the W Pure Boost xG – a gap underneath the arch. It adds more strength to your swings by allowing the forefoot and heel to move independently of each other.

The spikeless outsole uses puremotion technology to offer nice traction and grip. The deep grooves on the bottom enhance your movement, allowing the foot to flex in natural angles.


  • Stylish look and design
  • CircleKnit stretching and breathable upper
  • Midsole and insole reduce fatigue
  • The arch design improves movements


  • Won’t survive rainy days
  • Not suitable for winter

14. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major ShoeSkechers Women's Go Golf Eagle Major Shoe

The Go Golf Eagle Major golf shoes from Skechers are popular due to having fresh designs, nice color schemes, and advanced features. Following the popular streetwear trends and taking design cues from the brand’s GoWalk line, the Go Golf Eagle Major can come close to the top-tier products. The price is just right, especially for those who can’t afford a pair of Adidas or Ecco.

Design & Materials

The Go Golf Eagle Major comes in several color combinations, two of which feature tropical prints on the sides. The signature brand logos are on both sides and at the heel. The shoes are fashionable and contrasting trim hues are used to make them stand out.

The upper has both synthetic and mesh materials. The mesh part reduces the weight and maximizes ventilation to wick away sweat. However, the airflow is not adequate to keep the feet cool during the summer heat.

The shoes repel water to some extent as the upper features H2GO Shield technology. But, water can still seep through the mesh parts and make the feet wet.

Performance & Support

The midsole and Goga Max footbed of the shoes feel soft and supportive under the foot. They offer just the right amount of cushioning and flexibility that you need when walking, putting, swinging the club. The tapered midfoot design further increases walking comfort by providing adequate foot support.

The 5GEN cushioning technology ensures maximum coziness. Plus, it makes the foam structures are responsive to reduce the foot fatigue and resilient to assuage the pain stemmed from standing for long hours.

The rubber outsole gives a stellar performance in slippery conditions due to the GOwalk 4 technology. It features plenty of plastic nubs under the sole that enhance traction, allowing you to have more control and balance on your movements.


  • Available in plenty of color schemes
  • Stylish and looks fashionable
  • 5GEN cushioning technology
  • GOwalk 4 outsole provides good traction


  • Not quite breathable
  • No protection from rain

15. Nike Women’s Akamai Golf Shoes

The Akamai from Nike looks more like sneakers than golf shoes. It offers everything – from exceptional foot support Nike Women's Akamai Golf Shoes to a high level of comfort – that you need to improve your game. The shoes are just perfect for long days out on the course.

Design & Materials

Available in various color schemes, the Akamai is a looker. All the combinations look nice and you can wear them for everyday outings because of their sneaker-like design.

The shoes have swoosh design trademarks on the sides, a padded ankle, heel pull-on, and a lace-up closure system. There are no eyelets for the shoelace, just holes on the leather material.

The sporty upper is a mix of synthetic leather and textile mesh material, providing comfort, ventilation, and protection from water. However, the Akamai is mostly good weather golf shoes because the synthetic material might be damaged after long exposure to water.

In addition, the shoes have Lunarlon cushioning, Phylon midsole, and rubber outsole.

Performance & Support

The most part of the upper is synthetic leather so it may take some time to break the shoes in. The full-length Lunarlon cushioning and the Phylon midsole cradle your feet to boost walking comfort and lessen foot pain and fatigue. If you have to be on your foot for hours, don’t worry. You will be all smiling while taking the shoes off at the end of the round.

You can wear the Akamai shoes on all surfaces due to the unique outsole design. Plenty of plastic nubs are set on the sole in a way that you will get the necessary grip in all types of courses.

The shoes run a bit small and the slim fit makes them tighter in the toe box area. You should order a size up if your feet are wide.


  • Have the looks of running shoes
  • Full-length Lunarlon cushioning
  • Responsive Phylon midsole
  • Excellent traction


  • Expensive
  • Good weather shoes
  • Run smaller than the regular size

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