Top 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2022

Sliding around while trying the Warrior poses or Downward Dog is not going to improve your posture or boost a Top 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2022neophyte yogi’s confidence in any way. Yoga poses need full concentration on the task, the breathing, and the feeling of connecting the body with the mind. But, without a pair of good yoga socks, you rather end up struggling with keeping the feet unmoving.

Yoga has millions of fans across the world – millions of people have embraced it as a part of their life. Some people do it for increasing muscle strength and boosting energy while others focus on correcting postures or improving concentration. In fact, yoga offers multitudes of benefits and the key to having a fruitful yoga session is to have the right accessories. Yoga socks provide the cushioning, support, and flexibility needed to perform the poses. Read our latest guide about the best socks for sweaty feet.

What are Yoga Socks?

What’s the recipe for a doing a flawless yoga pose – the perfect control and balance. Your toes and feet have to be strong and stand firm on the ground. The socks provide more traction so that you can spread your toes without skidding. As they help to keep the balance, you can comfortably master a new pose.

The yoga socks are available in a couple of styles – regular socks, open toes, and half toes. However, all types are designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and traction.Top 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2019

The Benefits of Yoga Socks

Many people like to go to the yoga classes barefoot. In fact, people have practiced it barefoot for thousands of years. But, the time has changed and many experienced yogis nowadays like to wear appropriate footwear during practice.  et’s discuss the perks that yoga socks bring to the table:

Prevent Skidding

Staying in barefoot may seem convenient to be steady while doing the yoga poses. But, wearing socks prevents skidding when the floor is slippery. Many yoga socks have silicone dots on the bottom to provide more grip and traction.

Both experienced and beginner yogis alike use socks as these help with spreading the toes, stretching the feet muscles, and holding the balance and pose for longer. You can learn the position quicker and put all the focus on holding the core instead of keeping the feet in the right spot.

The anti-slip bottom can help to prevent falls in elderly people. They can wear these around the house, even on slick hardwood and tiled flooring.

Provide Added Comfort

Yoga socks hug your feet with warmth and comfort. When you forget to bring your mat or can’t use it due to limited space, the socks will save you from the hard, cold floor. They also absorb sweat, keeping the feet dry and cozy.

Protect from Germs

How many people have used the same gym or studio before you? Think of all the sweat and plantar warts (maybe). Yikes!

Most yoga studios have a no-shoe policy during yoga sessions. In that case, socks protect from dirt, sweat, fungi, and viruses on the floor. For this reason, some gyms require their members to wear socks during the Top 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2019exercises.

Help to Focus

A pair of good-quality socks helps the yogi to stay in the moment. You need focus and concentration to perform a yoga position, instead of worrying about the feet slipping or the germs on the floor.


Yoga socks are good for other similar types of exercises like barre, dance, pilates, and even kickboxing. Elderly people can also wear them to prevent accidental falls. Patients in hospice care or health facilities can wear them too to avoid coming in contact with germs.

Characteristics of Best Quality Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are mostly similar in features and price – except for the brand names. Only one or two brands focus on manufacturing something quite unique. Otherwise, these characteristics will be helpful to determine whether a pair of socks is good quality or not.

Style & Materials

The socks will be on your feet and you won’t probably be looking at them more than a couple of times while doing the exercises. But, they don’t have to be boring, do they? Wanna show off? You’re in luck!

Check the design. Most yoga socks come in various colors and prints. The design also plays a part in aesthetic and practicality, as well. The socks could have a traditional design (completely covered toe box), toeless, or a five-toe open style. Each has its own benefits and downsides.

Socks with the classic design are good for keeping the feet warm and warding off germs. They aid in keeping the feet dry for longer by soaking up the sweat better. People who don’t have their own studio and feel gross-out touching the Top 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2019floor of public gyms and yoga studios will find these socks suitable.

If you want more tactile feel when working out, choose the toeless design. Regular socks may twist around a bit when you are working out, affecting the grip. It won’t happen when you wear toeless socks as the toes will be out and touching the ground for more resistance.

The five-toe design somewhat offers the best of both worlds – covered protection from germs and better grip than traditional socks. Each toe has their own slot and some even have rubber grip dots under each and every toe. It may take some time to get used to such socks. But, the design provides all the benefits of toeless socks without incurring the downsides. It is also great for reducing bunion pain caused by wearing tight shoes.

The size. There are two types of yoga socks – one that comes in various sizes and the other that is available in ‘one size fits all’.

The second type is good for those who have average-size feet but not the best option for those having very large or small feet. Choose a product that has different sizes to ensure a better fit although most yoga socks are available in one size. The one size option ranges between 5 and 9 inches or 6 and 10 inches.

Materials matter. These socks are mostly made of cotton or bamboo fabric with some synthetic or blended options like spandex. Cotton is good for absorbing sweat and moisture, keeping the feet dry and free from fungus.

A mix of synthetic fabric like spandex or polyamide contributes to a snug fit. Their stretchy nature increases comfort and promotes movement without much resistance. Look for cotton socks with a bit of synthetic fabric mixed in them.

Comfort & Flexibility

As you will be working out, stretching, or doing yoga in these socks, they have to be comfy, snugglyTop 15 Best Yoga Socks in 2019, and flexible. Things that contribute to these factors are the materials used, proper grip, and a snug fit.

How’s the grip? Good-quality yoga socks must have good grip. Proper traction ensures that you can do all those poses that are easier to do barefoot. Most socks have a kind of silica grip at the bottom for improved traction. Good grips can improve your practice and quicken the time of mastering a new asana.

Do they fit nicely? A nice fit makes sure that the socks won’t come off where you are practicing. Also, fitting socks mean your feet won’t move inside while doing the dance, pilates, or yoga.

The comfort and flexibility also depend on the breathability and stretchy nature of the socks. The materials have to be breathable and provide just the right amount of stretch.

We’ve rounded up a list of 15 yoga socks to help you with your practice. The careful selections feature products from various brands and of different price ranges. Make a smart choice by choosing the pair that suits best your practice requirements.






1. Yoga Paws Travel Yoga Mat (Elite – Full Set)

stretchy, breathable, top designed

2. Muezna Men’s Non Slip Yoga Socks
perfect for pregnant women, hospital patients$$4.8
3. Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip

Machine Washable

$$ 4.7
4. Great Soles Ballet Non Skid Socks for Women
Comfortably fit women’s shoe size 6-9$$4.6
5. Ellaste Yoga Socks Non Slip
6. ToeSox Ballerina Half-Toe Socks
toeless Elle grip$$4.5
7. ToeSox Bella Half-Toe Socks
Achilles tendon protection$$ 4.5
8. Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks for Women
100% Silicone Gel$$4.5
9. Great Soles Ombre Non Skid Socks for Women
Machine wash inside out and line dry$$4.4
10. Hylaea Half-Toe Yoga Socks for Women
Five Toes Separated$$4.3
11. Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip
Patented TOE-FREE design$$4.2
12. Qing Yoga Socks for Women
anti-skid, non-slip$$ 4.1
13. FITLEAF Yoga Socks for Women
14. Cooque Yoga Socks Non Slip


15. Huathy Women’s Yoga Socks

Line dry or machine dry on low heat


1. Yoga Paws Travel Yoga Mat (Elite – Full Set)

The Elite yoga gloves and socks from YogaPaws grace the top spot in this list. The brand describes the set as little yoga mats for the Yoga Paws Travel Yoga Mat (Elite - Full Set)hands and feet, which is more than accurate. The padded gloves and socks provide the right amount of comfort and traction for the yoga sessions. They also revolutionize yoga on the road for the nomads. Some people may raise an eyebrow over the price, which is almost twice of a pair of good-quality yoga socks. But, the quality is definitely impressive.

Style & Materials

The socks have open toes and heel. An elastic trap around the heel keeps the socks secured to the feet. The gloves also feature an open-finger design while a Velcro strap takes care of the fitting.

The Elite socks and gloves are available in five different colors and four unisex sizes. The Size 2 apparently fits 90% of women while the Size 4 is regular for men. Both products are ergonomically designed and feature a 5mm of padded support.

The upper side of the socks is made of a mix of Lycra and spandex materials that are breathable and flexible. The gloves have mesh backing and natural rubber material on the palm side. Both of them have a layer of super-absorbent microfiber on the inside that feels like a towel. The zig-zag, hidden seams prevent skin gouging.

Unlike other yoga socks, YogaPaws keeps their products free of latex and silicone. Instead, they use high-quality and natural materials for offering traction, comfort, and flexibility.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Elite socks and gloves have a thin layer of padding to cushion the pressure points of your hands and feet. They are perfect for those suffering from an injury. The flexible, breathable top wicks away moisture, cooling the skin off. The natural rubber bottom holds a solid grip on the ground no matter wherever you do the exercises – on a stone floor, hardwood, grass, carpet, or slippy tiles. The soft elastic loops keep toes and fingers separate from each other without irritating your skin folds. The interior towel layer absorbs sweat even if you are practicing in hot weather.

The Elite socks and gloves are your tickets to do difficult yoga asanas like downward-dog or handstand scorpion. They give you the confidence to try harder. They allow you to do yoga outdoor without a yoga mat.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Four different sizes
  • Grippy, breathable, and flexible
  • 5mm of padding
  • The towel layer absorbs sweat


  • No protection from germs
  • Comparatively expensive

2. Muezna Men’s Non Slip Yoga Socks

The Muezna men’s non-slip yoga socks give you the freedom of practicing yoga anywhere. They keep you secure on any surface and Muezna Men's Non Slip Yoga Sockstake only a tiny space in your luggage. Take them anywhere in the world and never miss a session again.

Style & Materials

The socks come in only one color – black. But, the accent shades are different – ranging from casual gray to relaxing green and lively red. Made of premium-quality combed cotton, they ensure the best comfort. There is a bit of spandex in the mix for stretching.

The socks come in two sizes – men’s size 5 to 11 and 11.5 to 13. with these two sizes, they are likely to fit most men with regular feet. Natural silica dots go into the bottom to provide non-skid performance and better traction on tricky surfaces.

Muezna sends the socks in a gift bag that you can use for storing the socks after use. They also offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Return the product within this period and you will get a refund without any question asked.

Comfort & Flexibility

The anti-skid bottom protects from sliding around and nasty falls. Originally designed for yoga and other exercise practices, the Muezna socks are also suitable for hospital patients and elderly people. They will protect you when the floor is slippery or has germs and keep you warm.

The fabric wards off moisture and the mesh upper keeps the feet ventilated. Due to better airflow, the feet stay fresh and free from odor.

However, as the socks are rather one-size-fits-all, it is a bit tough to get them at the correct size. When they don’t fit securely, they will move around feet while doing exercises. They will still be fine for walking, though.


  • Several color options
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Good ventilation
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • May rotate around feet

3. Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip

If you want to spice up the yoga classes with visual delights, the Tucketts yoga socks got you covered. They are available in seven Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slipdifferent colors including some bold shades like red gala and turquoise. You need the mobility in the toes when working out and look stylish at the same time, Tucketts gives it through these socks.

Style & Materials

The socks come with a toe-free design – offering the best of both worlds. You will have the freedom of movement just like doing exercises in barefoot. Plus, the solid grip and warm feel of yoga socks will also be there.

Tucketts yoga socks are available in seven different colors for those who love to dress up for their workout. The beautiful design and eye-catching colors will make you look like a fashionista.

The socks fit women’s size from 6 to 9. The soft strap and stitched heel further make them even more secure. As there are no slots for the toes, the socks just adapt to most sizes. However, avoid them if you have large or tiny feet.

Tucketts uses 70% recycled cotton and 29% nylon in making the socks. There is a little mix of spandex too to give them elasticity. The silicone dots are applied across the bottom to create a non-slip experience.

Comfort & Flexibility

The moisture-wicking materials hug your feet and keep them dry and fresh. The anti-slip dots stick to the bottom even after frequent workout and washes. Even if you are having a rigorous yoga session, the footwear will keep you clean by absorbing the sweat and preventing the floor germs to contact your feet.

Most of the socks feel too hot during summer. You have to take them off in the middle of the session and then lose grip while doing the poses. But, that won’t be a problem with these Tucketts socks. They cover the essential part of the foot but leave the rest exposed, allowing sufficient breathability and airflow.

However, the socks don’t offer a full-proof grip during difficult yoga asanas. Also, be careful when doing fast-paced exercises like PiYo.


  • The toe-free design is great for mobility
  • Keep your feet dry
  • Don’t feel too hot
  • Non-slip grip works fine


  • Available in only one size
  • Unsuitable for more challenging poses

4. Great Soles Ballet Non Skid Socks for Women

When you want to wear something cute in your yoga or barre classes, go for the Ballet non-skid socks from Great Soles. Costing a little Great Soles Ballet Non Skid Socks for Womenmore than $10, they have a reasonable price tag for non-skid socks. There is no need to settle for basic grip socks when you have these at this price range.

Style & Materials

Mimicking the design of ballet shoes, the Ballet socks look fashionable and available in eight different color options. Choose from gray, black, or ivory for a casual look or anything from wine, lime, or violet when you are feeling funky – your choice!

The socks are available in one size – fitting women shoe sizes 7.5 to 10. They are not for those people who have either large or very small feet.

Great Soles is an American company. The designing and production are done in the USA. These Ballet socks are the prototype of their promise on quality. Made of a premium-quality natural cotton blend, the socks can be your trusted companion for all barefoot training.

Taking care of the Ballet socks is a breeze since you can put them in the washing machine. They are also up for machine dry on low heat. However, don’t wash them with bleach or press with an iron.

Great Soles offers excellent customer service. They promptly send replacements for every pair of socks having manufacturing defects.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Ballet socks are thin, giving you a barefoot feeling while effectively creating a barrier between the floor and your feet.

The socks have silicone grips at the bottom to provide a non-skid performance. The grippy dots don’t extend to the toes, which could be a problem. But, the ‘never slip strip’ heel grip does a great job in keeping the socks in place.

The non-slip grip helps with doing yoga on bare floor or carpet. Even if you do practice on a mat, the Ballet socks are useful for hot or power yoga. Doing a fast-paced session can get extremely sweaty and make it difficult to hold the grip on the soggy mat. The silica grips on the bottom extending from heel to toe can improve the situation by aiding you to hold the ground.

The Ballet socks are thin so they will not warm up the feet when the floor is cold. Also, wearing them around the house may wear them out.


  • Cute ballet-shoe design
  • Made of high-quality cotton
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Special heel grip
  • Excellent customer service


  • Very thin
  • Not good for feet warming

5. Ellaste Yoga Socks Non Slip

The Ellaste yoga socks remove distractions so that you can fully concentrate on the asanas. The careful, ergonomic design boosts your balance while the anti-slip bottom keeps you steady.

Style & Materials

The Ellaste yoga socks put on an open-toe and mid-cut heel design. Made of smooth bamboo fiber, they offer a premium feel – Ellaste Yoga Socks Non Slipfeaturing a nice elasticity and snug fit. You can choose between black-white and gray-pink color combos.

The socks are available in two size ranges. The small/medium fits women’s shoe size 5.5 to 8.5 and men’s 4.5 to 7.5. There is a large size too, fitting women’s 9 to 12 shoe size and men’s 8 to 11. People who have smaller feet may not find them snuggly fitting.

The socks are made of 80% bamboo fiber, 15% elastane, 5% spandex. The bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial and its unique textile weave absorbs sweat. The socks will be your ticket to ward off germs and stay fresh.

The brand offers 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. They will change any defective product and make a refund if you are not satisfied.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Ellaste socks are comfortable and warm, tempting you to wear them throughout the day. The perfect fit with just the right amount of stretch is great for a solid footing. They don’t lose their elasticity and shrink even after washing and drying. The socks will change your perception have you been uncomfortable with an open-toe design. The individual openings just grab your toes like a tight hug and offer more strength and balance during the exercises.

Instead of the usual dotted anti-skid bottom, the Ellaste socks feature a stylish Mehendi grip design. The anti-slip grip is ergonomic contouring the natural shape of the feet.

However, the open-toe design will not give the best feel for plumb toes. The tiny holes are uncomfortable. Also, the socks will cut between the toes if the holes feel too tight.

The grippy bottom works better on a bare floor and thinner yoga pads as beginners will find it easier to balance. They are good for yoga, pilates, and will prevent sliding when you are doing PiYo – which involves doing the workout at a faster pace.


  • Natural bamboo fabric
  • Antibacterial
  • Mehendi grip design for better traction
  • 90-day satisfaction warranty


  • Tiny toe holes
  • More sizes would be better

6. ToeSox Ballerina Half-Toe Socks

If you want to get spoiled with options, go for the ToeSox Ballerina half-toe grip socks. Available in dozens of colors and four different ToeSox Ballerina Half-Toe Sockssize options, the well-designed socks is your ticket to finding the balance whether it is yoga, dance, barre, or kickboxing.

Style & Materials

The Ballerina socks come in 28 exciting color options and the two-toned colorway is never boring. There are four different sizes so fitting is unlikely to be an issue.

The ballerina-style socks have open-toe design and a low-profile heel that ends right below the ankle. The socks feel perfect for barefoot exercises like yoga, dance, pilates, and barre.

Organic cotton is the main ingredient of these socks – almost 80%. The rest is a mixture of polyester and other fibers.

The socks are a combination of secure foot placement and comfort. The non-slip grip holds the feet to their place while the five-toe design encourages freedom of movement. Your feet will breathe and move easily while you will hardly miss the convenience of doing exercises barefoot.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Ballerina socks offer grip and balance due to the silica dots across the bottom. Plus, your toes can move separately because of the open-toe design. Both these features add stability to your footing. The socks really hold on to the surface, giving you an advantage when performing the yoga poses.

Ballerina struts with a heel tab that gives additional protection to the Achilles tendon. The arch band is there for lift and support, making it easier for you to take the yoga classes.

The 5-toe design aids in anchoring the foot firmly to the ground and spread the toes naturally. This genius feature prevents the foot from twisting and bunching. However, if the socks don’t fit well to your feet, they will dig in between the toes. Plus, the toe openings are narrow so many users will find it uncomfortable.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Open-toe design
  • Made of organic cotton


  • Narrow toe holes
  • May pinch between toes
  • No satisfaction warranty period

7. ToeSox Bella Half-Toe Socks

The Bella half-toe socks from ToeSox is all about comfort and style. They look cute and the ergonomic design makes sure that the feet ToeSox Bella Half-Toe Sockshave cradling support. The price seems reasonable considering that these are non-slip yoga socks.

Style & Materials

Featuring an open-less design, the Bella graces your feet with style. The six different color choices – two of them with frills around the ankle – bring out your fashionista spirit. The four size options make sure that everyone gets a chance to wear the dream-like Bella socks.

Bella’s low-profile heel fits below the ankle, the non-slip sole secures the footing, and the arch band offers lift and support. The organic cotton allows airflow and wicks away moisture while the small percentage of synthetic fabrics maintain elasticity.

The ballet-inspired Bella offers incredible barefoot experience without requiring you to touch the naked floor.

Comfort & Flexibility

The anti-slip silica dots are evenly spread across the sole, helping you to feel secure regardless of the flooring. Plus, the open-toe design ensures mobility of the toes so that you can spread them naturally. The extra toe space makes bending and keeping balance easier.

Bella also saves you from the embarrassment of having a sweat pool on the floor or mat during hot yoga classes. The organic cotton is excellent in soaking sweat, keeping the feet clean and hygienic. Never again have a foot-slip during a pose while wearing these socks.

However, the socks will stretch over time and your feet will move inside them during some poses. Also, certain standing exercises can cause the fabric squeeze, causing pain between the toes. People with bunions should not wear them because the toe slots will feel too tight.


  • Colorful look and cute design
  • Toes spread naturally
  • Non-slip sole
  • Organic cotton material
  • Wicks away moisture


  • Can dig in between toes
  • Too stringent for people with bunions
  • No satisfaction guarantee

8. Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks for Women

Not all yoga socks are created equal, and the Muezna non-slip yoga socks are not equal to the numerous low-quality footwear. These Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks for Womenhit almost a home run due to an excellent combination of styling and function. The price is reasonable too considering some of the competitors.

Style & Materials

The socks don a regular closed-toe style and come in one size – women’s US size 5 to 10. The one-size-fits-all is great for those who have regular size feet.

Made of combed cotton and a little mix of synthetic elements for stretching. The anti-skid grips on the sole are 100% silica gel. Unlike most other yoga socks, the grips are not just silica dots but include a mix of rectangular shapes too, making your footing even more comfortable. Also, the socks have a heel tab to give added protection to the Achilles tendon.

Muezna proudly stands behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return the socks within 60 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

Comfort & Flexibility

The anti-skid sole works really well. The socks can protect anyone from sliding down or a nasty fall. You can use them to have a better grip anywhere – it does not necessarily have to an exercise routine.

The closed-toe design means complete protection from sweat, bacteria, and germs on the floor. The socks could serve as a germ-barrier for hospital patients, pregnant women, and elderly people.

The natural cotton material does not completely cut the barefoot feel, which many will appreciate. It feels like a thin sweater material that is not very soft. Also, it stretches after using for a couple of times and needs washing to shrink back to the previous fit.

The non-slip bottom is better than most of its competitors. It’s hard to find a better option to do a worry-free yoga practice session.


  • Non-skid sole is highly efficient
  • Provide warmth and protection from germs
  • Heel tab for Achilles tendon
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • The cotton material is not soft
  • Stretch after multiple uses

9. Great Soles Ombre Non Skid Socks for Women

A fan of non-skid yoga socks instead of shoes? The closed-toe Ombre socks from Great Soles could be a great choice. They are a treat Great Soles Ombre Non Skid Socks for Womento the eye with their colorful styling and nice design. The performance is good too and coupled with the reasonable price (less than $15), the Ombre could be your go-to pair of socks.

Style & Materials

With a low-cut design contouring a ‘Y’ heel, the Ombre socks look stylish. They come in eight different color combinations. Great Soles is an American brand that promises of quality and commits to lower their carbon footprint. The socks are hand-dipped with eco-friendly dyes – which are good for both human health and the environment.

The Ombre socks are cute and non-skid – a rare combo making them presentable for any occasion. You can wear them anywhere where you must work on your balance and control. You can even pair them up with your running or training shoes.

The socks are one-size-fits-all, available in women’s shoe size 6 to 10. They are made of mostly cotton but there are 23% polyester and 2% elastane. It means that the socks will stretch only a little. Don’t purchase them if you have large feet.

Great Soles have faith in their products and they stand behind them with a 90-day warranty. Return them for a full refund or replacement if you are not satisfied or find any manufacturing defect.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Ombre socks use silicone dot technology for the users to have a solid grip on slippery surfaces. The dots, running from the heel to the toe, offer more control when you are working out.

Whether it is yoga, barre, or pilates, the Ombre socks boost your confidence. They also assist with honing your skills for difficult poses like one-legged staff or dropback. In addition, the socks feature a heel grip – never slip strip – on the inside so that the feet don’t move inside the socks. You don’t need to adjust them frequently because they cling to the feet securely.

The socks are a hygienic alternative to barefoot, creating a barrier between your feet and germs and sweat on the floor and mat.


  • Comes in various colors
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Non-Slip Heel
  • 90-day satisfaction warranty


  • Available in only one size

10. Hylaea Half-Toe Yoga Socks for Women

The half-toe yoga socks from Hylaea are for everyone who loves to exercise. The professional, ergonomic design helps them doing the Hylaea Half-Toe Yoga Socks for Womenjob they are supposed to do – keeping the feet grounded and comfortable. The price is also lower than many other similar-quality products.

Style & Materials

Featuring a patent-pending design, the Hylaea socks look like ballet slippers due to the crisscross straps. Choose black or gray for a casual style or the watermelon shade if you are feeling a bit funky.

Featuring an open-toe design, the socks are made of cotton and a little mix of spandex and binding cloth. The grip on the sole is 100% silica gel dots. Available in small, medium, and large size, the sizing covers people of all sizes. However, the toe holes won’t fit if you have bunions or large toes.

If you purchase an extra-value pack, containing two or three pairs, Hylaea sends them in a mesh bag for convenient storage. The company also offers a full refund or replacement if you return the product within 30 days of purchase.

Comfort & Flexibility

The socks feature five separate slots for the toes for a better tactile feel and balance. The half-exposed toes retain the barefoot sensation along with creating more moving room.

The cotton material absorbs sweat like and pro and the separate slots for the toes also help with wicking moisture away. You will finish your routine with dry feet. Also, such sweat absorption leaves no room for fungi and reduces odor.

The silica dots provide a great grip whether you are doing yoga, barre, aerobics, or ballet. The three types of sizing mean you can choose the right fit. The material is stretchy so the socks won’t cut off your blood circulation.

The half-toe design has its perks. But, the fabric may dig into the webs of the toes if you are wearing slightly smaller or larger socks. Otherwise, the socks provide great comfort and support. The thickness is adequate to pad your arch ball, not causing foot pain even if you practice longer.


  • Open-toe design
  • Absorb sweat
  • Keep feet dry
  • Three different sizes


  • The fabric may dig between toes

11. Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip

The Tucketts yoga socks for women offer excellent service to those in need of effective non-slip functions. The shape just traces out theTucketts Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip contours of the feet, ensuring the best comfort. The attention to details and attractive design make everyone swooning over them.

Style & Materials

Tucketts care about the carbon footprint. So, the socks are made of recycled cotton and nylon. A tiny portion of spandex also goes into the mix to give them the necessary stretch. The socks come in just one size that fits women’s US size 6 to 9.

The socks offer versatile functions as they are useful not only in yoga workouts but all types of barefoot exercises. Wear them for martial arts, barre, and pilates practices or just around the house. They bring the little dose of ‘balance and support’ fix when you are walking or standing on the ground.

Taking care of these socks is a breeze. Just put them in the machine with cold water and then slow tumble dry or air dry. Never try to iron them out.

Another good thing is Tucketts stands behind their products. You can contact them regarding any problem with the product.

Comfort & Flexibility

The toe-free design gives the toes more wiggling room, which is crucial for bringing more strength and flexibility to the yoga poses. Also, having the toes free offers the barefoot sensation that many people crave when doing exercises.

The grippy dots on the sole are crucial to maintaining the right balance. They help with performing the right posture and strengthening the foot’s intrinsic musculature.

The material hugs your feet and keeps them warm and dry. It also wicks away moisture so that you can stay clean and hygienic. But, it stretches a little after several uses and the feet start sliding inside them due to a loose fit. Washing will shrink the material, though.


  • Toes enjoy more mobility
  • Made of recycled cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Feet start sliding over time
  • May dig between the big and index toes

12. Qing Yoga Socks for Women

The high-performance grip socks from Qing make great footwear for barefoot workouts. You get all the freedom and balance but with added comfort and stability. They not only help you to stay in shape but also provide walking support for elderly people, pregnant Qing Yoga Socks for Womenwomen, patients, and anyone else who has trouble with balance.

Style & Materials

Available in multiple color options, the fashionable socks look and feel like professional ballet slippers. The crisscross elastic straps are securely sewn for years of performance.

The material is sturdy and holds up even after frequent washes. The anti-skid sole helps with correcting the postures and maintaining the balance. The silica dots don’t make you feel stepping onto some lumps, like many other non-slip yoga socks.

The socks come in Us 6 to 10 sizes. However, people with the 10 shoe size will find them tight, causing pain to the big toe.

Qing takes pride in manufacturing their products with quality control and exquisite workmanship. So, if you are not satisfied with the socks, return them within 90 days for a full refund or replacement.

Comfort & Flexibility

The silica dots extend across the entire sole and covers enough areas side-to-side to provide a full-proof anti-slip experience. Whether you work out on tiled or hardwood floor, the socks will keep you firmly planted.

The socks are fairly thin. You will still get the barefoot experience without really touching the floor. Plus, the weaving technology from Italy makes the fabric really soft and absorbent.

When it comes to hygiene, the Qing socks will get the full marks. They are infused with silver ion technology, an ingredient that stifles the growth of over 600 types of bacteria. Your feet will stay healthy and fresh after every practice session.


  • Anti-skid performance
  • Unique weaving technology
  • Inhibit bacterial growth
  • Keep feet healthy and odor-free
  • Available at value packs
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee


  • The material is thin
  • Fit smaller in bigger feet

13. FITLEAF Yoga Socks for Women

Comfortable and stylish, the FitLeaf yoga socks are perfect for anyone who needs a tad bit of extra balance while walking, dancing, or FITLEAF Yoga Socks for Womendoing exercises. They have every quality to be your partner when doing a yoga routine or a barre session. With premium comfort and support, they can make you addicted to exercises.

Style & Materials

The FitLeaf yoga socks come with the classic closed-toe design. You can get to choose from four different color choices. The size is convenient for people having regular feet – ranging from women’s 6 to 10 and men’s 5 to 9. don’t purchase them if you have smaller or larger feet.

The bamboo fiber is soft and anti-bacterial. It hugs your feet with gentle warmth and protects from germs and dirt. Enjoy better stability and control due to the silicone grip. Whatever you do – dancing, working out, or traveling – do with full confidence.

If you are not satisfied with the feel or performance of the socks, return them within 60 days for a full refund.

Comfort & Flexibility

The anti-slip sole keeps you safe and fully in control of your movement while doing yoga, kickboxing, barre, or martial arts. The grips are steady and do not come off after washing.

People with smaller, slimmer feet may find it problematic to get the right fit. The socks move around the feet, which is irritating. You have to stop the practice frequently to adjust them. So, don’t purchase these FitLeaf socks if they don’t nicely shape around the contour of your feet.

The thin material gives you the barefoot experience. You have the feeling of touching the floor without really touching it. However, thin fabric means it won’t last long.


  • Four color choices
  • Anti-slip sole performs well
  • Suitable for plenty of activities
  • 60 days of satisfaction guarantee


  • Thin material
  • Available in just one size

14. Cooque Yoga Socks Non Slip

No more slipping on the bare floor! The Cooque yoga socks are a one-stop solution for practicing exercises and daily use. They are a great help anywhere you need a bit more support to keep your balance. The price is more than reasonable and you can save more by Cooque Yoga Socks Non Slippurchasing a 3-pack set.

Style & Materials

The Cooque ballet-style socks come in four one-shade colors and one size, fitting women’s shoe size from 5 to 9. You can purchase them as budget-friendly value packs including four pairs of socks.

However, the one-size does not truly fit everyone. If you wear a size 9 or larger, these socks won’t fit you. They may feel too tight and cut your circulation. Similarly, they will slide off constantly if you have smaller feet.

The socks are made of 100% premium-quality cotton. The fabric has just the right thickness – keeping your feet warm and absorbing sweat. The socks are perfect for all types of barefoot exercises.

Cooque offers risk-free purchase with 60-day satisfaction warranty. You will get full a refund if returned within that period.

Comfort & Flexibility

Get ready to enjoy a snuggle fit if you have the right size of feet. The non-slip sole improves the stability of your posture. You will enjoy more balance and strength while doing the exercises. Also, the grips keep you safe on any surface.

The socks create a hygienic barrier between your feet and the floor. They also absorb sweat and wick away moisture, keeping the feet healthy and free from bad odor. You can use them for yoga, pilates, ballet dance, around your home, and plenty of other surfaces.


  • Ergonomic design for superior comfort
  • Fabric absorbs sweat
  • Non-skid sole
  • Available in value packs
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Only one size

15. Huathy Women’s Yoga Socks

Huathy yoga socks for women make sure that you can fully concentrate on your daily yoga routine and nothing else! Just try them and you will be amazed. Use them for workout disciplines, dancing, or around the house. They come in sets of two and three pairs – which Huathy Women's Yoga Socksis cost-saving.

Style & Materials

The socks are available in two sizes – women’s shoe size 4.5 to 7 and 8 to 10. It means that will fit well even if you have small feet. But, people with wider, larger feet won’t find them comfortable.

The main element of the socks is polyester and the rest is a mix of nylon and spandex. As the material is not cotton, their sweat-absorbing capacity won’t be impressive.

The closed-toe socks have silica dots on the bottom. The grips cover from toe to heel and extend the sides to offer the best anti-skid experience. They give you the freedom to do your yoga, pilates, dance, or whatever you want to do, anywhere and everywhere – during traveling, at home, or at the studio.

Cleaning the socks is a cinch. Just put them in the washing machine with cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Never wash them with bleach or iron out after washing.

Comfort & Flexibility

The Huathy yoga socks are a great budget-friendly alternative to all those expensive studio socks. Their quality as not as high to their expensive competitors, but they are good if you are a beginner or need grippy socks for any medical or health purpose.

The fabric is stretchier than cotton material. For this reason, it moves around the foot when you are trying a tough pose. But, the grip will be fine if you just walk around the home.

The polyester fabric is warmer than natural cotton. The socks will increase the feet temperature within a short time, causing too much sweating. The additional sweat also affects the traction.


  • Available in two different sizes
  • Come at value packs
  • Good grip on the sole
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Inexpensive


  • The fabric is too stretchy
  • Materials and making are not high-quality